Swiggy Vs Zomato

Who is Winning The Race Swiggy or Zomato?


To embark upon, on one hand where we are encountering the raging battle between the budding e-commerce industry, no one is blindfold to the invading food delivering companies in the Indian market. And the contenders, of this industry are busy earning their lead in this race. Though numerous adversaries like ubereats and Ola, have actively enlisted themselves in this quest. Yet, we cannot progress further, without mentioning the jacks of this trade, those are Swiggy and Zomato.

While Swiggy made its debut in this industry in the year 2014, Zomato inaugurated itself in the following year, 2015. The former has till date embraced the proposition it made at the time it occupied the market. It has very well kept its commitment of delivering food not only from refined restaurants, but also from the joints which are easy on pockets. However, Zomato’s performance, if not outweighing that of Swiggy’s, has coached itself adequately to sustain the pace.

As Indians, we are accustomed to draw our observations through figures. Seeking the current statistics, Swiggy closes a month with a business worth 4 million dollars, while Zomato functioning adroitly tends to maintain a sum of 3 million dollars at the end of every month. These figures have only built a fair understanding, of how profoundly these companies have altered the eating habits of the urban India.

Considering the prevalent food ordering trends among Indians, it has been further divided into two chunks. First one, encompassing the customers with a traditional taste, while the other serving those having taste buds for specialized cuisines. Swiggy has always rejoiced its lead in this industry, since it is the firstborn who made the best of the opportunity available. At the same time, Zomato clung to its domain of exclusive partnership with restaurants, ignoring the

upcoming movement of ordering the food online. Wise decision coupled with perfect time lent an aid to Swiggy, which has made it capable enough to reap the benefits in the future. Consequently, Swiggy savors the advantage of being the first mover, in contrast to Zoamto.

Furthermore, various surveys demonstrate the efficiency of Swiggy in terms of its wider-gauge, logistics and the certainty of delivery even with minimum manpower assistance. All these factors contribute in helping it catching the lead and outperforming its competitors. Even though, Zomato has seized the logistics company ‘Runnr’, yet it is being conceived that it cannot justify its position without the external aid.

Probing further, it has been revealed that both the companies are resorting to a new concept of cloud kitchen, referring to the restaurants without the storefront. But the catch lies in their contrasting methods of operation. Though they share a common view, still they differ in their approach. On one side, where Zomato is busy bolstering third party brand, Swiggy on the other is engaged in launching its in-house brand tagged, ‘The Bowl Company’. Hence, their contradicting styles of conduct, have afforded Swiggy to contend triumphantly.

Additionally, in this cutthroat competition, Swiggy has addressed the issue of designing a user friendly app. Absorbing the technical advancements, Swiggy has come up with an upgraded design of their application, which makes the process of ordering food online, even more effortless. Their adherence to the concern of less time invested by an individual to browse the complete menu helped them emerge with a victorious and convenient application. For as much as, Zomato’s attempt to refurbish their application has not been equally appreciated. Since, their utilization instrument, insisted only on discovery of restaurant rather than delivering of food, shaping it to be stagnant with its less user friendly interface.

Further, proceeding towards the customers’ reviews, it is quite evident that both the companies are giving each other a stiff battle. While Zomato is always being looked upon for checking restaurants’ menu and reviews, on the contrary Swiggy is playing dominant in the game with its ‘No Minimum Order’ and ‘Live Tracking Feature’.

Despite of all these opinions, Swiggy regulates itself to take the cake, when correlated with Zomato. Another crucial side to the coin is that of the vendors. The recent studies show a high inclination of the merchants towards Swiggy. Lately, the interview sessions were conducted, which apparently unraveled the reliability of both the customers and the vendors upon Swiggy. To quote one, there is a merchant who is listed with both Swiggy and Zomato.

Lets witness what he has to say about these two. He claims “ As a restaurant owner, I would say Swiggy is much faster than Zomato with its service. It’s reliable for both customer and restaurant owner as delivery boys come within 5 to 10 minutes when the order is placed and once the order is picked, the responsibility lies with Swiggy. Even if a customer cancels the order midway, Swiggy ensures the amount should be credited in the restaurant owner’s account. They even have a GPS system to track the order which is good for the customer.” Therefore, Swiggy retains a pole position on the merchant’s side.

Apart from vendors and end customers, the delivery executives commonly known as delivery boys form an important ingredient in these food delivery platforms. The current analysis concedes the disposition of these boys in preferring Swiggy over Zomato, in terms of employment. Again, here Swiggy earns a brownie point, by maintaining a handsome pay structure for their employees. Likewise, they promise favorable incentives, medical facilities etc. to them. Contrarily, Zomato fails to have such pacts.

To recapitulate, the food delivery market in India has just taken the toll and there still lays a miraculous path to be treaded to grow. According to the investigators, this podium is not set for one, therefore there is room for many to penetrate and make their success stories. But before prophesying the future, we should try and grip the present. The two battalions Swiggy and Zomato are chasing the zenith. With due respect to every individual preference, I would vouch for Swiggy as every aspect of it is experienced with utter skillfulness.

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