5 Games on MPL that Simply Cannot be Missed

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The online gaming industry is booming at an unexpected pace given the ample amount of time that people are getting at home during the lockdown period. From a student to a professional, everyone prefers to kill the stress with online games. Many online gaming platforms have come into existence over the past few years, but Mobile Premier League or MPL seems to be the one gaining maximum attention from the public.

MPL has come up with a wide variety of online games for people to make it easier for them to get some moments of refreshment during the time of the pandemic. Along with that, it has also collaborated with “Give India”, an online donation platform, to raise funds for COVID relief, Mint reported. Thus, the gaming platform is playing its part well in these tough times, which is commendable.

As far as the games available on the platform are concerned, there are 60+ games that the gaming platform has to offer. You will find many common as well as uncommon games on MPL’s website. You can register with it and start playing the game you want. As stated above, there are wide varieties of games you can choose from and enjoy them as perfect pastimes. While fantasy sports that MPL offers are the most popular options among sports lovers, there are other skill-based and entertaining games that you can play. 

These games do not offer a solo experience. These are online multiplayer versions and you can ask your friend to join you too. Let’s have a look at some of these games:

1. Carrom Online

For an ideal carrom game online, download the MPL version today. Remember, how your siblings and you enjoyed the game when you were young. This gaming website has brought you an opportunity to relive those moments. The same black and white pieces with one queen and a striker. The striker is waiting for your push in the direction to pocket the pieces and earn points. 

As soon as you choose the multiplayer mode, you get an online generated code using which your cousins and friends can join the same room. You can interact with them through the audio feature and enjoy the game without even feeling the distance in between. Register on the platform and see what the game has to offer you.

2. Fruit Games

If you think, fruits can only be eaten, you are wrong. On MPL’s website, fruits are perfect entertainers as well. How? You can get a variety of fruit games to play online. The most widely played of all are:

  • Fruit Slice – Another skill-based game is this Fruit Slice where players have to cut or slice the fruits in a circular pattern. The players are required to cut as many fruits as they can. If any of the fruits are missed three consecutive times, the game stops. The one who cuts most of the fruits is the winner.
  • Fruit Chop – It is an arcade game where players swipe the screen to slice bouncing colourful fruits. The players only need to make sure that there is no occasional bombing. The players with the highest score are winners.
  • Fruit Dart – The name itself suggests the game is all about hitting the fruits. To release darts, the players touch anywhere on the screen. With each slice, players get points.

3. 8 Ball Pool

Are you more into cue sports? If yes, MPL has the 8 ball pool game for you. It is one of the popular games on MPL. With 15 object balls and one cue ball, this game offers complete refreshment to players. The cue ball acts as a striker to target other balls to be pocketed to earn points. You can play the game in singles or doubles mode. These balls are numbered from 1-7 and 9-15 with the number 8 being the main target. The player who pockets this 8-numbered ball wins the game.

Play 8 ball pool online with MPL. Register today!

4. Ludo

Ludo has been a game for people of every age group. Be it a 5-year-old kid or a 50-year-old adult, this is the board game that is enjoyed by every individual to the fullest. The four coloured houses, 16 tokens, one dice, a starting, and a finishing line are the elements that define the game. The players turn the dice, get a number, move the pieces according to the numbers obtained. The player whose all four tokens from the house reach the finishing line first is the winner. 

The online multiplayer mode of the game allows you to let your friends and family join the same room. Today, when you aren’t allowed to meet them, MPL’s audio communication feature helps you hear them and interact with them while playing. Hence, you never feel the distance. Register with the site today and start playing.

5. Rummy

One of the most widely played online games is rummy. In the times of pandemic when you are locked in, your brain too feels stuck. Is it? If yes, rummy is the best game to opt for. It is a completely skill-based game and when you play the game, it compels you to think and act. Some people play the game, thinking it could be won by luck. But rummy is not a game of luck but skills.

The players need to have excellent observational skills to ensure they can observe every move of their opponents. This helps them build sequences easily as they understand the suits their opponents are not targeting at that moment. A planned and strategic game is the only way to win online rummy on MPL.

When it’s MPL, you get a complete guideline on how to play the games on MPL you have chosen, Hence, it becomes easier for you to proceed with. It is recommended that you go through the guidelines and play the game accordingly to record a win. The best part is you can have your loved one connected through an online generated code so that you all play together and enjoy.

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