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6 Best Sweets for Holi to make your festival even more colorful

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Holi, the most awaited festival of colors is just around the corner. To be immersed in the bevy of colors does not alone make it exhilarating. But, the mouth-watering sweets for Holi make it even more fascinating.

By now, you must have got a phantasm of colorful cheeks and hands with plates piled up with Holi sweets and the breeze sweeping through your wet body to make you feel cool in the scorching heat of March. Ah! How much we love Holi.

So, while you prep up yourself with different colors, water guns, attires and many more. We have put together a list of 10 best sweets for Holi that will certainly explode flavors in your mouth. Not only this, but the section also gives you complete guidance of where to get these delicacies from.

Let’s just cut to the chase, it’s Holi and you should satiate your friends’ and family’s cravings for sweets.

1. Gujiya

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Gujiyas are a hallmark of the festival of Holi. Its incomparable fusion of coconut, jaggery, and khoya stuffed in the pockets made of fried dough makes it irresistible. Although it is a popular North Indian sweet, it is equally relished across the nation. Packed with traditional Indian flavors, it is a perfect dessert for Holi.

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2. Puranpoli

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Puran poli being the popular delicacy of Maharashtra is considered to be an essential ingredient for Holi celebrations. Likewise gujiya, it is too a combination of diverse flavors, but with altogether a completely different taste. It seems to be just like any other Indian flatbread (roti), but hidden are the flavors in it. A perfect stuffing of lentils combined with nutmeg, cardamom, jaggery, saffron laden with generous dollops of clarified butter (ghee).

It already must be sounding an explosion of flavors. Indeed it is.

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3. Malpuas

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With its roots deeply dug in the Mughal era, this savory has become an integral part of Holi. This simple yet sweet delicacy is a big hit among the Indians during this festival. It is a traditional holi sweet, i.e. a pancake made with all-purpose flour and milk, which further deep fried and then dipped in sugar syrup to finish it with some nuts. This melt in the mouth, Indian dessert, is certainly one of the best sweets for Holi celebrations.

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4. Kaju Katli

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The nation is already gearing up to celebrate Holi, so how can we miss out on the most special Holi sweet, Kaju Katli. Apart from being one of the most inevitable sweets for any Indian festival, it is also famous among the international folks. This diamond shaped sweet is a perfect festive treat. The concoction of cashew nuts and milk, topped with edible silver foil, makes it one of the most interesting sweet treats.

This famous North Indian traditional Holi sweet is utterly flavored with cardamom and soaked cashews.

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5. Thandai

Hang On! Are we missing out on something really important?

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Oh yes, we are. How can we forget Thandai – the most famous Holi staple? This silky and creamy in texture sweet milk is the perfect drink for summery Holi. It even gets better when mixed with various nuts and spices like cardamom, poppy seeds, rose petals and fennel. It also accounts for the most refreshing beverage for this festival.

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6. Rasmalai

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This Holi impress your loved ones by serving this popular Holi dish, Rasmalai at your Holi party. Originating from West Bengal, these soft cottage cheese balls absorbed in sweet flavored milk, garnished with nuts are certain to make your celebrations extra sweet. Being one of the famous Holi sweet dishes, its melt in the mouth texture, make it resistless.

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In a nutshell, the celebration of festivals is partial without special delicacies and desserts. Although every part of India celebrates Holi differently, yet the sweets remain the same for all. However, when Holi is just down the pike, order for some rich sweets for Holi to make it even merrier.

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