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Weddings are around the corner! Your fridge must be covered in invitations by now. Most probably, you’re all set to attend all of them, looking gorgeous of course. There are invites to weddings of cousins, friends, and colleagues. What are you planning to gift them all? That’s a terrifying thought, right? Because not only has every gift be special, it should be something unique. And, you definitely can’t give away some money and let the rest be. That will be marked as a top sign of disinterestedness. You cannot afford to have them think of you like that!! Here is a list of 20 unique gifts for newly married couple. Trust me, you’ll have a place in the hearts of the newlyweds once you gift these to them. Read on to find out what are beautiful objects that make the ideal gifts for a wedding. Use the coupon of Indian Gifts Portal and get all the products delivered at your home.

1. Indoor Fountains

Indoor Fountains

The newly-weds most probably must be shifting to their new home after the wedding. Gift them an indoor fountain to help furnish their new home with some cool and calm effect. The beautiful view and the soft gurgling sound of brook bring in a serene atmosphere to the interiors. Your friends are definitely going to thank you for unique gift for newly married couple.

2. Matching T-shirts

Matching T-shirts unique gift for newly married couple

Add a little fun to the whole gifting process by buying them a pair of matching T-shirts. It’ll bring out the perfect sync and love between the couple and help them bond even better. Think of all the playful quotes the T-shirts can flaunt. This is going to be a unique gift indeed. Order these tees now from Flipkart.

3. Flooring Carpets

Flooring carpets

Flooring carpets are the kind of furnishings that will immediately transform the look of any room. Just place them in the center and they add class and elegance to the whole décor. So why not gift the couple a carpet to decorate their new home! Sounds a great idea, right! Of course, it is! Not only are the carpets affordable they come in a wide range of sizes and colors for you to pick from. Tie a ribbon around it and the exclusive gift is all set to be given away.

4. Fragrances


People are addicted to perfumes and fragrances these days. Right now, gifting the newly-weds a pack of fragrances, each for him and her, would be a nice thing to do. Fragrances are something everyone gets easily attracted to. Maybe you’ll help them by bringing the couple a little more close to each other through these perfumes. Signature collections of a variety of fragrances are available at affordable rates in the markets. These include the sets or care packages made exclusively for couples. It’s as easy as that for you to buy them.

5. Chandelier


Chandeliers are eloquent pieces of décor. They have elegance and style written all over them. Think of how they’ll adorn the living rooms of a new house. Your friends are really going to love it. This might just get them thinking of a romantic dinner soon after the wedding. What a wonderful gift!! That’s right, you came up with the idea. this is the unique gift for newly married couple.

6. Dress


Dresses are something everyone loves. No matter how many they own. Especially after a wedding, the now-married couple are going to be visiting relatives a lot. Gift them some traditional dresses so they can keep their wardrobes updated to the arising needs. Who doesn’t want to look their best in front of in-laws, after all! Don’t forget to gift the trendiest piece to make your gift special. Use myntra coupons any nykaa coupons and make your gifts budget friendly.

7. Oil Paintings

Oil Paintings unique gift for newly married couple

Capture your moments to the next level. You might be thinking how is it possible? Well if you are bored with your regular photographs, this time turn your pictures into ravishing oil paintings. This oil painting looks beautiful and you can place them wherever you want at your home and office. Enhance the beauty of your home by splashing the out colors through oil painting. It will not just beautify your home but also gives character to the walls. Shop beautiful, handmade abstract oil painting and modern art oil painting from various online portals. And also have a look at these stunning Indian reverse glass paintings as I just love them, so sure you will too. It’s a great present for everyone or you can say it’s the best way to spruce up your house. Preserve your memories forever with these handmade oil paintings. The thing that I like the most about oil paintings is, their prices are pocket friendly. Buy today and experience the traditional art with a modern touch.

8. Watches


Wearing matching things is something every newly-weds will enjoy. A set of matching watches will thus be an excellent gift for the couple. They will only be happy that you gifted them such a nice pair of watches. They will also be reminded of you every time they wear them. Cool, right?

9. Dinner Set

Dinner Set unique gift for newly married couple

A new house such of a newly-wedded couple is definitely going to need a lot of utensils. Let your gift be only useful to them. You can buy them a beautiful dinner set at Amazon and use amazon offers to fit in budget. Dinner set as a wedding gift is super cool as they can equip their home well with essentials. It’ll also make a good impression when they display the beautiful set in front of their guests in future. That is really a good investment for a gift.

10. Photo Frame

Photo Frame

Gift the newly-weds a beautiful couple photo frame for them to hang up their memorable photographs. The ornate frames can be forever kept as a souvenir by them. Every time they look at it they won’t be remembering not only the days they spent together but it will keep reminding them of the person who gifted them the frame. Yes, it is for sure a great gift to be given away.

11. Quilts


Artistically worked quilts are becoming a trend right now. All kind of paintings, doodles and images are being printed or hand-painted onto these quilts so that they look extraordinarily beautiful. This unique gift for newly married couple is amazing. With this, they won’t simply be quilts any longer. The ones whom you gift the quilts will have an emotional attachment to the piece of cloth so that its value is not anymore merely monetary. They will also add an artistic touch to the bedding when it is spread out. Go grab one right now and get it packed!

12. Personalized Clock

Personalized Clock unique gift for newly married couple

A personalized clock with a wedding photograph on the dial as a background will be a romantic thing to gift newly-weds. It will keep forever reminding them of the love and affection they shared in the beginning of the marriage. Also, it will make a great wall- décor for the new home they might be shifting into. Clocks cost not much money-wise so it won’t dig a hole in your pocket. You can get the picture of your liking pasted on the dial from any studio near you. Obviously, clocks are both affordable and lovely gifts for a couple.

13. Silverware

Silverware unique gift for newly married couple

Utensils and crockery are something any newly-wed couple is going to find useful. These are necessary things in every household and gifting them a set of silverware will only make them grateful. The silverware includes artfully crafted silver spoons, forks, and knives that are not mere essentials. They are elegantly crafted with patterns and designs so as to make them more of an heirloom, which indeed they are among ancient families. The gift is definitely going to make them happy.

14. Chocolates


Chocolates don’t simply melt away, they bring with them happiness and love when shared. All of the world they are symbols of love and care. The mere sight of a basketful of chocolates is going to be a wonderful thing to behold. When you gift the newly-wedded couple a basket of sweet chocolates, you are wishing them a beautiful married life, full of joy and mutual love. The Swiss chocolates are considered the best in the world because of their soft, sweet flavor.  You can buy them at any Dry fruits or Chocolate store at reasonable prices.

15. Matching Phone Covers

Matching Phone Covers unique gift for newly married couple

Let the couple flaunt naughty and cheesy quotes with matching phone covers for them. It’ll bring out the fun factors in their lives and also bring them closer with a dose of laughter every time someone jokes about the covers. It will also be so romantic for newly-weds to be twinning in little things like covers.  Bring all that happiness and fun into their lives by gifting those friends beautiful phone covers on their wedding.  Customized covers with quotes can be ordered from shops if you wish it. They can also be bought from stores in pairs. Covers that match almost all phones are available in pairs.

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16. Bouquet of Roses

Bouquet of Roses

How about gifting the couple a bouquet of red roses. The lovely flowers are considered the epitome symbols of love, all over the world. You can wish them a life of never-ending love and affection for each other through one single bouquet. Roses are available almost everywhere in the world and they’re always fresh and bright, thus adding positives vibes in the surroundings. It is one of the great gifts that you can get for your best-friends turned couple. Roses are almost inexpensive when you think of the gifts usually bought as wedding gifts. It is a smart gifting idea for you because it shows that you care for your friends and at the same time doesn’t cost you much. Use ferns and petals brand to get amazing product quality.

17. Spa Coupons

Spa Coupons unique gift for newly married couple

What does every couple wish for right after a wedding? A great honeymoon trip, of course. Gift them a couple spa coupons so that they can enjoy their honeymoon to the fullest. The luxury and relaxation they will enjoy from the spa can add to the budding romance. They are, without a doubt, going to be so grateful for your very thoughtful gift. Spa coupons can be bought from the spa facilities online or in person. They come in all ranges of prices so you can easily pick one that fits your budget. After all who doesn’t love an impressive and lavish spa! This is the most unique gift for newly married couple

18. Love Bands

Love Bands unique gift for newly married couple

Another great and romantic gift which you can get for your friends on their wedding is a pair of Love bands. Love bands are available with jewelers in all kinds of metals. From the plain and simple rings to the intricately carved ones, there are all types of designs available in them for you to choose. You can also avail custom made rings of your own personal choice, if necessary. It can be thus made to fit both your liking and your budget. These can be a lovely gift for the couple as it will keep reminding them of each other every moment. It will be a token of love between them that keeps them together even when they are apart.

19. Bath Towel Sets

Bath Towel Sets unique gift for newly married couple

Gift the newly-weds a nice and fluffy set of bathrobes and towels on their wedding day. It is going to be a really beneficial gift for them to receive, especially if they are shifting to a new home right after the wedding. Towel sets are also a unique gift to make. Good quality towel and bathrobe sets are available in shops everywhere at affordable rates. Their color and style can be an additional benefit when they are kept in the washrooms.

20. Wooden Door Plates

Wooden Door Plates unique gift for newly married couple

Wooden personalized plates can be an ideal gift for the newly-married couple. They will absolutely be in love with the ornately carved piece of wood bearing their names. Also, they are sure to be all excited about having the Mr. and Mrs. titles attached to their names. The door hanger plates are available in basic forms in the market into which the words or names are carved into upon demand. It will make a beautiful ornament to be hung in front of the house.

These unique gift for newly married couple are going to let you relax on the gift part during this whole wedding season. Rest assured that the gifts you chose are unique and sure to be loved by the couple. We hope you enjoy every wedding and take along happiness where ever you go.

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Go rock the function guys! Enjoy the times as they come because you only live once!!!!!!

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