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20 Unique Gift Ideas for New Born Baby – Best Baby Gift Ideas


A newborn baby’s birth is an inexpressible moment for everyone in the family. Also, for relatives and friends and is perfect time to capture those moments.

Blessing Moments

You cannot visit the newborn’s home with an empty hand. As we all know it’s one of the common customs to carry a gift while visiting someone.

So the most confusing thing is what to buy for a newborn?

How to choose gift

No doubt it’s difficult to think about gifts for new babies.

But don’t worry.

If you are looking for unique baby gifts, then you are in the right place.

However, everyone likes to gift something that is cherished by the newborn’s parents.

So before digging into a list of gifts for a newborn baby, let’s check the criteria to choose a unique newborn baby gift fron FirstCry with the use coupons FirstCry Coupons.

How to Choose From Best Baby Gift Ideas?

Here Are The Criteria For Baby Gift Ideas

Choose the Gift that has:

➔ Great play value

➙ Long play life

➙ Excellent reviews

➔ A little variety like a cool toy

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5 Things to Remember When Picking a Gift for New Born

The 5 essential factors that you should keep in mind when picking a gift for newborns.

unique Gifts for Newborn

Here are some features that your gift should have.

1. Practical Usage

When someone gifts something useful to the newborn baby, parents accept happily. Because this helps them save money and trips to the shops. Newborn Parents do not buy so many diapers, feeding bottles, toys, so I think these could be great ideas.

2. Sentimental Value

Another factor you must consider while picking out a gift is the emotional value. So try to buy something memorable like clothes so that child can remember in the future when he sees his clothes.

3. Uniqueness

Gift something unique to baby, you can buy nappy cakes online, travel cot etc. As it is useful and sentimental items that a baby can recall in the future.

4. Price

If you can afford it, then it’s a great thing. but if you have a limited budget like most of us, then you need to think about the gift’s price. You can get a myriad of baby gifts in all price ranges. Once you decide your budget, you can make your choices to find the right gift for the baby on your list.

5. Versatility

Try to buy gifts that are versatile and can be used for different purposes. So there are many gifts that are designed only for the newborns and offer years of use.

List Of 20 Unique Newborn Gift Ideas:

1. Baby’s Clothes

Newborn Clothes

As all the Babies are messy so their clothes are always limited. If you want to buy something useful gift for a newborn, I suggest you get baby clothing sets. So find different styles and designs according to weather.

Don’t forget to choose the blue color for newborn baby boy and pink color for newborn baby girl.

2. Baby Diapers

Diapers for Baby

if you have your baby, then I hope you know how expensive diapers are. So parents get tired by spending a lot of money on diapers.

Thus, if someone gifts diapers as a useful thing then I’m sure they will appreciate this.

To get the right kind of diaper, you just need to know which brand of diaper they use for their baby.

3. Baby Bath Products

Baby bath Products

It’s one of the best baby gift ideas for newborn babies in India. A set of baby bath products is the best gift that every parent will like. So I give you a piece of advice to check the ingredients they have used to make the baby bath products. Remember, it should be baby-friendly.

4. Play Gym

Baby Play Gym

Play gym is one of the best baby toys to engage small babies. A new parent will definitely appreciate after having a play gym. so that parents of a newborn can do their daily chores while the baby is busy with the play gym.

Once the baby starts rolling, he finds other ways to play with the play gym. So it is one of the great gift ideas for babies 0-3 months of age.

5. Baby’s Swaddling Cloth

Swaddled Baby

Baby sheets and baby swaddling clothes are the unique baby gifts that are also useful gifts.

Therefore, a large number of draping sheets required because as we all know babies create a lot of mess.

And one important thing you must remember while buying is to buy the cotton ones.

6. Silver Jewellery Items

Baby Silver Bengles

In the past time, people like to give silver on baby’s birth because silver has multifarious health benefits. In silver items, you can give bangles or anklets to a newborn as they look cute in these accessories. So, this could be a Good gift for newborn babies.

7. Rattlers And Musical Toys

Baby Rattlers

Toys and rattlers are all-time trendy baby gifts. So, if you want to buy baby gifts for a newborn, the online store is the best place to get play items at reasonable prices by using these vouchers.

8. Baby’s Bed Linen

Baby Bed - Best Baby Gift Ideas

As newborns do pee up to 20 times in a day and babies can’t wear diapers all the time. So you can gift Baby’s bed linen as it is really a useful item and it also comes in different designs and colors. Newborn parents will appreciate this gift idea.

 9. Baby Carrier Sling

Best Baby Gift Ideas - Baby Sling

Baby carrier sling is one of the unique baby gifts. This gift idea for a newborn doesn’t come in everyone’s mind.

This unique gift is very helpful for newborn parents when they go outside. This carrier sling gives relaxation to parents while carrying their babies.

10. Baby Teethers

Teethers for NewBorn Baby

Teethers are helpful toys for babies to make them feel comfortable when they cry. Also, they are helpful when new teeth are developing. In this way, they get relief by chewing teethers. Make sure that they are non-toxic.

11. Baby Skincare Products

Baby Skin care products

The most practical gift you can give is baby skincare products. These Skincare products contain baby soap, baby shampoo, baby body lotion, massage oil, and baby wipes.

As you know babies have sensitive skin so make sure to buy products that are specially made for babies. Also, grab an offer on these baby skincare products.

12. Bottles And Nipples

Best Gifts for Newborn

Feeding bottles and nipples are the baby essentials. So the feeding kit comes in different sizes with spoons and bottle brushes. It can be of great use to new parents of a newborn.

13.Tummy Time Baby Water Mat

Play Mat for Babies

The babies who love tummy time, For them, the playmat is one of the best baby gift ideas. Because the playmat is filled with water, so babies enjoyed a lot by floating on it. The best thing about this play item, this is 100% leak-proof and provides a new experience for babies.

14. DIY (Do It Yourself) Gifts

Cute Baby Gift Ideas

You can use creativity to gift handmade items such as knitted sweater with matching socks and cap, a quilted blanket, or stuffed toys. You can also write the baby’s name on it. Newborn baby girl gift ideas can be traditional wear like a lehenga. Newborn baby boy gift ideas can be a stitched kurta with a jacket.

15. Baby Bibs

Top Baby Gift

Baby bibs should be 100% cotton as it lasts for hours around the baby’s neck. Moreover, you can buy from different beautiful patterns available in the online store according to your baby. And I am sure every new mother would love to receive this as the best gift.

16. New Born Lounger

Newborn Baby Gifts

A newborn baby doesn’t have neck support. A lounger provides relaxation to the baby while they’re awake and asleep. It is a gift that newborn parents would love to have. Moreover baby will feel comfortable as lounger helps in digestion and breathing

 17. Funky Onesies

Gift ideas for newborn

Gifting a funny KicKee Pants is one of the cute baby gift ideas as they are soft and easy to wear for newborns. This clothing item made from bamboo fabric and organic cotton that you can buy from online eCommerce stores. You can get several different prints such as dinosaurs, cats, and many more at a reasonable price with a discount coupon.

18. Baby Portable Bed

Unique Baby Gifts

This is a unique gift for a new baby also will be appreciated by the new parents.

It’s a really helpful gift for parents when they visit their friends or relatives. This portable bed will ensure that your baby is sleeping with full of comfort. So parents don’t need to check up on the baby every 15 minutes that whether their baby is sleeping or not.

19. Baby Travel Kit

Gift Ideas for babies

A baby travel kit is the best baby gift ideas for parents. Mother can fill it with baby essentials such as clothing, diapers, baby wipes, and many more. This trendy traveling bag will be liked by parents when they will travel.

20. Mosquito Nets

Great baby Gift Ideas - Mosquito Net

This Mosquito net will be very much appreciated by the new parents because this gift is for their baby protection. It will give deep sleep to a baby without any disturbance as it protects from insects and pests.

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