Beauty Tips For Face Healthy Skin Naturally

Beauty Tips for Face Healthy Skin Naturally (Glowing Skin Tips)


Flawless skin is everyone’s desire. Often we get inconsiderate about our skin problems and start ignoring it. Who likes the face full of pimples, dark circles and black heads? I don’t think there would be anyone who will deny to this. Getting a beautiful skin is not an overnight miracle. One needs to work hard for it. If you’re worried about blue light damaging your skin, check out this article about the effects of blue light on your skin as explained by Skin Care Products West Dermatology.

Also skin is one of the most important part of our body. It provides our organs shield against outer bodies like germs, virus, bacteria, etc. therefore, one should take required steps to maintain healthy skin. Experts say that skin is not just the outer layer visible to you. It is much deeper than that! Proper nourishment of skin is very important to maintain its healthiness and long glowing years.

Glowing Skin Tips – Try These Homemade Natural Masks For Every Season

What are the major face skin challenges one faces?

major face skin challenges

The major skin challenges faced in today’s world that results in paleness and dullness of the skin are discussed below:

1. Acne: This is very common issue faced by each one of us at one or the other stage of life. Generally, most of the teenager faces this issue. This is basically the normal thing that happens to every other teenager. This can however be controlled by taken few simple steps.


In adults, acne can be simply due to exposure to pollution or usage of too many chemical cosmetics on face. Others may face acne due to poor eating habits.

2. Black heads: this is a very common issue. Generally people get blackheads on nose or cheek area which is needed to be cleaned time to time in order to avoid pimples. These are generally the resultant of too much exposure to pollutants or dust for longer hours.


3. Dark circles: Long hours of work on computer, or doing surfing on mobile or getting up late till night can give you scary dark circles. Insufficient sleep is the major reason of developing dark circles.

Dark circles

It is said that one should have at least 8-11 hours of sleep in order to avoid dark circles.

4. Skin tightening: Usage of unsuitable soap or face wash for long time can result into skin tightening. It can be avoided by simply having a good soap. Moreover there are other home remedies to evade of this problem.

Skin tightening

5. Dryness of skin: When the skin doesn’t get proper moisturisation and nourishment, it often leads to dryness. Dryness is an indication that the skin is unhealthy and deep layers of the skin are gradually getting dead. Proper nourishment and moisturisation is important to maintain glow, shine and healthiness to the skin. If you’re fed up with tweezing, spending money on expensive razor blades, and making waxing appointments, it’s time to consider Fluid Spa Laser Hair Removal treatment. Laser hair removal is the fastest way to get rid of unwanted hair permanently.

Dryness of skin

6. Too much oily Skin: some people have highly active oil glands that make their skin oily again and again. Some simple home remedies can help you to avoid this problem. Too much oily skin results in unwanted pimples.

Too much oily Skin

7. Pale Skin: lack of proper pampering time to time make the face skin look pale and dull. Proper nourishment helps to maintain the longitivity of the skin.

Pale Skin


Like any other body part, even your skin can fall ill. It also undergoes aging. To reverse the effect of aging and to maintain the healthiness of the skin, one needs to take considerate steps to bring back the natural glow of the skin. If you’re considering plastic surgery for a quick fix, we recommend to heavily research multiple clinics before deciding.

There are innumerable ways to get healthy skin naturally without using any cosmetic product. Also these techniques are highly safe because the products used are 100% natural and doesn’t have any chemical that can cause significant harm to the skin.

They are discussed below:

1. Body hydration: Drinking lots of water everyday helps not only to keep your body hydrated but also leaves you with good healthy skin. Experts say that drinking good amount of water daily actually helps you to avoid basic skin problems such as dryness, acne, etc. thereby, one should keeps the body hydrated to get glowing flawless skin.

2. Cucumber: Cucumber is one of the easiest remedy to overcome paleness, dullness, dark circles below eyes and dryness of skin. Keeping slice of cucumber over eyes provides coolness to the eyes. Moreover, applying cucumber juice on the the face for 20 minutes helps to avoid acne, dullness and paleness of skin and leaves you with cool, fresh and glowing skin.

3. Gram Flour: Usage of gram flour on face as a pack helps to reduce acne and to remove hair on the face. Simply mix a little water in gram flour and apply the same on face for10-20 minutes. It will help in cleansing the skin. You will get glowing and shining skin. Gram flour helps to reduce tan of the skin.

It will help to cleanse the skin deeply, removes the dirt layer and dead skin, and leaves you behind with healthy skin and lighter skin tone.

4. Taking Steam: Taking steam helps to remove blackheads on nose and cheek area. It is one of the easiest remedies of all. Simply get the water heated on the stove, and take the steam on face by covering your head with towel. After a while, you will observe that the blackheads are coming out easily and the puffiness of the skin has also increased.

5. Haldi/ Turmeric Pack: One of the most famous technique to get ready glowing and healthy skin is by applying Turmeric or Haldi Pack. Mix a little water with turmeric. Apply the pack on entire face and leave for 20 minutes. Wash the face with water and get glowing skin just in few minutes!

You must have seen it in the famous haldi ki rasam in hindu marriages where they apply haldi on entire body of groom and bride just before marriage. The major reason is that Haldi is one of the antioxidant that not only cleanses the skin, but also dilutes the negativity in one’s body,

6. Almonds: If a blackish layer has appeared over the lips, grind the almost well. Mix it with saffron leaf and apply the same on lips. After some time rub the lips using your finger and get clear red lips.

7. Milk: Milk is known for its abundant nutrients quality. It is also a famous remedy to get clear glowing and healthy skin. Apply milk on acne and dull part of the face and wash it after a while. It will leave behind healthy clear skin.

In Ancient times, the emperor and empress used to take bath from milk. This was generally done to maintain beauty and health of the skin. Milk helps to maintain glow and fairness of the skin. That is the prime reason why milk is used in most of the cleansing creams of the big cosmetic houses.

8. Oranges: Oranges helps to maintain glow and freshness of the skin. You can simply apply orange juice on the skin to maintain freshness and glow of the skin. Moreover, it also helps to reduce the oiliness of the skin.

9. Potatoes: Keeping slice of potatoes over eyes helps to reduce the dark circles and provides coolness to the eyes as well as skin. Potatoes are one of the important ingredient of most of the dishes in our kitchen and hence, is easily available in every house.

10. Tomatoes of Freshness: Tomatoes are highly rich with lycopene that helps to remove the oily layer of the skin. In country like India, where there is humid environment, most of the people have oily skin as their prime problem that results in acne on entire face. Apply tomato juice on face for 15 minutes and allow it to dry. Wash the face after it with clean cold water.

Applying fresh tomato juice over face not only reduces the oiliness of the skin but also helps to provide you with fresh glowing skin.

11. Apple: Apple is best remedy for the open pores on the face which are the permanent home of black heads. You try two simple techniques to maintain radiance of the skin. They are:

  • Apply thin slices of apple simply over the face.
  • You can make a paste of apple, honey, vinegar, rose water and multani mitti. Apply the same over the entire face and neck. Leave for 20-30 minutes. Allow it to dry. Later wash it with cool fresh water. It will leave glowing and shining skin.

12. Multani Mitti: Our Vedas and Puran often talk about the medicinal value of multani mitti. Multani Mitti is used in various herbal soaps and pack. It is known for its medicinal value. It leaves behind fresh, glowing and clear skin. It works as an antioxidant that removes the layer of dirt placed deep inside the skin. It helps to remove dead layer of the skin. Not only this, it helps to increase the fairness of skin.

13. Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera plant rules in the garden of every house. It is because; Aloe Vera has various medicinal values. It helps in maintaining freshness of the skin. Not only this, it helps to reduce skin irritation. Aloe Vera had medicinal value. Applying aloe Vera on acne, cut or dried skin helps to heal it faster. Apply Aloe Vera paste twice a day to get healthy beautiful fresh skin.

14. Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree oil is the best remedy for the pimples. Tea tree oil is rich with anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties that simply helps to kill the germs and bacteria that causes acne and pimples. Tea tree oil is needed to be diluted before use otherwise it will cause irritation and might burn the skin. It can be simply mixed with serum or cream and applied overnight on pimples to see significant result.

15. Green Tea: Green Tea is becoming significantly famous over the past few years due to its significant properties.

You must be aware about CTM technique. If not, here you need to know:

CTM means cleansing, toning and moisturizing. It helps to maintain the health of the skin. Regular use of this technique helps to improve the puffiness, glow and shine of the skin by providing it with basic nourishment and pampering regularly.

Most of the toners are having green tea as a key ingredient. It helps to bring back freshness and to avoid dullness of the skin. Boil green tea leaves in water for few minutes. Pour it in bottle and simply splay on the face. Otherwise, take it on cotton and pad it on your entire face!


Tips to avoid Skin Damage

By taking few considerate steps, we can actually minimize the damaging of face skin. It is often said, “prevention is better than cure”; hence taking some basic steps can do wonders!

  • Avoid going out on hot summer days with sunscreen lotion
  • Try to cover your face with thin breathable stole in traffic areas with lots of dirt and pollutants.
  • Avoid using too much chemical soaps and cream over face to avoid skin damaging. Replace the same with herbal solution. More chemical products mean more damage.
  • Keep changing your moisturizer with the change in season. Like in summer your skin need some cream with helps to reduce oiliness. Same when we talk about winters, dryness can be avoided by using some oily moisturizers.
  • Always clean the make-up face with rose water before sleeping to avoid the chemical effects of the make-up applied on face. It can cause acne, blemish and dullness of skin
  • Give regular massage to face skin in order to maintain its puffiness.
  • Avoid using chemical face washes and replace the same with herbal face wash
  • Regular use of CTM technique will help to maintain the glow and shine of the skin.


Maintaining healthy skin is not that easy. You actually need to work hard to get glowing shiny skin. But it’s not that tough! Simple steps mentioned above can give you glowing skin by just sitting home and without spending much of your penny!

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