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It is not shocking today that with the changing times, many things have changed. You can see the improvement in medications, science, treatments, and articles of clothing and lifestyle. Many have seen the drastic evolvement since the pandemic has taken place. Also, most of you have experienced many issues during the pandemic that led to the introduction of digital meetings or consultations to avoid physical interactions with others. Online doctor consultation has benefitted countless patients and successfully treated them without compromise. 

Online medical services are increasing quickly due to coronavirus outbreaks. A person can feel anxious knowing he has a health issue that needs medical attention and treatment. Therefore, there are many benefits to pre-book a medical consultation online. 

Do you know even doctors feel easier to have their patients consulted online than offline? It has been made possible via an online doctor consultation mechanism which is very beneficial because of the following reasons:

Provides instant medical attention

Online consultation is the best decision to get instant medical advice on feeling ill. It is one of the simplest and most secure ways to access medical aid. Although it is unfavorable for an emergency case or issue yet, specific and personal online doctor consultations are available, which are a click away. So, your health is at your fingertips.

Back-up ready

Sometimes, the patient may dislike the first doctor’s opinion, even in an in-person meeting, so you can approach a second opinion to be on the safer side. When you face any serious health issues, it is evident for you to consult with the best one, not the closest one.

Ease and Comfort

Undoubtedly, you have your doctor there for you 24*7. You don’t have to wait prolonged hours for the consultation, and you can contact your practitioner at the very moment when you begin feeling ill. You can take a rest at your place and get the doctor. There is no need to wait in long queues to see the doctor. It is one of the prominent advantages of online medical consultation. 

Access to specialists

 Medical care online also soars up access to specialists. Severe patients needing a specialist need not drive a long way and spend a lot of time visiting. Online consultations enable you to leverage the expertise of specialists who are not nearby. For instance, Apollo Hospital has the best specialists providing virtual doctor consultations.


Online healthcare is reasonable and saves you time. It is highly budget-friendly for those who need to visit the doctor frequently. Online consultation benefits you by saving your transportation, fuel, visiting costs, and time. Patients can get good recommendations or medical advice. You can easily book your appointment during any break or before or post your job. If you are too busy that you cant manage making time to visit a doctor, then you must opt for an online consultation.

 Keeps you from Infections in the clinic

It is effortless to get infected by visiting a clinic where many people are already ill and sitting and waiting outside till their turn comes. With your online consultation, it does not risk you with contagious and uncertain infections. Speaking to a virtual doctor is far better if you have a weak immune system. You get looked after well by your members by staying at home while avoiding the risk of exposure to crowded hospitals. 

The smart way to know your concerns

Most people browse the internet to get their issues acknowledged as they can see a whopping amount of data related to their health concerns. Hence, preventing people from searching the internet for a self-diagnosis is quite impossible. But there is a means of identifying their issues using intelligent symptom checkers with the help of virtual doctors. It simply clears that you have easy access to online doctors.


Some people express timidness while talking to their doctors online. Therefore it is highly considerable to make sure that you are discussing your concerns with a medical expert to suggest something better related to your health issues. Using a secure system and server, you can feel confident with a virtual doctor. Remember, None of your information gets leaked, as everything you tell your doctor online is safe and confidential.

Enlisted below are the top 10 online doctor consultation apps in India:


Everyone knows that Apollo healthcare services have the best quality and reliability, where contacting Asia’s best healthcare network is just a few clicks away. You can find countless doctors or specialists. It is a confidential platform, allowing you to consult your preferred doctor and share reports privately. The best part of Apollo 24*7 is that it offers a free follow-up which means you can connect to a doctor within seven days of your consultation, and you don’t have to pay for that. 

The doctors carefully listen to your concerns. You feel easy to talk about the disease, and they prescribe you something accordingly.

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Another best app is practo, which lets you schedule an appointment with a doctor and interact with him virtually. The free consultation facility is also accessible on the portal. You get your questions quickly responded with the complete information. It is one of the booming health websites offering several admirable services. Some of the unique characteristics entail:

  • Consultation
  • Digital interaction with experts.
  • Online medication facility
  • Lab Testing and other checkups booking.
How Practo Works - Revenue Model & How To Build Your Practo Clone


It is one of the best apps for choosing a doctor according to your problems. It schedules your online appointments with qualified doctors and allows you to find the most suitable hospitals on the available date and time. Moreover, it also renders you with online ambulance scheduling, and you can also track blood groups, etc. Hence, Docttocare is one of India’s ideal apps for doctor consultation in India. 

The benefits of Docttocare are: 

  • Stress-free surgical bookings.
  • Find the best doctor related to your concern.
  • You can book your ambulance online.
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It helps you to have accessible consultation with a professional doctor. A patient must subscribe to a doctor and send all his previous data and past prescriptions to make the doctor analyze the information quickly. The application does not ensure connectivity between patients and new doctors. Instead, it simplifies the process post the consultation. Patients feel free to upload and discuss any reports they have.

DoctOral – Apps on Google Play

EURO Health 

The EU Health Marketplace is an online device for finding, identifying, booking, and purchasing healthcare services all in one place. Users are able to book, identify, and purchase their medical services with only a single click.

Being an international healthcare company, they offer diagnostics, appointments, pathology, instant doctor’s consultation, precautionary health care, rehabilitation, hospital admission and second opinions. It renders you with customers a unique Health Account number that they can use to get hospital admission, insurance, home health care, and many other products.

EuroHealthNet responds to the launch of the European Cancer Inequalities  Registry | EuroHealthNet

Doctor 24×7

Patients can tel consult with their doctors and receive a diagnosis using Doctor 24*7. Also, they have a free follow-up after three days of the consultation. The app has assured success by treating more than five lakh patients. Patients can have a free consultation once they have downloaded the app. On the other hand, when you contact the doctor via phone call, you need to pay some amount between 100 -600 rupees for one consultation.

Tata Health

Some health-related services provided by Tata Health are as follows:

  • Online consultations
  • Booking appointments
  • Ordering lab tests
  • Delivering medicines

Also, users can keep medical records online by installing the Health Locker tool. Moreover, access to health-related blogs on the app motivates people to make and live healthier lives.

Tata Health Clinic — Dot Dot Boom


 DocsApp is one of the most appropriate apps because of its user-friendliness, and it is mess-free. The interface of the app is self-explanatory and transparent. Also, you have access to an option of (Talk to an expert) and a few other options are below:

  • Medications
  • Health Tips and tricks
  • Lab testing

Many people have considered the app one of the most convenient and portable for consultations. Generally, their fees vary between 150-200 rupees, but the first consultation is free of cost. Once the doctor has examined and prescribed you, ordering medicines from the same platform becomes very easy. It is one of the effortless ways to look after your health.

DocsApp Makes Mobile Consultations with Specialist Doctors a Reality - BW  Disrupt


The developer has launched the app to grapple with precautionary medicinal services care. Also, the app is the most thrived facility, emphasizing demonstrative and drug stores. It also gives online and personalized offers for different health-related problems.

It is not popular, though, yet it entails numerous unique features that help you better care for your health. These include:

  • Virtual treatments and free clinical documents.
  • Follow-ups for a full eight days without cost.
  • Limitless chat access with the doctors.
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A renowned healthcare application providing professional diagnostics and telemedicine facilities is Mini. Being the highest-rated healthcare app, it primarily focuses on delivering quality care to the masses at their fingertips. Also, you have access to the online consultation, X-ray, and san booking. Moreover, the app also provides self-assessment facilities for severe medical issues such as PCOD, diabetes, and cardiovascular concerns. Patients are free to avail the artificial-intelligent services to precisely understand their symptom.

Mfine: Latest News | Tracxn

Conclusion: So, you must feel free to contact specialists online without worrying after knowing about all the necessary benefits of online doctor consultation.

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