12 Vastu Tips for an Ideal Home

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Moving to a new house or wanting to redesign your current home, you have to have all the knowledge about Vastu Shastra for home. It tells you the ways to design a home, placements of furniture or doors, the things which should or shouldn’t keep in your house, the colours which are good to use or how the things should be kept. People believe that the Vastu plan for home has real effects on our lives- it affects our financial growth, our relationships, physical and mental health, academic growth and all the other factors which have a direct link to our lives. There is no harm in following Vastu tips for home as it boosts positivity and peace among the family members. We have listed a few of the most prominent Vastu for home which you use right now and transform your life.

Vastu Tips for Home

Vastu Tips for Entrance Door

The entrance door should be designed at a place where a person faces east, north or northeast when going out of the house. If you are planning to buy a new house, then make sure to check this point. North, east and northeast directions are considered lucky anyway. It gives a positive impact to the minds when somebody leaves the house while facing in that direction. Here is the east-facing house Vastu plan.

west facing house map
vastu tips for entering house

Vastu Tips for Furniture in Living Area

A living area is a place where you spend most of your time. So, it needs to be in such a way that it promotes peace in the family. The furniture should be placed in the west or southwest direction and the living should face east, north or northeast direction. It is the best position according to Vastu and it will protect you and your home too.

east facing house map
vaastu tips

Vastu Tips for Bedroom

The Vastu direction directly affects your health. The ideal direction should be southwest; it promotes peace and good health in your family. The direction- northwest, should be avoided strictly. While considering Vastu for the house, you should conduct good research and then plan bedroom designs accordingly. Bedrooms are directly connected to our sleep and unconscious mind, so it is vital that you make the right decision. Planning a sleeping direction as per Vastu is a worthy decision.

vastu tips for bedroom

Vastu Tips for Kitchen

There are many Vastu tips that you should keep in mind if you’re remodelling your kitchen. In fact, you can transform that, if you feel like doing it. The accurate direction of the kitchen according to Vastu is southeast.  The directions like north, southwest and northeast should be avoided. Even the kitchen appliances should be kept in a southeast direction, to avoid any issue in the family.

vastu tips for kitchen

Vastu Tips for Meditation Room

If you believe in vast and wishes to design the house according to that they must be following meditation too. Mediation helps to your keep your mind relaxed and thoughts sorted. So having an area where you can meditate is very crucial. The meditation area would be perfect if it is in the east or northeast direction of the house. That brings positivity to the house. You can add scented candles in that room too. Good fragrances allow you to focus properly and soothe your soul.

vastu shastra

Vastu Tips for Courtyard

The ancient Indian homes had a courtyard in the middle of the houses. The new-gen houses skip making this but it used to be important back then. According to Vastu shastra, this part should be neat and clean and should be away from the kitchen and bathrooms. The circumference of 1 to 1.5 meters should not have anything built. The pillars, kitchen and bathroom can attract negativity and can affect the health of your family members.

 tips for home

Additional Vastu Tips

Shape of the Rooms

The Vastu not only tells about the direction and placement of rooms, but it also gives other information. Vastu shastra explains the shape of the rooms too. The room should be built in a straight line and should be in a proper square or rectangular shape. Avoid using furniture and other home decors of different shapes or any other items which don’t fit according to Vastu.

vaastu shastra tips

Need of Ventilation

With or without Vastu, all the rooms should get proper sunlight and should have a good ventilation system. Fully ventilated houses don’t get spoiled or get cracks generally and according to Vastu, ventilated houses improves the flow of positivity and good energy. It promotes the good health of family members and provides benefits in many ways. Having a ventilation system is beneficial for all people.

vastu in house

Color Scheme

Not all the colours are developed to use in the houses. There are innumerable colours available in the world but we cannot use any random colour. Vastu says that we should avoid using dark colours and especially black colour in the house. Light colours are built for homes like white, yellow, pink, blue, green etc. It boosts positivity lifts up the mood of the people and promotes good vibes in the house.

wall colours for vastu

Time to Move-In

People prefer to select a particular time to enter their new house officially. This time is calculated according to the direction of the planets and Vastu experts are hired to calculate that. It is based on the Hindu calendar which is called Panchang in Hindi. According to that, a particular time is decided to organize a pooja which is also called Grah Pravesh Pooja. It is considered as most auspicious ceremony related to a new home.

time to move in


Mirrors are considered a highly sensitive thing to keep in the house. Of course, you have to keep mirrors in your home, but if you are following Vastu and wants to place a mirror in the living room then you should put it on the north wall. That means you will face north while looking into a mirror. Avoid keeping broken mirrors in the houses, which is considered a bad omen in many families.

 living room

How to enter in New House

Building a new house is a one-time thing and a big achievement for a middle-class family. People prefer to work in a systematic and safe way to avoid any issue in their life. According to Vastu, while entering a new house, make sure to keep it empty. When you enter the house, the first which you should bring is a gas stove and cylinder. Before entering, break a coconut on the ground in front of the main door, as the symbol of holiness and purity. After that, you can organise a housewarming party if you want to.

vastu tips


Vastu is something that works if you have faith in that. People believe in Vastu while planning to shift in their dream home. There are several points which you should keep in mind, but it is hard for you to remind all the Vastu shastra. You can consult a Vastu shastra specialist who will guide you for the best. Moreover, you can check out this article for basic information. We have mentioned the placement for rooms, products in the house, preferable colours for the walls, shapes of room etc. for good health, prosperity and peace in the family. Don’t forget to check on the minute details while designing your room. A peaceful place is required for a healthy mind. Read and share your views in the comments below and also, tell us that which Vaastu tips you have or want to follow.

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  2. This post is extremely radiant. I extremely like this post. It is outstanding among other posts that I’ve read in quite a while. Much obliged for this is better than an average post. I truly value it!

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