Health Benefits of Anulom Vilom Pranayama


In this sedentary lifestyle, people are getting frustrated just because of the fast life. So everyone needs to find some time to invest in making their health better because health is wealth. There are numerous health techniques that you can opt for to keep yourself healthy. But the most effective and preferred method is Anulom Vilom Pranayama. Scratching your mind thinking about the word Anulom Vilom? It’s a popular breathing exercise which is also known as traditional yoga, which people usually do to calm the mind and body.

Anulom Vilom

‘Anulom’ translates as with the grain and ‘Vilom’ means ‘against the grain’. These are the best exercises that everyone must do to keep themselves healthy and calm. Anulom Vilom is basically deep breath inhalation and exhalation while alternating between the right and left nostril with the help of using fingers.

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Benefits of Anulom Vilom

↳ Reduces Stress

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Anulom Vilom is one of the most preferred morning choices of Indians as well as foreigners. Nowadays people get easily stressed by their work, so if you want to make your mind healthy, start performing breathing activity daily and you will become such an energetic person.

Moreover, Anulom Vilom not only reduces stress but also helps in improving the overall performance of the body. So if possible, wake up early and do it for at least 20 minutes. Here are some of the benefits of doing this breathing exercise to the brain:

► Prevent neurological disorders

► Reduce headaches/migraines

► Manage anger

► Improve the quality of sleep

↳ Maintains blood Pressure

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As we all know blood circulation is very critical for maintaining body parts as well as for mental stability. So Anulom Vilom Pranayama helps in maintaining the blood pressure. In addition, it purifies the veins and nerves in the entire body parts. Aside from Anulom Vilom Pranayama, if you have visible varicose veins, you can also undergo an endovenous laser ablation treatment that uses radiofrequency or laser energy to close these abnormal veins in the legs. Moreover, there are some health problems that one can cure with Anulom Vilom pranayamas such as heart blockages and diabetes. Thus, people who suffer from these health problems must do this breathing activity in the morning so that they can keep themselves healthy and fit. Also helps in keeping your body in shape.

↳ Weight-loss and obesity-control

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The best thing about Anulom Vilom is that if a person does it regularly then it helps in reducing weight and also controls obesity. As you know the obesity problem has become a very common disease in everyone. So if you want the best results from breathing techniques, try to do Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga every morning with these breathing practices.

↳ Keeps Heart healthy

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When you do Anulom Vilom on a regular basis, it will definitely help you to calm your mind as well as your body. That means it helps in improving the performance of the heart by ensuring the purified flow of blood. In addition, it also prevents all kinds of heart blockage and boosts the flow of blood, hence it protects against heart attacks or cardiac arrests. So when the fact is about making your life healthy and fit, exercise or Anulom Vilom is the best activity to heal you physically and mentally.

↳ Improves Digestion

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Masses that do breathing exercise daily, they considered as one of the healthy persons on the earth. They don’t even suffer from any deadly disease. Nowadays adults eat a lot of outside food which is hard to digest for the digestive system. Therefore, to make your digestive system strong so that it can digest all kinds of food, you must find some time to do yoga breathing exercises. Thus, it will help you to become physically strong. Moreover, Anulom Vilom pranayam can protect you from stomach infections, constipation issues, and other illnesses. Basically, It strengthens the functioning of the digestive system.

 ↳ Reduces Sinus Problems and Snoring

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Sinus problems and snoring is a very common problems in children and adults. Anulom Vilom is really beneficial in making life healthy as it helps in reducing sinus and snoring problems. So one must constantly do breathing exercises to remove blockages in the nostrils. In other words, it ensures the smooth flow of oxygen supply in the body. Sinus and snoring would be cleared and also helps in improving the quality of sleep. In addition, it helps in strengthening the immune system and fights against all kinds of viruses such as the common cold and cough. In crux, Anulom Vilom pranayam plays a very vital role in human life.

↳ Enhance internal beauty

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If a person is physically healthy, he must also be healthy mentally; that means inner beauty. Inner beauty is like the peace of mind that people always wonder to find inner peace and eventually won’t be able to find. But you can find it by doing Anulom Vilom in the morning. When you do it for at least 20, it will keep your mind calm. In other words, it re-energizes the body from making it dull, also it helps in activating the tissues from dying. Basically, it fixes everything which does not function properly So it fills the gaps with new perspectives and hope. Last but not least, it gives a reason for a beautiful smile on your face.

↳ Enhance Overall beauty

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This deep-breathing exercise enhances the overall beauty of a human-like mentally and physically. Moreover, it keeps external beauty alive and helps in activating organ tissues. In other words, Anulom Vilom re-energizes the overall body to boost freshness and eliminates dullness. Like people nowadays get exhausted due to maintaining work-life balances so it emotionally uplifts and pushing us to be positive and has a healthy life. 

Steps to do Anulom Vilom or ‘The Alternate Nostril Breathing Technique’:

► Sit in a Sukhasana or easy pose.

► Close your eyes and focus on your breathing

► Keep your thumb near to one of your nostrils

► Start doing deep-breathing exercises.

► Hold your breath and place the thumb close to the other nostril.

► Do alternative patterns to oxygenate both the sides of your brain.

► Keep doing it for 15-20 minutes.

► Once you get used to, increase your timing gradually.

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