Tea Time Snacks during Monsoon

Top 10 Best Tea Time Snacks in This Monsoon Season – Mouthwatering Snacks


As most of the people love to have tea time snacks during monsoon season.

Monsoon Tea snacks

Also, it is the perfect season after all… not too hot and too cold.

Isn’t it?

The lovely weather with the best tea time snacks is the perfect combination of all time.

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Feeling hungry? Go ahead; feed your appetite by trying these hot snacks for the rainy season. Have a happy Monsoon season!

“Being happy never goes out of style”

Here is a Rainy Season Special Food Items:

1. Pakora & Bhajia

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Pakora is one of the popular Indian snacks that go with tea which needs to enjoy during monsoon. You can have different kinds of pakoras like mixed pakora, cheese pakora, onion pakora, and many more. Crunchy & soft pakoras dipped in myriads of chutney.

It’s awesome food that you must eat during monsoon.

2. Veg Samosa

If you have never tried a samosa, it means you have missed something. It is one of the most preferred rainy day snacks. It is a hot and crunchy item stuffed with potato and cheese.

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This spicy food lifts your mood and makes sure to take spicy chutney along with it to get out of the world experience. Get it online from Zomato or Swiggy and grab the discount coupons to make your evening delicious.  

Your all-time favorite traditional snack for tea.

3. Veg Crispy

Veg Crispy is a delicious snack for the rainy season in India. It is one of the best evening snacks that will always make you happy.

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You can enjoy yourself with your family on rainy evenings, also warm your heart. It’s a favorite thing to eat on a rainy day as well as a yummy starter.

It is a perfect tea time snack for monsoons.

4. French Fries

French Fries is one of the most craved foods during the monsoons!

Rainy Day Dinner Ideas - Tea time snacks

The combination of french fries and tea makes you feel satisfied. French fries are the no. #1 Indian fried food! Crunchy, salty, and hot… it is healthy food to eat in the rainy season.

Just try this monsoon recipe with a cup of masala tea.

5. Cheese Balls

The cheese ball is food that should eat during monsoons. It’s a yummy starter as well as a tea time snacks for monsoons.

Popular Indian Snacks

It is being made with spicy corn flour and cheese. Also, it is the food recipe you will always try on every rainy season.

It is the ultimate choice of most of the Indians as a tea time snacks.

6. Potato Cheese Grilled Sandwich

Eventually, the rainy season has come, and everyone craving of having the best foods to eat in the rainy season. Enjoy the Tea with potato cheese grilled sandwich during monsoon season!

Rainy day Snacks with Tea

If you are health conscious, Don’t worry! It is one of the healthy monsoon snacks; it doesn’t need Ghee and Oil to prepare. Just add it to your monsoon diet chart.

Your diet plan or your health routine will not be disturbed.

7. Spring Rolls

Spring rolls are the monsoon titbits as everyone loves to eat during monsoon. It comes in spicy food items for the rainy season that will leave you asking for more.

Evening Tea

I recommend you to try the chicken, cheese, and black pepper spring roll! You must try tea and snacks to make your evening time memorable.

So, it is the best non-vegetarian food during monsoon.

8. Mathri

In India, chai time is the best time to sit together with your family. If we talk about monsoon season, it calls tea with snacks like Mathri.

Snacks with Tea

It is the best food item to eat in the rainy season. Also, it comes in healthy tea time snacks as it is being made from oats and flaxseed.

So, both have health benefits properties.

9. Veg Puff

There is always something with a rainy season that makes us feel satisfied. Veg puff is an all-time favorite snack with tea.

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For health-conscious people, it is hard to say no to fried foods and eat boiled veggies all the time. But if you like something, then you must try it.

Inner happiness and satisfaction is everything.

10. Chicken Pakora

Fried snacks are fantastic rainy season food that always leaves you unsatisfied! Chicken pakora is a great monsoon recipe for tea time snacks.

Popular Indian Snacks with Tea

Just give a surprise to your family by ordering yummy chicken pakoras this monsoon from Zomato or Swiggy.

This chicken pakora is the most preferred non-vegetarian food during monsoon among kids and adults.

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