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5 Bedroom Interior Design Ideas to Make Your House appear Bigger

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Your bedroom is your safe haven, the place where you return after a long and tiring day at work. Make it as clutter-free and more spaced out as possible. You obviously don’t want to come home and feel cramped and choked. Make sure that you don’t pile on furniture after furniture, take note of the budget and invest in space-saving furniture to make your personal space look brighter. So, you should keep it airy and comforting. If you have a small bedroom, you may feel cramped. But, even with your small space, you can easily turn it into a haven. best interior designers

Making a few changes here and there even your small bedroom can turn into a more spaced out airy room. 

1. Use monochromatic light wall colors

The best interior designers in Bangalore recommend painting the walls a light pastel shade. The mellow soft theme makes the rest of the room airy. Having large glass windows also help as they filter the light. Avoid printed walls or having bold shades like orange or purple on the walls as they absorb light and would make your room look dark and creepy. A lighter shade of royal blue can make the room look royally bright. In context, even having white furniture helps though it is harder to maintain.

2. Use space-saving furniture with built-in shelves and avoid clutter

Use beds with in-built cupboards, trundle beds, couches with storage spaces, and make small shelves on the walls to save space. Keep the floor portion mostly empty. If you don’t feel the need for a huge bed, use a couch that doubles as a bed at night. Or, if you want to get creative, install a bunker on the wall, that would make your room seem very large. Avoid using unnecessary furniture like an extra stool, or an extra cupboard to stock things. It only makes the room look messier and cluttered. 

3. Paint the ceilings darker

Make the walls light and the ceiling bold. When the ceilings are bold, it allows the light and breeze to play freely in the room. The negativity in the room is sucked off by the ceiling. Thus, the rest of the room looks breezier than ever. False ceiling with multiple mellow soft lights also makes the room look bright in a soft way. It is more romantic. But even bright single light can do the job. Avoid low lighting bulbs. If your room appears dark, it will look cramped. 

room interior design

4. Use low furniture

Avoid any tall lamp stand or cupboard that hugs the ceiling. It casts a dark shadow over the room and makes it dark. It gives off a cramped feeling so avoid such things. Wall hangings that are light should be put up. Small photo frames would make it smaller. But avoid larger photo frames that take up the entire wall space. Use furniture that is low and sticks to the ground. Low height furniture makes the room look smaller. You can also put darker bed sheets as it makes the rest of the room look brighter.

5. Use transparent exposed furniture

Incorporating transparent furniture is an effective room interior design that would make your room look bigger and more spaced out. Avoid wooden furniture to avoid cluttering your home. Usually, wooden furniture is very heavy and bulky so it takes up more space and also it is difficult to shift from here to there. 

You can try consulting a professional for added advice. You can add mirrors, and have more windows to make it seem even more breezy. It will also make your room seem bigger. Add monotone themes to make it seem bigger. And ultimately, if you fill your house with love, even a small cramped space can seem like a home.

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