Karwa Chauth 2021: All You Need To Know About This Special Day

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The festive season is back! All the fun of shopping, gifting, and meeting your loved ones has started yet again. So, let’s start by discussing your favorite festival of October- Karwa Chauth. I’m also excited to share my views with you guys, on Karwachauth outfit ideas 2021. But let’s talk about karwa chauth 2021 first. I know that you all are aware of this that Karwa Chauth 2021 festival holds a special place in the heart of married women and especially newly wedded girls. This occasion is celebrated on the 4th day of Shukla Paksha of Ashwin month. Earlier it was celebrated in the north only, but now it has made a special place in every married woman’s heart. This year all the beautiful ladies will celebrate this day on Sunday. Karwa chauth 2021 date is October 24.

Karwa Chauth Outfits

Some of you might have decided that what they are going to wear and some are too obscure with their karwa chauth dress. Well, here I am, sharing some of my favorite karwa chauth outfit ideas. The overall look depends on what you are wearing, only then you can decide your jewellery, footwear, makeup, and hairstyle. Aren’t you posting karwa chauth images on social media? Your outfit has to be picture-perfect.

Traditional Red

The color red is the first choice for this festival. You can mix up golden to our outfit, like wearing a simple red suit with a heavy golden dupatta. And wear Kundan earrings for a flawless karwa chauth look.

karwa chauth outfit

Reusing Wedding Lehanga

Another awestruck idea I have is reusing your wedding lehenga. This is my personal choice for the occasion. Wear a V-neck simple golden top or shirt with the embroidered red skirt of your wedding lehenga. You can also reciprocate it by wearing a red blouse with golden or any combinative color. Never forget to take guidance from the color wheel.

karwa chauth look

Pink is the Best Alternative

Other than red and golden colors, Rani pink or Magenta color has equal fans. You can opt for yellow or grey for wearing with pink. If you are looking for a bright look then choose yellow. If you want to make some light-dark combinations then choose grey. This was about the colors, now let me tell you something about styles and design which are worth the drool.

outfit ideas for karwa chauth

Suits and Sarees

Straight suits and simple sarees are the basic and traditional way of celebrating this day, why not add something unique this time. Sharara and Garara are currently the most popular style of suits. Then you can purchase skirts with long Kurtis. Deep V neck blouses with saree will beautify your appearance.

karwa chauth style

Banarasi or Monotone Lehanga

Banarasi lehenga or monotone lehenga is getting very popular among young brides. A red-colored monotone lehenga will remind you of your wedding days. Lehanga has the ability to make a simple occasion even more special. It is the best alternative for people who do not how to drape a saree and are bored of wearing suits.

Karwa chauth lehanga

Modern Touch to the Outfits

 Adding a modern touch to your dress, you can choose a long full-length dress to make a stunning appearance. Indo- western dresses can be the attention seeker in the events. You will get plenty of good options if you search karwa chauth saree or karwa chauth 2021 dress.

indo western outfit on karwa chauth

Karwa Chauth Jewellery

If you are worried about jewelry, then you just need to relax and read this article carefully.

Kundan Stone Jewellery

Golden base earrings with Kundan stone will add a statement to your style. The mesmerizing jewelry is going to empower your karwa chauth look this year.

kundan jewerly set

Maang teeka and Earrings

Don’t go for neckpieces, you can wear earrings and maang teeka if you don’t want something heavy. This is the best karwa chauth 2021 jewelry idea. You can also grab this style for other family events also.

karwa chauth jewelry ideas


Golden and white stones will look good in any color, especially on pink. Here are the all-time favorite and trendy pearls. Pearl jewelry can never go out of fashion. A basic pearl necklace makes your look magnificent.

karwa chauth jewelry design

Green Stones

Green color and red outfit can stun you anytime. Red and green is the finest color combination when you want to look elegant and stylish. This was all about the basic jewelry ideas.

stylish jewelry designs


I know some of you are going to celebrate this festival for the first time, and you want something heavy and attractive. You must be aware of all-time gorgeous-looking RaniHaar. This will look incredible if you wear this with a lehenga or saree.

karwa chauth jewelry

Stone Studded Rings

Heavy stone-studded rings are very much in fashion. Kundan and Polki-style rings will add more beauty to your hands. Moreover, these will look astonishing in the moonlight.

Karwa chauth ring designs

Nose Ring and Bangles

Don’t forget to add on nose rings that too with pearls or stone studded chain. Add heavy or glittery bangles to your jewelry, you can also replace it with one Kada. Bangles add volume to the appearance; you can decide according to your outfit.

nose ring and bangles


Keep your hairstyle simple and classy. Part your hair from mid and keep them straight, on light curls will highlight your jewelry and outfit more. A basic hair bun with a light hair accessory will make your look remarkable. Fish tales, boho braids, waterfall braids are some of the ideas of this day.

karwa chauth hairstyle

Make-up Ideas

Remember to keep your makeup light and simple. No makeup makeup looks are quite popular these days. Using some cleanser, foundation, concealer, mascara, and light lip colors is enough for that. If you are fond of make-up then you can give a try to bridal make-up look for the day. The white water line is quite popular these days, for eye shadow, opt for the style of smoky eyes. If eye shadows are not your thing, then light make-up with red bold lipstick will do wonders to your look.

karwa chauth makeup ideas

Karwa Chauth Sargi

Sargi is the food that women eat on karwachauth before sunsrise. Sargi and a gift of clothes and jewellery are also given to the ladies by their mother-in-law. Women get make-up kits also. Karwa chauth sargi includes sweets, fruits, dry fruits, vermicelli and coconut. Other than all these items, you can add more if you wish to. All the food items have their own importance. Do not forget to drink water before sunrise, because you won’t be drinking for a day. Drinking water in the morning will help you to stay hydrated.

Karwa Chauth Sargi items list-

  • Sweets
  • Fruits
  • Dryfruits
  • Vermicelli
  • Coconut
  • Water
karwa chauth sargi

Karwa Chauth Katha

The most important part of Karwa Chauth is the katha. Staying with no food and water for your husband’s long and happy life was the reason for starting this festival. On this day, all the ladies listen to this story of savitri who took back the life of his husband from the god of death, by observing this fast. Without listening to this story, this festival is considered incomplete. When all the ladies get together, they rotate their thali and sing a song. Ladies meet each other and spend some time together.

Karwa Chauth Thali

Wearing incredible clothes and looking fabulous is a part of this day, but the day is important for observing fast and veneration (karwa chauth pooja). You can decorate your plate will beautiful laces. You can purchase the decorated plates/ Karwa chauth thali set but few ladies like to do it on their own. You can add beads, or paste designer paper or designer cloth. Everybody celebrates the day with their style, so what to add in thali is all up to you according to your rituals. You need water, sweets, chalni, tilak and Diya. Other than these, people can add what is meant to be as per their culture.

  • Karwa Chauth Thali items
  • Water
  • Sweets
  • Chalni
  • Tilak
  • Diya
karwa chauth thali

Karwa Chauth Pooja

Here comes the last and vital part of Karwa Chauth. When the moon rises, ladies conduct karwa chauth puja with the decorated thali. They worship their husband and then their husbands make them drink water and eat sweets. Karwa chauth puja varies from culture to culture. Newly wedded girls will get to know about this fast from their mother-in-law.

Unmarried girls also observe the fast in a hope of getting the man of their dreams. Some of you might not be aware of this but unmarried girls are not supposed to break the fast after moonrise. They can just look at the stars to complete the fast and start eating afterward.

Karwa Chauth Gift

This is the most exciting part of this festival. Ladies get many gifts on this day- Gifts from their maternal house, Gifts from their in-laws and gifts from their husbands too. The most common gifts ideas on karwa chauth 2021 are clothes, jewellery and make-up kits.

karwa chauth gift ideas

Customized Gifts

Nowadays, customized gifts are high in demand. Gifts like doodle art, vector art, string art, hoop art are the fresh ideas in town. Photo collage, clippings of your favourite moments can be a wonderful idea. You can make it on your own or ask any professional to do so.

Basic Gift Ideas

Choose something basic and simple if you are confused about the choices like, wrist watch, chocolates or food items, are some cute gifts. Photo frames, or gadgets like, smart phones headphones, smart watches are also liked by people. You can purchase gift coupons, later on, your partner will decide what they want.

Karwa Chauth Gift Hampers

There is one more idea, if you are looking for some fusion, then try gifting some customized hampers. Hampers include some of your pictures and favorite food items or customized pillows or mugs or frames with your name on the box. The best part about hampers is the look, hampers are decorated in good style. It makes your gift look more fancy and expensive.

karwa chauth gift hampers

Handmade Gift

If you want to gift something extremely unique, then you should definitely make something on your own. Handmade gifts are made with love and emotions.

Surprise Your Partner

Some of you might want to do something special rather than give something materialistic. Making the effort in surprising your partners is a wonderful way of expressing love and respect. You can decorate your room or lawns with lights, balloons, pictures, etc. These ideas are for both partners. These days and occasions are made to celebrate the bond between two people.


These few months are full of excitement because it includes many festivals.  Festivals bring us together and this is the reason why they have an important and lovable place in our hearts. This festival is not about staying hungry. In fact, it is about the love that husband and wife share. Nowadays, husbands too observe a fast for the long life of their wives. Isn’t that lovely? Now let’s celebrate this day and wait for many more festivals to come. 

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