Organic Holi Colours

How To Make Organic Holi Colours At Home?


“Holi Aayi Hai, Aayi Hai, Holi Aayi Hai”. Holi is the festival of colors and it signifies the end of the winter season and welcomes to the spring season. Every year this Indian festival celebrates in every part of India. Holi is all about colors and sweets and this year Holi is on 29th March. Everyone is very busy cleaning their houses and making gujiyas, Malpua, Thandai, and much more. Some people are busy in making holi sweets while some are thinking about Holi colors. The holi colours have harsh chemicals and can damage your skin. So here I am sharing different methods to make organic colours for holi at home. With some kitchen ingredients, you can make homemade holi colours. Is not its cool?

Happy Holi

Ingredients For Organic Holi Colours Are:-

Turmeric (Haldi)Spinach (Palak)Acacia Catechu (Kattha – Used In Paan)Marigold (Genda)
Sandalwood (Chandan)Mint Leaves (Pudina)Pomegranate Peel (Anaar)Red Hibiscus (China Rose)
Indigo (Neel)Beetroot (Chukundar)Flame Of The Forest
Heena (Mehendi)
Gooseberry (Amla)
Hibiscus Powder

DIY Tips For Making Homemade Holi Colors

Gulal (Red) Holi Color

Preparing homemade holi colors is quite easy and let’s starts with Gulal. The red colour can be made with hibiscus flowers which are good for both hair and skin. All you have to do is take some hibiscus flowers and dry them directly into sunlight. When the flowers are completely dry and crisp, grind them into a fine powder or you can crush them with your fingers. Now add some gram flour to make a fine powder. You can also add sandalwood powder. The choice is yours..!!

Herbal Holi Colours

For Wet Red Holi Color

Take some pomegranate peels and boil them properly to get red color.

Herbal Colours For Holi

Yellow Holi Color

As the name says everything yellow refers to Haldi and it is the best ingredient for making herbal holi colours at home. Take some Haldi powder and mix it up with gram flour. One thing to keep in mind is if you use 2 tsp of Haldi powder then you should add 1 tsp spoon of flour.

Organic Yellow Colour For Holi

Wet Yellow Colour

Mix haldi into water to get yellow holi color.

Organic Herbal Colours

Green Holi Color

For green Holi colour, choose Heena or Mehendi powder. All you have to do is just take Heena powder, rose water and gram flour and mix it well and your colour is ready. Is not its very easy to make organic holi colors.

Orgnanic Green Colour

For Wet Green Colour

Mix heena into water or use any green leafy vegetables. Dip spinach into water overnight and use this green colour for holi. Don’t forget that heena soaked in water may leave slight stains on the skin.

Organic Colours For Holi

Magenta Holi Colour

For dry magenta color take some beetroots and grind them properly. Now let it dry in the sun. When the beetroot paste is completely dry, mix it with besan or any flour.

Holi Colours

For Wet Magenta Color

Beetroots are the best when it comes to making any shade of pink. Cut the beetroot slices and add into the water. Now boil this mixture leave it overnight. Your pink colour is ready. For more pinkish shade, use the onions.

Blue Holi Color

Buy blue powdered blue hibiscus flower petals and mix them with rice flour to make a blue-colored gulal.

Colours For Holi

Wet Blue Color

For blue water, use crushed and dried jacaranda flowers and mixes it with water.

Purple Holi Color

Take 10-15 black carrots and grind them properly. Now add 1 cup of cornflour into it to get the purple colour.

Natural Holi Colours

Wet Purple Holi Colour

Take some black carrots and dip into water. Leave this overnight to get the good purple colour for your holi celebration.

Orange Holi Colour

Take some flowers of Butea Monosperma for making orange colour. Dry the flowers to make a fine powder. You can also buy Butea monosperma powder from Amazon and add flour to it. Your saffron color is ready.

Organic Holi Colours Online

Wet Orange Colour

Take some saffron and soak into water for making a orange colour for holi.

Organic India Holi Colours Online


Making eco-friendly Holi colours is one of the creative tasks. So this year say goodbye to chemical-based Holi colours and play eco-friendly Holi with your loved ones. For grey colour take amla and grind it properly. Now add some cornflour and mix well. Your grey color is ready.

Buy Holi Colours Online

This year don’t waste your money buying chemical-based colours and switch to natural Holi colours. Keep yourself and your environment safe.

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So these are tips to make organic Holi colours at your home. If you know some more, feel free to comment in the given section below.

Dealsshutter Wishes You A Very Happy Holi..!!

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