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Every being on the planet wants freshening vibes at their safest place which is HOME. Home decor ideas India or anywhere in the world just demands lots of creativity and innovation but those who think they have to drain their wallets in decorating their home, then it’s an absolute myth. The truth is having a big budget is not necessary for an alluring and magnificent home look.

There are countless budget-friendly ways for transforming Indian homes with a delightful look. In the given article, I am going to share every possible thing that you can do to make your home look stunning and presentable. I will discuss the best home decor sites in India along with the best deals that you get on home decor products with the use of coupons provided by Dealsshutter. DIY ideas for home decoration in a budget-friendly way are on the go in this article. The readers will also get a chance to know about several budget-friendly home decor ideas for Indian homes.

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Best Home Decor Sites in India

Buddha Statue for Home Decor

DIY Home Decor

Home Decor Gifts

Wallpaper Home Decor

Antique Home Decor

Artificial Plants for Home Decor

Handmade Home Decor Items

Paintings for Home Decor

Home Decor Water Fountains

Small Home Decor Ideas India

5 Best Home Decor Sites in India

Starting with the best home decor sites in India. Well, the internet is flooded with innumerable shopping sites for home decor products in India but which site you should go, which sites offer the best quality products, from where can I get budget-friendly deals on my shopping and so many more questions start running in our heads when it comes to shopping home decor products online. So, in order to give a halt to all the confusion and question, we have jotted down the list of the 5 best sites for shopping for home decor products in India along with its exclusive discount coupons.

1. Home Decor Items Amazon

Amazon is one of the leading fashion, electronic, and home decor items marketplace. If you want to grab some quality pieces for enhancing the look of your home then they have a plethora of products to present. The range starts from just Rs. 100 INR and goes up to your requirement. Home decor items at Amazon are extremely budget-friendly as it is listed by wholesalers and manufacturers located across the globe. This is not it, users can get exclusive discounts with the use of Amazon Coupons listed by Dealsshutter to save big on their shopping.

2. Flipkart Home Decor

Almost all of us have shopped stunning fashion apparel from Flipkart. But you might get surprised to know that it has the biggest range of listed home decor products, just like fashion. Users can access it home decor inventory with a few clicks and shop them at competitive budget-friendly rates. Dealsshutter, the best coupon website in India aims at offering some extra savings by enlisting Flipkart coupons on its website and app.

3. Meesho Home Decor Products

Meesho is also known as “India ka Sabse Sasta Market”. It is completely justified with the range of affordable Meesho home decor products for Indian homes. Resellers from India have enlisted their best quality home décor items at the affordable range on Meesho.

4. Chumbak Home Decor

Chumbak which means “Magnet” in English. The name Chumbak is completely justified as the audience gets attracted to their stunning home decor products collection on every visit to their online portal. It was founded by two young entrepreneurs Vivek and Shubhra who aim at offering globally inspired lifestyle products to their audience. Products and designs are inspired by the culture and art forms around the globe. Whatever your home décor theme is, Chumbak has it all related to the decor requirements of Indian homes.

5. Myntra Home Decor

Last but not the least, Myntra is the next among the best home decor sites in India. Myntra home decor has everything to offer its customer for giving a welcoming and comfortable look to their homes such as wallpaper for home decor, stickers, and wall paintings. It’s the perfect time to revamp your home with the Myntra home decor range and to avoid spending over your budget, just make sure to apply Myntra Coupons after completing your shopping.

Buddha Statue for Home Decor

The presence of the Buddha statues in the home brings peace, positivity, harmony, and balance. Buddha statue as a centerpiece for home decor is becoming the preference of many people. It is believed that Buddha statue in homes brings good energy. But the placement of such decor pieces needs Vastu Shastra knowledge. You can also read our article on 12 vastu tips for ideal home.

Types of Buddha Statue

Meditation Buddha: Buddha is sitting in the Lotus position with his both hands in lap, face up and eyes closed.

Home Decor Ideas India

Protection Buddha: The Buddha may be sitting or standing with a raised right hand.

Home Decorating Ideas

Happy Buddha: Usually depicted sitting and smiling with a rounded belly, bald head and a big sack of good luck.

Home décor budget ideas for Indian home

Reclining (or Nirvana) Buddha: This is believed to represent the dying Buddha, lying on his right side, waiting to enter Nirvana.

Showpiece for home décor

Earth Touching Buddha:  Buddha sits with his left hand in his lap and right hand pointing to the ground. This type of Buddha seen in most Thai temples.

Home décor items wholesale price

DIY Home Decor

Do you have creativity and artistic skills in hand? Then, why are you searching for shopping sites for home decor products when you can make it on your own. DIY home decor includes creating something new and fresh from scrap material such as newspapers, cardboards, bicycle chains, fabrics, threads, crate boxes, and more. Ideas are countless and so is the waste material at home, together with these can-do wonders and add an extraordinary angel to your home’s look. Some of the best DIY home decor ideas India are listed below-

Home Decor Gifts

You are invited to the housewarming party of your friend or relative. Your gift is something that will capture a special space in the homes and hearts of your beloves ones.

List of 8 thoughtful Housewarming Gift Ideas for Indian Homes-

  1. Religious Deities as per the religious beliefs of the host
  2. Home decor painting & wall arts
  3. Scented Candles as Home decor piece
  4. Bedsheet, Cushion Covers or Other Furnishing Material
  5. Cutlery Sets as dining table centerpiece
  6. Dinner Set
  7. Wind chimes as a home decor gift
  8. Showpiece for home decor

Wallpaper Home Decor

Different variety of wallpaper with different patterns and color combinations are available online. It will add a unique look and character to a home.

Benefits of Wallpaper home decor

  • Odor Free Process
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable
  • Replaceable
  • Available in different effects and pattern
  • Theme based wallpapers available

Wallpaper Home Decor Ideas India

▶️ 3D Brown Stone Wallpaper

home décor ideas India

▶️ Self Adhesive Floral Wallpapers

home décor ideas India

▶️ Foam 3D Brick Wallpaper

▶️ Luxury Textured Wallpapers for Living Room

▶️ Vertical Stripes Wallpaper

Antique Home Decor

Antique home decor or a retro look is a new trend in modern interior design. Using old trunks as tables, choosing theme-based room design, using old doors and windows as a headboard and so on ideas run in your head when it comes to antique home decor in India.

Artificial Plants for Home Decor

Give fresh and positive vibes to your home with real or artificial plants for home decor. Most people prefer to use artificial plants for interior home decor as it never dies and demands little or no maintenance. For home interiors, why would anyone prefer to have real plants, when you have a range of faux plants that exactly look like original ones!

Artificial Plants for Home Decor Ideas

▶️ Artificial Plants for covering a side space of stair case

▶️ Small Artificial Plants for centre table

▶️ Artificial Planters for Living Room

▶️ Artifical Plant Shelf for Home Decor Accent Wall

Handmade Home Decor Items

Decorate your home with hand-crafted unique pieces by expert Artisans, just made your home. Having handmade home decor items is an emerging trend in new India. The handmade decor is the reflection of your personality plus the rich culture of India that you admire. New India has also taken this business from small cottage business to new heights by taking it online. As a result, the internet is now flooded with stunning handicrafts pieces that can directly be bought from their official website or online marketplaces.

Best Places to Shop Handmade home decor items online-

  1. Rareplanet
  2. iTokri
  3. Gaatha
  4. Khara Kapas
  5. Scrapshala

Paintings for Home Decor

To make your living space lively, make sure you give a character to a wall through paintings. Paintings for home decor are a common trend and is being flourished throughout the ages. If we talk about traditional scenarios people used to decorate their house with paintings either drawn directly by hand on walls like Warli art or hung painting by local artists. Love of paintings is still at a pace in Indian home decor. Well, there is nothing surprising in that. India has a rich culture of painting styles form. Some of the popular ones are given below-

▶️ Madhubani Painting

▶️ Warli Painting

▶️ Kalamkari Painting

▶️ Gond Painting

▶️ Mandala Art

▶️ Chittara Painting

▶️ Tanjore Painting

Home Decor Water Fountains

Make your indoor ambiance undeniably calming with home decor water fountains. In the rush of city life, you can’t always sit in the lap of nature but you can bring an element of nature at home resulting in a peaceful atmosphere. Home decor water fountains act as a luxury asset and at the same time bring positive energy in abundance. The best thing about water fountains is that you can place them anywhere in your house such as it can enhance the beauty of the living room, garden area, dining area, waiting area and a great choice for office area.

Different Types of Home Decor Water Fountains Available Online

▶️ Buddha Design Indoor Water Fountains

▶️ Hindu God Indoor Water Fountains

▶️ Whimsical Indoor Water Fountains

▶️ Abstract Indoor Water Fountains

Small Home Decor Ideas India- In A Budget Friendly Way

Don’t fret if you have compact living space. It’s not about how huge your home is, but it’s about how smartly you have managed the space.

Given below are the best small home decor ideas for Indian home in a budget-friendly way-

  1. Use light Colored Curtains in the room
  2. Brighter Lightning in the room
  3. Use foldable Sofas for effective space management
  4. Make one accent wall in the room to elevate the overall look
  5. Decorate the accent wall with wall art or abstract patterns
  6. Switch for wall shelfing
  7. Cover floor with big rugs or carpets

Small Home Decor Ideas India

Here is an example of small home decor which is crafted so well with small additions in the small space. Indoor plants are hung or placed on shelves to save space, but it’s adding greenery to the room. The antique trunk is used as a center table and storage space as well. Also, this center table is low on the budget as you can make it from scrap items available at home. The cushions are covered with colorful patterned covers to give a vibrant look to the space. The wall is painted solid white in color to give an illusion of wider space. A canvas set of 5 completes the look of the space.

The next is the example of before and after space. This space is completely transformed with small changes. Adding a bookshelf in the room gives additional and organized storage space. Just changing the paints of the wall gives a fresh look to the room and light curtains let the bright light enter in the room.

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