Top 5 Web Series You Must Definitely Watch With Your Partner

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Are you wondering what to watch with your beloved ones? Well, we have shortlisted the top 5 web series from all over the world that you should definitely watch to get refreshed in your boring day-to-day life. You can watch them on YouTube, Amazon Prime, or Netflix.

List Of Top 5 Web Series

1. Feriha

One of the most popular love story web series in Turkey and my favorite too. This Turkish television drama series started on 14 January 2011. Its story revolves around Feriha – A Beautiful and talented young girl that belongs to a very poor family. Her father works as a doorman and her mother as a housekeeper. Life takes a turn in her life when she wins a scholarship from a very famous university. There she meets a very rich guy Emir Saraafoglu who falls in love with her. Feriha presents herself as if she belongs from a rich background. But she falls madly in love with him and she decides to tell the truth about her background.

Before that Emir finds out the truth and he accepts her as it is. It was a dream come true for Feriha, but in her destiny happiness was not written, at their wedding someone pulls a gun trigger and she dies.

Despite all the challenges they face in their daily life, they don’t leave each other. They fight but also come back to each other, and that’s true love. Watch this romantic web series online with your Partner. You can watch this series in many languages like Turkish, Urdu, Hindi, English, and much more. So start watching this true love web series today from the comfort of your home. Do you know it is one of the top romantic web series in the world?

Top 5 Web Series

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2. Descendants Of The Sun

The cute romantic South Korean drama series started on 24 February 2016 is between war soldiers and doctors. The fateful meeting between a doctor whose name is Mo-Yeon and a Special Forces soldier Yoo Si-Jin ends up falling in love. But due to his mission’s their dates were always left incomplete or postponed and they broke up. But on one such instance, the doctor is posted to one mission overseas, where she incidentally finds Yoo si-jin. And their love story begins again in such stressful situations. It’s a total action romance series, with many emotions.

Distance does not matter when two people loved each other. Watch this wonderful drama which turns you into a romantic mood which you must not miss. This year it is one top 5 best web series in the world and people love to watch in their free time.

Top 5 Web Series In The World

3. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

One of the top 5 best web series in the world started in 1994. In this show, there are 6 characters Chandler, Joey, Monica, Rachel, Ross, and Pheobe. These six friends define the bond between friendship and love. Chandler and Joey are roommates and they show what best friendship is. The character of Chandler Bing is funny and joey does not share food is iconic. Joey’s and chandler’s friendship gives your life goals. Monica suffers from OCD. She never ever dated a good guy until she falls in love with his one friend and they both get married.

Rachel – Beauty of the show. You can also call her the star of the show. She loves shopping more than anything. Rachael and Ross love story is the most complicated love story.  Ross – one of the most talented characters in the show. His love for Rachael gives you some serious love goals. Pheobe – She is the best singer in the show and you will be in love with her songs. Her song Smelly Cat was a sensation. She is a total freak in the show.

So, whenever you feel depressed, bored, and want to know the true meaning of love and friendship just watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S once in your life. You will definitely fall in love with these best online web series. It is the top Netflix Series of all time.

Top 5 Web Series

4. Zindagi Gulzaar Hai

Looking for the best romantic web series to watch in Hindi? Then add this drama to your list. Zindagi Gulzar Hai is a Pakistani drama series that started on 30 November 2012 and was directed by Sultan Siddiqui. A novel based drama that talks about everything like feminism, marriage, family values, the standard of living, etc. and you can relate it to yourself completely. It’s a story of the daughter of school-teacher Kashaf, who considers Men as dominant and life as unfair until Zaroon, who made her give up her thinking with his true love and finally gets married and falls in love with Kashaf. Also, this drama focuses on Kashaf’s struggles with poverty and the hard work that earns her a reputed position.

Life is full of surprises so whenever you feel depressed and alone don’t give up. Love can recover everything lost. Watch this best web series with your partner and feel the experience of life. This is the best Hindi web series to watch

Zindagi Gulzaar Hai

5. How I Met Your Mother

This American show started on 19 September 2005 and it has a total of 9 seasons. The whole series is just awesome and you will realize what essence of life. It is full of emotions that will make you cry after watching this series. Each character gives life lessons and you will definitely like the journey of this series.

Sometimes with the character, your emotions will pour out too. So start watching this best love web series with your partner and make your moments more memorable.

How I Met Your Mother

You can choose other video streaming apps for more options.

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