A simple guide on buying branded shirts for men in India


Have you ever dressed up in a casual t-shirt with joggers for any formal event? Doesn’t that make you feel awkward? Indeed, yes. Wearing casuals in place of formals not only shows you weird but also reflects your dressing sense. Therefore, having a nice collection of formal wear is equally important. Men shirts add a significant advantage to their outlook. Black and white shirts for men are the most opted collection amongst the formal shirts for men. Most guys prefer looking for branded shirts for men either online or offline to give themselves a charming look.

A guy looks more decent and attractive when he is wearing a solid dress shirt with formal pants. Knowing the right style and sense to wear helps one get ready quickly in the morning. It is again confusing about which types of men’s shirts should you stock your wardrobe with. You may need the best clothing outfit for both formal or casual get together. It is awful to wear a casual night wear t-shirt at your job or office since you have to show a good personality while talking to clients. Different styles are there to carry out of the following types of shirts.

Let us check below some of the trending stylish men shirts to wear

OXFORD SHIRTS: Stylish Shirts For Men

Do you know which style has been trending for over 100 years? The answer to this is the Oxford Shirt. A classic menswear that has been the solid base for many stylish outfits. The shirt’s fabric is little thick as compared to the majority of others in shirting, thereby providing it a competitive edge. Also, a button at the bottom of the collar, hanger loop to the back of the yoke are the most attractive designs in a man’s shirt.

DRESS SHIRTS: Stylish Shirts For Men

It is true that dress shirts can be amongst the best choices to make. The man wearing dress shirt looks more formal and well-dressed. Also, you can clad in such outfit whenever you want. Moreover, men dress shirts can last 6 months while others may last 1-2 years. Men can buy them from nearby branded shops or online brand stores.


Have you ever worn a dark blue over-shirt with a white T-shirt? The style is the coolest choice. The Light shades over-shirts are specifically better for  casual wearing whereas darker-coloured ones are worn professionally or at fancy events. Also, they are primarily ideal for hiding the tattoos for men who want to be shown more discreet. Men over-shirts branded are available on all branded stores online.



Another perfect style to opt with denim or casual pants is the office shirt. A person can tuck it in and put on a leather belt to look more graceful. Most men have this invaluable material in their wardrobe. Moreover, a clean white office shirt is like an art piece and can be carried on in any dressing style and goes with everything. Especially, a white coloured shirt becomes a primary need when you have to be a part of any serious environment or event such as business or corporate meetings.


One of the most casual wearing shirts is Polo shirts. Men who love to wear such shirts can style themselves in unique ways on different occasions. You can choose to wear them with sweatpants to show an athleisure look or with shorts for a chilling yet stylish summer choice. Also, one can wear them with chinos mostly, or wear a blazer over it for an appealing smart-casual dress.


Do you know what is the best thing about Denim shirts? Men prefer wearing them as they look attractive with chinos besides jeans. Furthermore, it is acceptable to wear a denim shirt with chinos in summers because chinos have lighter shades. However, you must choose brown or beige colored chinos paired with a light denim shirt and brown leather Oxfords, for work.

The styles or patterns have been discussed but let’s look at the best clothing brands for men.


Allen Solly – Popular branded shirts for men

Do you know what is so exciting about Allen Solly? The brand is mainly popular in India for its formal shirts. Besides, it also manufactures party wear shirts for men and other leather-made items such as wallets, solid belts, and etc. This well-known brand is an international brand that grows  in a good number of countries in the world. Moreover, the men’s shirts of this brand range in price from 979 Indian Rupees to 2499 Indian rupees.

Van Heusen – Branded Shirts for Men

Another brand which has been in trend for so long is Van Heusen. The products have a great voguish look. The brand produces shirts in a numerous shades of colors like pastels and vibrant. A customer may choose a basic white or a checks shirt in long or short sleeves for making a desirable combination. You may find formal shirts for men with spread collars, straight collars, and band collars here. Van Heusen formal shirts can add charm to your personality on every occasion. It is an attractive choice as it goes with your suit. And, you will stand out with confidence in the crowd. Van Heusen shirts will spruce up your wardrobe and enhance your style sense.

United Colours of Benetton– Men Shirts Branded

The most trending brand of all time is United Colors of Benetton. It produces reliable items that you desire. The men shirts of United Colors of Benetton will keep them in vogue this summer. The shirts have a neverending appeal and are displayed in fashion heaven. It is a brand that one must have in his wardrobe. A man can prove his nice sense of styles with his various looks right now.


Louis Phillippe – Branded Shirts for Men

party wear shirts for men

This prominent men’s shirt brand has been marked as one of the most in-vogue in the world for men’s luxury shirts since 1989. Louis Phillippe is a classic brand and has brought a broad range of clothing for the wise gentleman. It clearly reflects elegance, style and status.The brand is a wide-ranging brand that is popular for providing a wide choice of products to all its customers. Madura Fashion and Lifestyle, one of the divisions of the Aditya Birla Group, owns this luxury brand.

Arrow men’s branded shirts

Branded shirts for men

The brand Arrow is one of the oldest men’s shirt companies. The shirts for men achieved huge popularity during the initial campaign. But they are still very popular currently. Arrow can be a regular wearing men’s shirt brand in India. It offers a broad range of unique styles and designs. Most items are available at a reasonable price from formal to informal. Also, its shirts are the best example of grace. Hence, you must stock up your wardrobe in various ways. Those who have experienced the brand’s quality and style are less likely to switch to any another brand. Arrow brand is killing it when it comes to fabric quality and fittings.

Levis– Branded Shirts For Men

 formal Shirts for men

Levis is a far-reaching and trending brand of all times. Also, it is an american clothing brand which is widely running in India. Moreover, it is a high-end company that manufactures unique and follows the latest designs for men’s wear. Furthermore, it is well-reputed for producing some of the supreme quality shirts. The brand has a remarkable collection of stylish polo shirts, formal shirts and best qualiity jeans which sets it apart from the competition in a distinct ways. But, the most significant reason for the existence and love for this brand is its ease comfort and breathability through its wide selection of products. Hence, it is a successful brand.

BlackBerry– Branded Shirts for Men

White shirts for men

Another well-known brand which has established its name in India is Black-Berry. Mohan Clothing Private Limited has owned this prestigious brand of supreme-quality Men’s shirts. The company has been consistently top-ranked among India’s top ten branded shirts for men since 1991. One of the obvious reasons behind its popularity is that it produces shirts of excellent quality and style with a rich appearance. The blackberry shirts for men are best suitable for any formal event.

Flying Machine– Branded Shirts for man

men shirts branded

Flying Machine brand was established in 1980. It is India’s first home-grown store that works for settlement instead of following trends. Moreover, each of the brand’s products reflects this ambition. This brand has a category of products like T-shirts, pants, jeans, shorts and other types of shirts for men to help them get dressed for any occasion. The company has gained popularity and name among the youth because of its excellent styles and designs.

Spykar Best Branded Shirt for Men

men shirts

The brand spykar has been in fame since 1992. And, it is one of India’s greatest casual shirt brands. Also, Spykar launches stylish shirts for men and provide something great for everyone. Their shirts are the best-fit with either pants or jeans. The stylish looks can instantly modify your appearance. Spykar is a brand that takes care of everything to make and market its products in a budget-friendly way. Product Prices begin at 799 Indian rupees and upsurge from there.

U.S Polo Men’s Shirt

top 10 branded shirts for men

The brand is found in United States and is the manifestaton of an understated style. U.S Polo shirts have best patterns and designs and give a finishing touch to them. Any customer won’t be able refuse to buy shirts from this brand because the fabric is so relaxing. The brand has a class and sophistication. It emphasises the catchy solids and motifs with print details.Also, U.S Polo shirts allow you to boast your true self. Furthermore, The branded shirts for men from US polo will make you feel comfortable all day long. Also, you can make a good impression on everyone when you wear them.


In the end, buying stylish shirts for men is a good idea especially for some special event. There are a lot of fascinating choices amongst men shirts. So, you can choose either online or offline method according to your convenience, for your purchase. Moreover, wearing black or blue jeans with Cream or white collar shirts is usually the best combination for a formal wear. You can see the brands listed above and decide on buying the best-suited branded shirts for men. Also, you may seek guidance online to clear any doubts related to the brand quality.


What are the top brands for men formal wearing?

The top 7 Best Formal Shirt Brands are Marks and Spencer (M&S), U.S. Polo, Raymond, Arrow,Peter England,Van Heusen, Louis Philippe.

Which brand sells the best white shirts for men?

Allen Solly White Shirt
Peter England White Shirt.
Urbano Fashion White Shirt.
Arrow Men’s White Shirt.
Raymond Men’s White Shirt.
Louis Philippe White Shirt.
Van Heusen Men’s White Shirt.
Park Avenue White Shirt.


Which are the best clothing brands for men?

The best shirt brands are including: Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Guess, Diesel, Aeropostale, Lacoste, Calvin Klein, Nautica.


Which brand is best for men in India?

Here is a list of the Top Men Clothing Brands in India:
Allen Solly
Peter England
Raymond Apparel Ltd


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