Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale Offers

Get Full Benefits of Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale Offers

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Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale Offers

As the festive season is around the corner, the biggest eCommerce giant have come up with it’s exclusive Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale offers. As the digital world is progressing, customers are preferring online shopping rather than shopping from malls and markets. As India is a land of festivals, the e-commerce giants get a high boost in their sale from the Indian customers and hence they come up with the exclusive festive sale offer. Similarly Amazon, the largest e-commerce giant has come up with their great Indian festival sale wherein they will be providing over 6000 offers for special products. The highest discount is given to products like electronics, apparel, cosmetics, books and other gift items.

Grab more than 40,000 offers on Amazon

Amazon Offers
As the festive season nears, a portal like Amazon is giving out more than 40,000 offers on home appliances, electronic goods, apparels, cosmetics, apparel, gift items and much more for continuous four days. India’s biggest festival carnival is taking place at Amazon itself. By coming up with such mega sale offers, Amazon India has made the life of Indians easy to purchase goods online and spend more time with family rather than stepping out of the house and standing in the huge queue for purchasing items of your choice. The best part of this online shopping is the products you will get from other shops, you will get the same item online and that though half the cost and to your surprise, let me tell you honestly, all the products that Amazon give out is of genuine quality and hence there is no compromise with the quality of items. Additionally, Amazon has the fastest delivery system and it becomes faster during the festive season as there are billions of orders. You will leave a hassle-free life if you shop it online from Amazon.

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According to various ads and banner on social media and on Amazon site, it can be inferred that there are ten thousand offers on home appliances and thirty thousand offers on Amazon fashion items. Plus they are offering up to forty percent off on mobiles like Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, one plus, LG and much more. Additionally, there is up to twenty percent off on Laptops from all the brands and up to forty percent discount on television sets. Cameras and accessories have up to fifty-five percent discount and PC accessories have up to sixty-five percent off. The highest discount is on the Computer accessories. Printers and other networking devices will have up to sixty percent off, headphones and speakers have up to sixty percent off, power banks and other storage devices have up to fifty-five to sixty-five percent off respectively. Kindle devices have a special offer which is all Kindle devices will have an offer worth RS 5000.

Amazon Bank Offers

Amazon Bank Offers
Though Amazon sale garners massive customer every year this year it is expected that it will grab more customers than ever before. Interestingly Amazon also comes with its mega offer for the ATM, Paytm card users. As we know all these e-commerce sites have some or the other tie-ups with payment gateways and banks similarly Amazon have tie-ups with HDFC bank, Paytm, PayPal and many more and hence Amazon brings you the chance to pay money through HDFC bank or any other debit card and get ten percent cash- back on the purchase you make. For the customers who will make payment through Amazon Pya, they will avail cashback up to five hundred and minimum top-up the balance of five hundred. As it is a mega sale and huge discounts are being offered therefore there will be no exchange offers and no-EMI offers can be availed during this period. Apart from this Amazon have also come up with Jackpot offers. Amazon is giving Jackpot prize worth RS 2 Lakhs to the lucky draw winner.

Amazon Diwali sale

Amazon Diwali sale

It is expected that the company will experience the highest boom during the Diwali sale. Amazon home brands Amazon basics products will be available for a discount up to sixty percent. Doesn’t this sound interesting? Obviously, it does. Now the next concern being, “how to get the best Amazon great Indian festival deal?” To get the Amazon deal the process is very simple. First, you have to follow TechRadar during these four days. Then ensure that the seller you are buying from is the verified vendors as during these peak period there are many scammers who sign up to the Amazon to sell their product and Amazon make sure that customers should not buy from the non-verified Amazon sellers to be on the safe side.

By saying so I mean the seller must be having Amazon fulfilled badge on their profile. The smartest way to see if the genuine is to go to their profile, look at the customer’s review and comments about the seller. If it looks clean then go with the deal. Apart from this, you will also get to see for certain items there are MRPS attached to it. To get the best deal, you must use the price comparison website like the MySmartPrice to track whether the product being offered is genuine or not.

At this time the customers might get many emails to their email id and hence it is recommended to not open any links until and unless you have made any purchase and you want to track orders as many emails can be spam emails. So be careful of this. Make sure to browse to each and every item and check whether that specific good has the offer of cash on delivery. I highly prefer cash on delivery option and not card payment option because in case if the item is not as you expected or is damaged, it can be returned immediately without paying in advanced. Often it happens that some fake sellers take your money in advance and does not deliver the product so in order to avoid this you should always choose cash on delivery option. Also keep in mind that after you have booked a product in Amazon, you should try to contact the seller and clarify any doubts concerning the product because the often customer has faced that they did not get the product as they expected.

Grab more with Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime

This Amazon Sale brings tons of offers for the customers and it is a big chance for the online shoppers to avail the offers before it is late. The whole process will take hardly any time. You have to just sign up to Amazon, search for the product you are looking out for, check the discount being offered, check whether the seller is genuine or not and book the item. Once the item is booked, you will receive a confirmation email and confirmation call from Amazon. You will have to approve it and check the status of your item by the tracking is provided by Amazon. Usually, Amazon hardly takes five to seven working days to deliver the product. Additionally, Amazon has a special section called Amazon prime. Where you get the chance to get the product within two days time. So what are you waiting for, run and avail this offer? Happy shopping.

Amazon has great deals for women’s as well like they have offers on women’s jewelry, bags, shoes and others. Even on certain grocery items, there are great deals. You will get the highest discount on grocery if you purchase it in Bulk. Even there are special offers for kids like there are offers on games, toys and other baby products as well. If you are planning to give a gift to someone. Then you can shop the gifts from Amazon as they give you the facility to gift wrap your product and deliver to your loved one.

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