Express Yourself This Valentine With Bollywood Style


Love is in the Air. As we all know Valentine week is coming and you guys are waiting for this lovely day to express your feelings in front of your beloved ones. It is the most romantic time of the year and it’s a myth that only lovers can celebrate this day. Valentines means “LOVE” and those who respect love can celebrate this day. Love is unconditional and you can express it to anyone like your friends, mother, father, husband, brother, sister, wife, Lovebirds and so on. This Valentine’s Day try something new, something that lasts a lifetime. So here I am sharing some unique propose ideas to impress your special ones in Bollywood style.


Propose In Yeh Jwani Hai Deewani Style

In this Film Ranbir Kapoor (Bunny) chases his dream job very badly but accidentally he falls in love with Deepika Padukone (Naina). Deepika understands his feelings and that why she never wanted that commitment from him. But in the end, Ranbir decides to drop his dream job and stays with Naina. In the New Year evening night, Ranbir arrives at her doorstep with a beautiful ring and classic arrangements of love and romance like cute balloons, champagne, and cake. So whenever you found your true love in your life, propose her in the most romantic way with beautiful gifts as Ranbir did. Get the best offers and deals on Valentine’s Gifts and save your money.

Propose In Jannat Style

Out of the, all Bollywood propose ideas, this is the scariest and a romantic mad one. In this Film, Imraan Hashmi sings a beautiful and romantic song and waits for Zoya all the night outside her office and then he follows Zoya and he proposed her in front of the public, right at the middle of the road. He open sits on the Knees, open his arms and proposed her in the most romantic way that no one can forget. This was totally crazy, filmy, passionate and crimson love. So what are you waiting for if you have guts or you truly love someone then go ahead and propose her and make her feel more special? One more thing be smart while doing this stunt in reality. Do this early morning hours when everyone just wakes up and every few people are on road.

Propose In Jane Tu Ya Jaane Na Way

Another beautiful and romantic movie “Jaane Tu Ya Jaane” Na where Jai Propose her in the Airport when she is going somewhere.  This valentine’s day propose your love in the Airport like Jai did and tell your feelings how you feel. Do this only when your partner is going somewhere. And one more thing don’t create any ruckus by jumping over the security gate, you may land up in jail or beaten by cops. So be careful while doing this.

Propose In Dil Chahta Hai Movie Style

This is the most heartwarming idea that includes classic sitting and romantic words. When you express your feelings by words it is very important to choose some romantic words while saying anything. In your words, there has to be passion, determination, romance, and love in your eyes and invoice. Only then your partner will be convinced by your words. But please choose a nice place or a romantic date while saying those golden words. Don’t delay too much as Akash Did in Dil Chahta Hai Movie. He waited till the wedding day of Shalini to finally propose on his knees so moral of the story is confess your feelings before it’s too late.

Propose Kal Ho Na Ho Movie Style

From one of the super hits of our industry, Shahrukh Khan confesses his love to Preity Zinta when Saif Ali Khan ends his expressing his own feelings. The scene might be a little dramatic but it had intense emotions. One can’t get over this beautiful love story. Every word of the dialogue touches our heart after the film was over. So guys if you love someone it’s a right time to express your love.

Here Are Some Unique Gift Ideas For Valentines Week

Valentine’s Day is the day when couples come together to celebrate the essence of love and romance. Every year this love season started from 7th Feb to 14th Feb and celebrated with so much of excitement and enthusiasm. This love season try something new, something that lasts a lifetime. So here are some exciting ideas that you will definitely love.

7th Feb (Rose Day)

Do you love someone and still you don’t tell your partner how you feel about them? This valentine’s day express your feelings and make them feel more special with a surprise. Write a beautiful letter or buy a greeting card and one red rose it’s a perfect combo to express your feelings. Give this to your partner in early morning breakfast. He/she will definitely love this idea and gives you a hug. You can also take them out for a coffee date or a romantic date and gift this beautiful combo with red rose’s bouquet. Your partner will fall in love with you.

8th Feb (Propose Day)

Are you in love and thinking about your future with someone, Someone whom you love deeply well there is a no better option to propose your special on the 2nd day of valentine’s day i.e Propose day. This is the most important day for those people who still are single and have not started with their love life. So guys write a beautiful letter to your partner and express your inner feelings. Those who are in a long distance relationship have a perfect moment to take out your mobile phones and send a beautiful SMS with the best proposal quotes.

Some of the romantic quotes you may want to consider writing:

  • You have my unconditional love always

  • I was always thinking that love was wrong, but everything was changed when you came along. I LOVE YOU to the moon and back. Happy Propose Day…!!

9th Feb (Chocolate Day)

Everyone loves chocolates because it changes every person’s mood. If your partner loves chocolates then this is the day when you can gift them a box of chocolates. If you love cooking and bake well, then why not bake a chocolate cake or cookies for your love. Your partner will definitely fall in love with you.

10th Feb (Teddy Day)

Women love teddy bears and you can also say teddy bears are woman’s obsession. So boys buy a beautiful teddy bear for your girlfriend and send it with a perfect message.

Here what you can tell them

Hey, Baby, you are my best teddy bear whom I don’t want to lose. Be Mine Forever. Happy Teddy Day..!! P.S I LOVE YOU

11th Feb (Promise Day)

This is the most important day for everyone who respects love. Take out some time in your busy schedule for your love and make them feel more special and give them a promise. You can also talk about your sweet and romantic memories and say your wedding vows again to your better half.

12th Feb (Hug Day)

As the name says everything. A hug is something that gives you peace, happiness, and a stress buster. Feel the essence of love in your partner arms and makes them feel comfortable and let them know that you are there.

13th Feb (Kiss Day)

A romantic walk, candlelight dinner or some wine is all that can make kiss day more special. This Kiss day make your moments more memorable by giving a cute kiss on your partner forehead and letting them know how much you love them.

14th Feb (Valentine’s Day)

Finally, the much-awaited occasion is here 14th Feb the “Valentine’s Day”. People from all over the world celebrate this day with joy and happiness. Spend some quality time with your loved ones. Plan a party in a good hotel and propose your love in front of the public. You can also go for a movie or a long drive. If you are at home play romantic music and enjoy a couple dance with your partner.

Keep the Romance Alive in the Air with Romantic Gifts For Boyfriend & Girlfriend

No matter how well you understand your partner but shopping for romantic gifts for a valentine for your girlfriend and boyfriend can be a little hard. But don’t worry here I am sharing some romantic gift ideas that you can gift to your partner.


A flower cannot blossom without sunshine and a human cannot live without love. Every occasion is incomplete without flowers. Flowers play a very important role in Valentine’s Day and every rose has meaning. A red rose is a symbol of “LOVE”. Buy a single red rose or a bouquet of flowers and give it to your special ones and bring a huge smile on their faces.


Every celebration is incomplete without cake. You can also say the cake is the king of every occasion. The mouthwatering taste, smooth texture, and a stunning appearance make the cake the greatest way of expressing love to your special one. When you are in love, everything around you turns sweeter and a cake can double your sweetness.

Personalized Gifts

If you really want to show your love to your partner, then be creative and thoughtful. Make a creative photo frame, cushions, lamps, mugs and include your favorite photo of you as a couple. A personalized truly shows the efforts and it will surely steal anyone heart.


This is the most famous gift of Valentine’s Day. Everyone loves chocolates and nothing can beat the sweetness of chocolates. Buy a box of chocolates and send it to your loved ones.


If you are planning to propose your girlfriend or boyfriend then there is no other beautiful gift to buy a diamond or gold ring. You can also buy artificial rings. Plan a romantic date or a trip and propose them with a beautiful ring.


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