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Sanitary goods and bathroom essentials are getting enough value. It is a crucial part of our lifestyle which has been receiving significance. People prefer to choose the expensive and finest quality sanitary items because the extravagant bathroom fittings are as essential as living rooms or bedrooms. People spend more time thinking for ideas while bathing or in their bathrooms, instead of any other place because it soothes the minds and let the flow of creativity enters. There are many things that you need to know before making investments, like, bathroom fitting brands, bathroom accessories, best sanitary items and many more.

I have listed down the best bathroom fitting brands, along with their top product too. You can check the prices of similar products from different brands, which will guide you to make smart decisions. The bathroom accessories are pricy so you should opt the elegant and classy products. I came across many brands while I was working on this article, but I have shortlisted 7 bathroom fitting brands for you. Take a look at the content below to enhance your knowledge.

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Best Bathroom Fitting Brands

1. Jaquar

Founded in 1960, Jaquar is the top brand manufacturing bathroom fittings and sanitary ware products across the globe. This company is in this business for the last 60 years and the products are available in over 45 countries. Jaquar is categorized as one of the most expensive and reliable brands. Their products are made from supreme quality material which increases the lifespan of each product. The company produces over a million branded bathroom fittings annually. Their sleek and modish designs grab the attention of Buyers.

Top Sanitaryware from Jaquar-

  1. Laguna (Commode)
  2. Queen’s Prime (Washbasin)
  3. Kubix (Washbasin)
  4. Bidspa (Commode)
  5. Arc (Washbasin)

Other Products from Jaquar

  1. Professional Lighting
  2. Consumer Lighting
jaquar bathroom fitting brands

2. Hindware

Hindware is as old as Jaquar and is a leading brand of sanitary ware products in India. With almost 4 manufacturing plants in the country, Hindware has been producing nearly 3 million products every year. This brand has earned the trust of buyers by providing quality products in their stores. Hindware is also known as Hindustan Sanitarywear& Industries limited and it has acquired 2 brands for business expansion. It also creates interior décor products and the company is named EVOK.

Hindware has a special collection for kids and disabled people which makes a super cool sanitary ware brand in India. This brand has one more service, that is, bathroom themes. It offers multiple options and combinations of tiles, wash basin designs, colours and other products which guides you about the designing of the bathroom. It is one of the top sanitary brands in India

Top Bathroom Fitting from Hindware-

  1. Shower Drain
  2. Faucets
  3. Wash basins
hindware bathroom fitting brands

3. Cera

Cera has been serving for last so many years with utmost perfection. With more than 40 years of experience in this industry, Cera has gained fame. The company is also dealing in kitchen sinks, tiles, mirrors and wellness products. This brand is reliable and the product lasts longer than you expect. The manufacturing unit of Cera is located in Gujarat which produces around 3 million products annually. The designs are planned according to the comfort and requirement of Indians. This brand has a range of water-saving products which are environmental friendly.

Top Sanitary ware from Cera

  1. Commodes
  2. Urinals
  3. Cisterns

Other products from Cera

  1. Faucets Cleaner
  2. Water Heater
  3. Kitchen Sink
  4. Mirror
Cera sanitary ware item bathroom fitting brands

4. Parryware

Founded in the year 1952, Parryware is one of the oldest brands providing fine quality products to customers. The company collaborated with the Roca brand in 2006 has widened its business. It has 7 manufacturing units in India that manufacture the ultimate and most elegant products for the people. Parryware has added a range of new ‘Alpha’ Faucets, to the collection. The fresh collection of ‘Artitude’ is also added which is artistically-inclined luxury connoisseurs. Parrywarecreates many other products for the people.

Top Bathroom Accessories List from Parryware

  1. Basins
  2. Faucets
  3. Cisterns
  4. Showers

Other Products by Parryware

  1. Furniture
  2. Kitchen Sink
  3. Water Heaters
parryware bathroom fittings

5. Kohler India

This globally popular brand has been in service for a century now and has spread the business in almost every popular country in the world. Kohler offers the world’s slimmest bathroom suite and has innumerable options to choose from. Kohler shower enclosures are one of the highest-selling products. Their online presence and availability of online purchases from e-commerce sites make it easy for people to connect and install their products. The brand has always preferred to prioritize quality and style. This brand has marked its presence in North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Oceania and many other locations. Sanitary items from Kohler are available in multiple colour options. It is one of the top sanitary ware brands in the world.

Top Bathroom Fittings from Kohler India

  1. Faceplates Cisterns
  2. Vessel Basin
  3. Deck Mount Basin Faucets
  4. Hand showers
  5. Under Counter Basin

Kitchen Decor from Kohler India

  1. Single Handle Faucet
  2. Double Handle Faucet
  3. Wall Mount Faucet
  4. Deck Mount Faucet
kohler wash basin designs bathroom fitting brands

6. Johnson Bathrooms

Johnson Bathrooms are owned by Johnson & Johnson Company, a well-established American company that is spread around the globe. Johnson is a part of almost the industry niche in the world. It has introduced Johnsons Bathrooms in the sanitary ware and bathroom fittings industry. By providing the top quality products, Johnson has aced this field too. These bathroom fittings brands are producing all kinds of products, you just name it and you have it. If you have other requirements, then too, you can rely on Jonson & Johnson, like tiles. The company named Johnson Tiles provides bathroom tiles of all designs and colours which matches your style.

Top Sanitary ware items from Johnson Bathrooms

  1. Walnut Bath Cabin Set
  2. Rejoice Faucets
  3. Multifunction Bathtub
  4. Bathtub Fillers
  5. Concealed Cisterns

Other Johnson Business Industries-

  1. Tiles
  2. Pharmacy
  3. Skincare Products, and many more
johnson and johnson bathroom fitting brands

7. Jacuzzi

It is an immensely reputed brand dealing in hot tubs, bathtubs and other products like these. This Italian brand was founded in 1915 and now it is the biggest dealer of bathtubs. Now, Jacuzzi is like the other name of the bathtubs in the world. This brand has a Swim Spa Collection which is an alternative to traditional swimming pools. These small-sized pools can be set up in the backyard of your houses, which provides privacy, comfort and a spa-like feel while swimming at your own place. The brand has also launched Smart tubs, where you can manage the temperature on your mobile devices. Jacuzzi products are extravagant ad there is no doubt in that, so compare before spending dollars on it.

Top Bathroom Fitting from Jacuzzi-

  1. Small Hot Tubs
  2. Large Swim Spa
  3. Power Pro Swim Spa
  4. Steam Showers
jacuzzi sanitary ware brands




Sanitary ware products and bathroom fitting brands have innumerable options from faucets to cisterns, from bathtubs to showers etc. It is nearly impossible to choose which product is best for your bathroom. So we have mentioned a few of the top brands from where you can purchase sanitary ware items. Take a look at the bathroom fitting brands, their basic information and top products. Here I have made a table for you to specifically mention which brand is the top one. Enhance your knowledge and share your views on the article, in the comments below.

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