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Home Decor Ideas: Make your home look breathtakingly beautiful

Home Decor

There can never be a place more relaxing than home. You may be travelling to every corner of the globe but you will always feel easy at your own place as this is the place where a family lives together, eats together and laughs together. What if your very own place is clumsy, a mess of paints, not premeditated and worst- not accommodating?  In such situation, you cannot accept it as your abode of happiness. But some smart décor tips can help you to make your place a little heaven.

Here we are providing the best in class ideas to decorate your home, from drawing room to kid’s room:

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Drawing Room

First and foremost area of your house. It is the most frequently visited area and people pay a special attention to it. It should be airy and full of life. Lights should be proper. If you are struggling with space, don’t worry! Use light paints on the wall- it will make your drawing room look more spacious. Use contrasts in curtains. For example, if you have light paint on your walls, use a dark color in curtains and vice-versa. The color of furniture should be matching to curtains and opposite to color of walls for a furnished look. One can experiment with floral prints as well.

Drawing room decor

Dining Room

Another important part of the house and a place where entire family unites three times daily. It should be spacious, so the unnecessary items can be shifted to the storeroom to give a proper space to the dining area. Occupied with a good table and number of chairs it should be neat and clean. Don’t forget to place a wash basin and towel ring near it. You make a proper use of dining table by providing partition to its lower area and it can be used to place crockery and other essential items. Avoid installing the television set in the dining area.

dining room with wooden furniture


What makes a house a home? It’s the kitchen which holds all the love and care for itself. Shouldn’t it be properly ventilated and well organized? Here are some special tips for the kitchen:

  • Shelves should be smooth and at a proper height.
  • Use tiles with vibrant colors which are easy to clean.
  • Keep an exhaust fan or hood ready.
  • If the kitchen is modular use dark color.
  • Use trendy crockery and dinner sets.
  • Try to keep maximum things in modular compartments as shelves should not look clumsy.
  • Try to avoid geometrical or heavy patterns on tiles.beautiful kitchen in Red

Study Room

A home is not a home if it doesn’t home the books. Always have a small space reserved for the books. If you are fortunate enough to have a full fledge room for the study then make it full of light and use mild color paints. Proper use of LEDs and a good table lamp with a bookshelf will make it your favorite place. If you don’t have a proper room for the purpose then you can use a corner for this. Bring a rocking chair, some hanging lights a rug and a hanging bookshelf- your heaven is ready.

study room interior


 First and foremost rule to decorate your bedroom is to use soothing interior. A comfortable bed with cozy mattresses and three-bed side rugs are essentiality. Try to have two side tables of matching design and color to your bed. This should be your one of the most carefully designed area. Harsh colors have a bad impact on sleep- this should be the central idea of your bedroom decor.

bedroom interior


 Mr. Awasthi was warmly welcomed to Sinha’s house. He was surprised to see two portraits of him with Mr. Sinha – proudly singing the saga of their friendship during college days, hanging in the entryway. This amazing idea can make you feel blissful with the memories of past. Apart from some antiquities, you can hang some photos (perfectly framed) to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

entry way

Kid’s Room

 It can be a perfect birthday gift for your child. It can be decorated with some ideas of cartoons. Apart from traditional pink for girls and blue for boys idea you can sense the taste of your kid and decorate accordingly. The hanging stars from the ceiling and a bright moon can give them a sense of open sky. Try to keep sharp and edgy things out of their room and you can place an alarm by their bedside to always be there with your child whenever he needs you.

kids room

Garden Area

 The most beautiful part of any house! No worries about the space, terrace gardening is a trending topic among netizens. You can use hanging pots if you don’t have much space or use the plants which have lesser requirements for sunlight and water. Greenery around you will make you happy no doubt but keep on inspecting the plants frequently as many of them can home various harmful insects and flies.

garden decoration


Last but not the least! This area defines your hygienic sense. Keep proper ventilation else you will suffer from the ill smell of moist and closed area. Always use good floor and tiles clears. Here you can experiment with tiles. You can use bright titles and funky design. Geometrical patterns are not barred.You can have hangers ready and a Large mirror can be used. You can separate the bathing area from dressing area with the help of a transparent partition. Try to keep enough space in the washroom for a comfortable living in this area is of daily use.


These were some tips for a better space management and decoration of your place. Hope they were useful!


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