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Fun Activities With Family For Best Use Of Quarantine – Time To Refresh

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Coronavirus outbreak has locked us indoors. Even the doctors, experts and all other corona fighters suggest that to stay in our homes as social distancing is the only solution left with us to prevent the spread of this deadly virus. Well, getting worried what to do in this situation, is somehow natural.

Quarantine Period

But if one sees the brighter side of this then, it has healed our mother nature and one is able to see the beautiful sunrise and sunset every day. So, this is the best time to do all those kinds of fun activities with family that you always wanted to do but every time one found it difficult to do that stuff due to one’s busy schedules. 

Are you also one of those who find it difficult to stay home and don’t know how to utilize their time in quarantine?

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 These ideas will definitely help one in being productive and take best out of this quarantine. There is always something for everyone to do. Make your leisure time the best productive time by doing all the various fun activities with family and amazing things like spending some quality time with your family, playing online with your friends, some cookery classes, art & craft and so on, in fact the list is endless that one wants to do. It’s time to rejuvenate oneself.

So, Let’s Get Started!!

12 Fun Activities With Family To Do In Quarantine

Yoga And Meditation For Peace

One can reboot its life with a refreshing morning by doing some exercise and workouts that one usually tends to miss out during its normal busy schedule. One can do Yoga. There is ample number of videos available online and which are free of cost too. Various apps are available on web that can help one in staying fit and healthy. There are also habit trackers apps which document our daily activities that will definitely help in knowing one’s status of health.

Meditation is another close friend of yoga. Meditation will help us to distress ourselves from this anxiety, fear and frustration that have filled in us due to this pandemic. This could actually be a fun activities with family to do it if you make it a routine. It will not only entertain yourself but will also help to keep you and your family fit and healthy.

meditation fun activity with family

Spend Some Quality Time With Family

Spending time with your family is a great fun that can help to make your bond stronger and one unit. You can do multiple activities like playing games cooking food, playing inside a solid wood outdoor playhouse, watching movies and web series with your family. Family is that one unit with whom you can easily tackle or solve any situation in life. It is the best time you can come up with more strengthened up relationships and make a stronger born together.

fun activities with family

Catch Up Your Buddies On Video Conferencing

Next thing in the line is, talking to your old friends. One always has had excuses that one doesn’t have time to talk to our old school or college friends but now is the time that one can make a call and let them know that we are still friends. Some funny healthy conversation on video conferencing can leave a deep impact of love on your bond of friendship. You can do multiple activities or Play Online Fantasy Games that refreshes your all old memories again. It could also so make you feel like you are with them all the time instead of getting bored at home alone.

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Video chat with family and friends

Build A New Habit Of Reading Books

How many of us could actually find some time from our busy days for reading books?

I’m sure couple of people could find some time. So another thing one can do is building up a habit of reading books that one bought and somehow couldn’t get time to read. So, remove all the dust from those books and start reading them. It will not only help one to gain some extra knowledge but may also help in solving one’s life related problems.

reading book activity

Discover Your Hidden Talent

Next thing that everyone loves to do is discovering talent in oneself. Everyone has one hidden talent that they are not able to explore due to one or the other reason but now is the time when one can. Try something new something different that you always wanted to you maybe it could help you to discover a hidden artist within you. For an instance painting, art and craft, write a story , a poem , a song novel, a play or anything. Discovering new skills within yourself can also help to get a direction of your career in near future.

discover your talent this quarantine

Art And Craft

Pickup your paint brushes and paper and splash out out the artist within you. If you want your kids engaged in some fun yet very learning activity then art and craft is best suited in this situation. Your kids will learn so many things while painting. May be it could also help a parent to find an artist with in their home.

art and craft activities with family

Recycle & Recreate

Recycle the old useless stuff in your home. Number if videos and online tutorials are posted on social media that proves to make the best use of the waste and your time as well. Recycling of jeans, t-shirts, newspapers, boards, bangles helps you to make astonishing wonders.

diy ideas with family

By re-create, here we mean to recreate your old photographs and memories by doing the same thing. Very joyous and funny activity. You can also take help of many social media platforms for innovative video making like tik tok, instagram, snapchat and so on.

recreate photographs fun activities with family

E Learning

Another amazing and worth thing to do is e-learning, as there is ample amount of free courses and paid courses available online from where one can learn new skills and, in some cases, one can also get certificates. This is the best time to learn or polish out your skills in the field of your interest. You will surely get some fruitful results after giving much of time to e learning. E learning is the best way to use the scoring time period and secure your near future by getting certified with these courses.

e learning in quarantine

For students it is a golden chance with the can complete their left out syllabus by various means that are online teaching classes by teachers, e learning on own, giving ample of time to reading articles and books related to your study and so on.

online classes in quarantine


Another most important thing that everyone must try to do is volunterring, as there are a lot of stray dogs and beggars who are not able to get food due to this outbreak. So, help them by providing them food and water. It will give one immense satisfaction. One can also donate amount according to their pocket in PM Care Fund. Every donation works as contribution for needy people, for those who are actually suffering in this quarantine period. This is time to stand united with your nation and provide helping hands to fight with this deadly coronavirus.

donation in pm care fund

  Be Your Own Master Chef

Lockdown has surely locked us from eating from our favourite place. But if you will observe the other side of the situation that it still had stocked up our shelves with food. The thing which is required is to pickup your magic wand i.e. Spatula and ingredients and cook a wonder within your kitchen. Amaze your family and friends with  your new skill of cooking. Work like team in your kitchen and have feast like treat every day. But don’t forget the consider health factor.

cooking as  a fun activities with family

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Cherish Your Memories With Old Family Photographs

Blow away the dust from old albums and photographs of your family and it is your old memories. Live laugh and laugh together refreshing all the movements and special events held in past along with your family. Collect all the happiness and recharge yourself for the time after quarantine.

fun activities with family watching photographs

Goal Setting

Last but not the least, Goal Setting. Everyone who is in school or college must set their goals right before their eyes as they are the key drivers to our life. A right goal will always help one to attain the right career. Immediately plan your goals and start working on it. This is best time to learn something new in which you can establish your career afterwards. Discuss with your family about your decisions and Go On!!!

plan your goals in this quarantine

Some More Suggestions

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fun activities with family

So, go ahead and make every second count. There are innumerable ways to turn the coin in your favor and make the most of this critical situation. So, stay at home and stay safe. Nature has given a second chance to all of us to refresh and restart our lives from new positive vibes. It has given us a break from our daily busy routines and given some time to do fun activities with family. Boost up your relationships with each other and walk together as a unit. Keep humanity alive within you and Stand strong India.

Stay Home Stay Safe

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