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12 Best Mobile Games to Play in Lockdown [Android/iOS]

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This Corona pandemic has left all of the people with so much of leisure time. After doing all the household chores or any of the work which a person does, whether he/she is a homemaker, businessperson, student or any employee, each and every person at some point of the day gets some free time due to reduced time of working. For this, people are driven towards their digital gadgets and best mobile games to play on screen.

Yes, friends, in this article, you are gonna find some of the interesting and time-fetching best mobile games to play in lockdown.

In this digitized world, having a smartphone is not a luxury anymore. Many companies are out there who are providing people with a number of games to be played on screen. If you prefer playing online multiplayer games with a large playerbase, check out

Here we go with the list of best mobile games 2021 –

Board Games on Screen

Board games have been in tradition since past times. Now the board games are no longer on board only but are also available on screens.

1. Chess

Amazing pastime or a battle of brains is the game of chess. It requires two players just like an old famous board game of 62 squares on board of 8*8 grid. It has 32 pieces where 16 belong to each set.

chess mobile game

Shifting online:- Chess has been shifted online where a single player can play it with the mechanical player on screen. These days chess is also available for 4 to 6 players where each player at its own place can play it online.

2. Words with Friends

Scrabble is another brain game where a player is expected to make words using different alphabets of the language. It is again a game of 1 to 10 players. It was and is still used to be a famous board game for kids as well as adults.

3. Ludo king

One of the most popular mobile games in 2021 and highly grossing games is Ludo King. There is not a single person out who has not heard about ludo, not only onboard but also on-screen. The best pastime and a battle to just win among friends is the game.

It is a game of four players no matter where they are situated, are invited via social media platform to play. There acceptance for the game makes them join the set of four where he/she meets other three. Game rules are as same as the ludo on board.

Family Games on Screen

4. Monopoly

Another amazing and recreational board game shifted online is monopoly. It is one of the best mobile games in which purchasing or renting properties, lending and borrowing of cash is there. It is a family game and can be played between 2 to 10 members at a time.

5. Bingo

Another most popular mobile games in 2021 and highly played and still is played by millions of people out is the game of bingo. The game is known by the name of Tambola, Housie etc. Famous among each and every person of a household, this game is played among as many members as you have. There is no upper limit on the number of players to play this game.

In this game, members are invited via, again, a social media platform. To play, number slips are needed which are distributed online. Then the numbers are announced automatically via an application of bingo. The people who win get the points online which can be converted into paytm cash digitally.

Some Adventurous Games on Screen

6. Battle Ground Mobile India

It can be called as an Indian version of highly played PUBG game. The PUBG is banned due to its addiction among youngsters and adults who used to get so much immersed in it that they tend to forget their regular chores.

Battle Ground is somewhat similar to it and it is also a free-to-play battle royale. The game is squad based or one to one. It depends that how many players a person can cater. If friends are involved then probably a squad based game is the best option.

7. Fortnite

Again, it is an online battle royale game released by Epic Games in 2017. It is a game of traps and fortifications where the players have to fight with a zombie. In between, they are expected to build some forts with the materials such as wood, metal, bricks etc.

It is an interesting game which leaves a person addictive of the same. Youngster’s best time pass and a better option to play on screen.

8. Garena Free Fire

The best adventurous and action game, developed by 111 Dots Studio. It was highly grossing game in 2019. Because of its eye catching graphics, it is famous among children and adults as well.

Game is started when approximately 50 players are sent to an island via a plane. They are expected to find some materials or weopons by running or walking. In between, they have to escape the intruders or their enemies. It is type of battle game and passes approximately 2 to 3 hours a day.

Card Games

Playing card games is the best mobile games for passing out of time offline as well as online. Many of the traditional card games are, these days, played online and in my opinion, this is the best pastime for people.

9. Teen Patti Star

Old and widely played card game, famous among youngsters as well as old people, is the game of teen patti. It can be played among 2 to 15 players at a time. Playing online can be played by one player too. 

Similar to bingo, cash can be made here by collecting coins and converting them to cash later on.

Teen Patti Star Game

Rules- Rules are same as the offline one. Firstly, each player is distributed with three cards at a time, out of which it is expected that those three cards should prepare any sequence, colour or triplet. This game is solely based on luck and it leaves the person addictive of the same.

10. Indian Rummy

Again a famous card game which can be played among 2 to 3 players at a time. Interesting and another best time pass, this game fetches the player’s interest by winning.

Indian Rummy Game

Rules- 10 or 13 cards set is distributed to each player, out of which players are expected to make 3-3-3-4 set of cards and that too for any sequence, colour, or triplet.

Some Entertaining & Light Games

11. Candy Crush

No need for any description or explanation, candy crush is the world’s highest revenue-generating game for the company. It is still a widely downloaded game among people of any age group. Light and entertaining can be played by anyone at any time.

Best Mobile Games-Candy Crush Saga

Rules are simple as there are no rules. There are n number of levels which are to be cleared. Each level is chart of candies which are to crushed by making a set of three, by swapping the candies. In between, many benefits and perks are given.

12. 2048

It is a simple number game which is also very light to be played. It is common among children or youngsters. In this game, a player is expected to add on the numbers to reach the goal of making a big number, that is , 2048. It leaves the person addictive of the same sometimes and passes your maximum of time of a day.

2048 Best Mobile Games

Basically , there are infinite number of mobile or computer-based games which can be played by downloading via Play Store. It depends on the age group or the interest of a player that which game is more suitable to him/her.

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