How to Stay Healthy During Monsoon Season Or Rainy Season?


As we all know the whole world is lockdown and we all are stuck in one place i.e our home. The situation of the entire world is very critical because we cannot go outside. The cases of the coronavirus increasing day by day so it’s very important to take care of yourself during this monsoon season. To help fight the world pandemic, the best thing we can do is to take healthy meals and diet. This will not only protect you from COVID-19 but also protect you from monsoon health risks. Say goodbye to winters and let’s welcome summers or monsoon season. Human body is very delicate and can easily get affected by allergies, infections, and indigestion problems. The scorching heat makes our body weak as a result the body’s digestive capability goes down. So now the question is how to stay healthy during monsoon and what are the tips to stay fit on this monsoon season?

How To Stay Healthy?


If you are not feeling hungry, don’t eat. This is the best cardinal mantra in the monsoon season. If you follow this mantra your digestion system will be strong.

How To Stay Healthy During Monsoon Or This Quarantine?

The rainy season or monsoon season increases the risk of various infections that harms our body and results in our body catch up with various infections like common cold or cough, typhoid, malaria, dengue, cholera, and many other diseases. If you want to boost your immunity, choose a healthy lifestyle, and prevent these illnesses. You might be thinking about how to stay healthy during this monsoon and lockdown? Well, the answer is very simple; there are many healthy things available in our kitchen. All you have to do is just eat a healthy diet, practicing good personal hygiene, and staying physically active. So here I am sharing how to stay healthy during monsoon or rainy season with the help of Balance of Nature as well. Balance of Nature products contain 31 fruits and vegetables, specifically selected for their combined effectiveness in strengthening the immune system, cell protection, and DNA repair and apoptosis.

How To Stay Healthy


Avoid oily food, junk food, and spicy food that upsets your stomach

Get Healthy Stay Healthy

It’s time to focus on your health and boost your immunity because all the gyms, zoomba, or aerobics classes are closed due to the large cases of COVID-19. When everyone is at home, how does one keep up with fitness routines and how to stay healthy during monsoon and this pandemic period? But now no need to worry and follow your health routine at home. Thankfully there are lots of ways to get healthy and stay healthy. Maintain your fitness level and strengthen your immunity with these fitness tips. Here is how to stay healthy during monsoon and fitness tips.

Stay Healthy

Top 5 Ways To Stay Healthy

Eat Green Leafy Vegetables & Fruits

Doctors always recommend us to eat green leafy vegetables and fruits. When the monsoon gets started it is necessary to paying special attention to your diet to stay healthy, fit, and fine. Add seasonal fruits and vegetables in your daily diet to strengthen your immunity. Before eating any vegetable or fruit, wash them properly. Add citrus fruits in your daily diet such as orange, lemons, gooseberry, walnuts, almonds, cashews, nuts to boost your immune system.

Ways To Stay Healthy


Avoid Street food as much as you can

Use Kitchen Secret Ingredients

Do you know Indian herbs and spices are full of packed with essential nutrients and antioxidants which is good for your health? Add these herbs and spices in your daily diet to boost your immune system and reduce your risk of falling sick. The top best herbs and spices are turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, garlic, mint, holy basil, and much more. So now the question is how to stay healthy during monsoon with these herbs and spices? Well in simple words, add these kitchen secret ingredients in your daily Indian food and stay healthy during monsoon.

Get Healthy Stay Healthy


These herbs and spices not only make your immune system stronger but also protect you from deadly virus i.e coronavirus

Ensure Your Surroundings Are Hygienic

Whether you are at home or in an office, ensure your surroundings are clean and free from insects and mosquitoes. The world is going through a very tough phase, so it’s important to make your home clean properly such as gardens, balconies, dining tables, kitchen, and doors. Use any disinfectant to clean your home and maintains hygiene. This is the best way to stay healthy and stay at home to stay safe. And on a side note, if you want your house to be super clean. Have a safe life and stay healthy during monsoons.

Fitness Tips For Monsoon


Wash your hands from time to time especially when you eat something

Drink Lots Of Water

Drinking water at least 3-4 Liter per day makes your body clean and free from lots of diseases. But it is important to drink clean water. Keep one thing in your mind that you drink filtered or boiled water. In the rainy season, drink boiled water this will make your digestive system good. Avoid taking juices or watering from unknown places or roads especially in the rainy season.

Fitness Tips


Always carry your water bottle when you travel somewhere

Fitness Tips For Monsoon

The time is a little bit difficult and we cannot follow our routine properly that we have followed before lockdown. So what if you cannot go outside and worried about how to stay healthy during monsoon and this quarantine? Make a schedule of your workout at home and do some light exercise or little yoga, zoomba, and stretching. Regular exercise will refresh your mind and boost immunity that can help you fight illness. Exercise makes your muscles and joints strong and prevents unnecessary pain.

Health And Fitness Tips


Sleep on time and follow the fitness tips properly for a healthy lifestyle

Few More Tips To Stay Healthy In Monsoon Season?

How To Stay Healthy

👉 Whenever you are going somewhere, don’t forget to carry an umbrella and raincoat

✔️ When you reached home keep your feet clean with normal water and apply some moisturizer to prevent rash and fungal growth

👉 Wear little bit warm clothes in the rainy season to protect you from viral infections

✏️ Make tea and add some ginger, tulsi, or turmeric. This ayurvedic tea protects you from cold or sneezing. You can also drink green tea for better results

✔️ Consult the doctor if you are suffering from fever

👉 Avoid air-conditioned rooms when you came from somewhere

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