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Macy’s now ships to India!!!!!

Well, this is great news as most of us have been waiting for an opportunity to shop at Macy’s. For those who do not know of this retail brand, it is a departmental store with over 670 stores across the United States and also the store ships to over 100 countries across the world. This is one of the leading corporate outlets, and it also has its gift finding the guide that provides you with gifts according to personality, event, and budget. The website is brilliant, and you must certainly check it out if you want to gift someone something. This is the right place, and now I will tell you what the ten best gifts to get from Macy’s are:

1. Gym Motivator

Well, I must say Macy’s have a great collection of gym motivating gifts with personalized messages. The awards include the Gym bag and bottle too. This is undoubtedly one of the best gifts you can give your loved ones to motivate them to enjoy the gym and live a better and healthier life. A personalized and funny writing on it makes it all the more exciting and also gives it a personal touch of a gift from our loved ones who care for us so much.

2. Beach Products

It might seem an odd award, but Macy’s give it the flair of a present as well. A vast number of products to choose from like the sizeable round bath towel shaped and designed in the form of a watermelon. Fruit shaped earrings are also a fan favorite. These small and quirky gifts could make one feel extremely close to you. There are other products fit to be used in a pool or beach like floaters shaped like a unicorn and so on.

3. Couple Goals

This store offers another essential gifting range for the couples. If you are engaged then all the better as it gives you a hubby and wifey range that has a lot of totes and passport cases which match. This is hugely a cute and loving gesture for your loved ones to enjoy. You also get specific matching bracelets and chains to match and twin with your boyfriend or fiancé.

4. Party Accessories

Now, this is undoubted, not a traditional gift but is perfect for surprise parties. If you have plans of surprising your friend or family member for their birthday, anniversary or any other function then Macy’s is the place to shop. We can certainly expect all fun and exciting banners, party hats, and another accessory. These accessories from Macy’s is only going to double the fun at your party.

5. Make Up

Well, makeup has become an essential commodity in our world for not only girls but even guys nowadays. So there is a wide variety of exclusive make up at this store. What is most fancy here is that the store offers different kinds of containers for the makeup and its essentials. Like the cat-themed or the panda-themed. There is such a wide variety to choose from and it is the perfect gifting idea for any person obsessed with makeup.

6. T-shirt

This is a great gifting idea if the person being gifted would enjoy is he or she wears a wide variety of t-shirt. Printed and graffiti designed t-shirts are all over the place at Macy’s and all your favorite pop stars and hero themed t-shirts are available. There is a vast collection of teenaged persons. If he or she is not a t-shirt frantic then there a wide variety of clothing available from which you can choose the best suited.

7. Kitchen Products

If you are looking for a gift for a housewarming or a wedding celebration, kitchen appliances are at the top of your mind. So here in Macy’s you get a lot of exclusive and excellent range of kitchen products including utensils and appliances. They also offer a vast gifting range for you to make a difficult choice indeed.

8. Glassware

Now glass is always an attractive piece for any occasion. It is an elegant yet precious gift to give. Macy’s offer you an excellent choice of glassware including vases, photo frames, clocks and much more. This is indeed the best option for your idea of a gift.

9. Pet gift Sets

Now this is unusual isn’t it, but your pet can feel all the more special with these pet gifting sets. It is a beautiful combo which includes treats and toys. It is the best thing by which you can show your pet how special it is. There are clothes, costumes and much more options to choose from. You can also make it a gifting idea for your pet or a typical day or his birthday; the best part is it doesn’t have to be your pet. You can gift this to anybody else’s pet and the pet is just going to love it.

10. Wedding Shop

Macy’s has got a separate section on the wedding related items. You can buy items from dresses to gifts and everything in between including celebrating your wedding at Macy’s if you are in the US. You can choose gifts and even chose from a branded choice. You can filter your gift choice and especially on the website it works as the best idea ever. You can filter your choice and pick the perfect wedding gift. You also have his and her items to match for like mugs, utensils, and gloves. That is a cute gesture and will go with the wedding themes.

Macy has a lot of gift ideas, and you must certainly make sure that while browsing through these fantastic gifts you don’t indulge in all the shopping. You must certainly try this store out now given that Macy’s ship to India. It is an excellent shop for world-class goods, and it is the best option to shop for you and get the most amazing gifts ever. Happy shopping.

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