Enhance Your D-Day Look With Latest Wedding Jewellery Designs


The most memorable day for every Indian woman is Wedding or you can say it’s the dream of every girl. A beautiful bridal lehenga, or a classic wedding footwears that suits your lehenga, then why not matching jewellery for the wedding. Every Diva is incomplete without elegant jewellery. So it’s very important to pick the best wedding jewellery designs for your Lehenga Or Saree.

As we all know brides are the centermost attraction of every wedding, so she has to be most stunning and look gorgeous. All eyes are on her and her mesmerizing beauty as she walks on the floor. So if you are a bride to be, preparing the best arrangements for the love of your life, here is the list of latest wedding jewellery designs that will make you look stunning on your big day.

Wedding Jewellery Designs 2019

Latest Wedding Jewellery Designs

Diamond Jewellery Sets

No one can say no to Diamonds especially girls. Diamond set necklace is perfect for those brides who are looking for the latest bridal jewellery collection. When it comes to wedding jewellery bibs and raani haars are very popular and it’s every Indian traditional bride’s favourite. So if you want to show your class and royal look then there is the no better option to choose diamond jewellery sets. Diamond sets come in various types such as layer diamond choker sets, marquise diamond set, simple yet elegant diamond sets, diamond layered necklaces and many more. So pick the one that suits your budget and looks like a Cinderella on your wedding with the latest bridal jewellery sets.

Indian Wedding Girl

Layer It Up Jewellery Sets

Another most popular traditional satlada haar that you can only found on the royal households. It’s a seven-stringed pearl necklace that every bride loves the most. This type of necklace suits every type of lehenga. Remember, how Deepika Padukone style up this necklace on her Mehendi function and she looks dazzling. So diva’s pick the best bridal jewellery design that suits your lehenga or saree and add a regal touch to your bridal look. Satlada haars come in various shapes and sizes like simple Kundan with pearl satlada necklace, pearls, polkis and jerkans added on necklace, Satlada necklace curate with pearls and crystals, emeralds and pearls clubbed together on satlada haar, pearl satlada set, diamond satlada necklace and many other varieties you can see on satlada haars.

Brides Wedding Jewellery Sets
Artificial Jewellery Sets Online

Latest jewellery Designs For Wedding

Make your look more flawless by wearing beautiful necklace sets. It’s very important to wear a perfect blouse neckline so that your necklace looks more beautiful and it completes your entire look and complements your neckline. No matter if you are wearing lehenga or saree or something indo western if you wear a perfect necklace that can match your neckline then you should definitely look outstanding on your shagun or engagement. So here are the following latest bridal jewellery according to your blouse neckline such as scoop neckline, V – Neckline, Strapless Neckline, High Neckline, Sweetheart neckline and so on.

Necklace Sets
Bridal Jewellery Images

Choker Necklace Designs

These days most of the brides choose choker necklaces and it looks very trendy. No matter what you are wearing it looks beautiful on both Indian and western outfits. Within a short period of time, it becomes very popular. From Bollywood actresses to Hollywood actresses everyone loves to wear choker on a special day. So if you are looking for something unique and elegant then there is the no better option to choose choker sets for your wedding. So here I am sharing most trendy bridal jewellery designs for the wedding girl. Short edgy choker designs, Unique Sapphire’s choker, Diamond choker, temple jewellery choker, Heavy choker sets, Modern choker sets, classic choker sets, traditional choker sets and the floral choker sets for Mehendi and haldi functions.

Bridal Jewellery Gold
Bridesmaids Jewellery

Traditional Yet Modern Jewellery Pieces

Every Diva is confused when it comes to choosing the best bridal jewellery, because there are so many options available in the market and you feel like “Ab Kya Karu”. Don’t worry now you can pick the traditional yet modern jewellery sets to wear on your big day. The best thing about this type of jewellery is you can wear with any bridal outfit. So here are few traditional bridal jewellery pieces that you will definitely fall in love. The crowning matha pattis, Rings, Stunning earrings, neckpieces, Accessories for your hairstyles, Maang Tikkas etc.

Modern Bride Jewellery

Rajasthani Wedding Jewellery

If you are bored with gemstone, Kundan and diamond jewellery then you should try the Rajasthani necklace. Nothing is more royal on girl jewellery as much as beautiful Rajasthani sets. So divas try this latest bridal jewellery set that is totally trending this year. So here are the top best Rajputi Aad Necklace that will double your beauty. Meenakari aad choker, Polki, Pearls & Polki, Royal sets, Antique creation, floral burst, gold jewellery and much more.

Rajasthani Bride
Rajasthani Bridal Jewellery

Here Are Some More Essentials Pieces Of Jewellery Designs For Wedding That Every Diva Should Have In Her List

Maang Tikka

Every bride is incomplete without a maang tikka that enhances her forehead. Maang tikkas trend never go out. In every culture be it Hindu, Sikhism, Marathi, Gujrati, South Indian, every bride loves to wear maang tikka. It comes in many shapes and designs, select the one that suits your forehead. Suppose if your forehead is broad then you should choose heavy maang tikka that suits your look and you look stunning. If your forehead is smaller than average, then you should pick a light weight maang tikka and seriously girls it looks elegant and graceful. Maang tikkas actually complete your bridal look. It’s not necessary that only brides can wear maang tikka, your mother, close friends, siblings can also wear maang tikkas. As we all know jewellery trends changed day by day and now diva’s prefer to wear matha Patti that comes with embellished chains on both sides. Matha Patti looks outstanding and it will double your beauty on your wedding day. The girl with jewellery looks amazing on traditional outfit.

Latest Maang Tikka
Latest Maang Tikka Designs


Another most significant gems for the Indian bride is the necklace. From 19th centaury to 21st centaury necklaces are very popular in every tradition. A necklace not only dazzles on your neck but also highlight your overall beauty. There are numerous necklaces available online or offline, it totally depends on your taste and the theme of your clothes. There are many websites like Craftsvilla, Flipkart, Amazon where you can buy bridal jewellery, best wedding jewellery, latest bridal jewellery design, jewellery for marriage function, girl jewellery for wedding and much more jewellery weddding are avaialable at reasoanble price.

Wedding Girl Jewellery
Jewellery For Wedding Girl

Raani Haar

As the name says everything, Raani haars are long and it has so many layers and a beautiful pendant. Queens wear raani haars and it looks gorgeous and adds a royal touch to them. No Indian bride can say no to raani haar because it has its own beauty. Raani haars come in diamonds and pearls, studded with rubies and so on. It’s a beautiful neckpiece that gives you royal look and you look Pari on your wedding day. Wear this jewellery girl..!!

Beautiful Rani Haar
Bridal Raani Haar


When you done your makeup or wears your favourite haar, it is essential that you do not let the ears go bare. Your earrings should match your neckpiece and jewellery. So it’s very important to wear lightweight earrings because you have to wear this whole day at your wedding. Always remember one thing in mind comfort level is important, so always pick the right pair of earrings that suits your style. We think earrings are a very small part but we forget that earrings will undoubtedly be noticed.

Bridal Jewellery earrings
Modern Bride


“Gori Hai Kalayia, Pehna De Mujhe Hari Hari Chudiya” one of the most popular song from Bollywood film. Bangles are every girl favourite and when Indian women wear bangles on her hands she looks like Shehzadi. In India, you will get a lot of bangle designs that you will definitely love. From plain bangles to traditional bangles, chooda to Polki bangles, you have a lot of options and designs to choose from. Being the traditional Indian bride, you can pick gold kangans with Kundan, diamond kangans or a dangling kaleere bangles.

Bridal Bangles For Wedding

Kamarbandh or Waistband

Kamarbandh is the most beautiful pieces that will give you a dazzling look. It can highlight your attire or waistline. The best part about waistband is you can wear it both saress and lehengas. Kamarbandh comes with many styles like it can be thin or layered, studded or beaded and many more. Kamarbandh is also included in solah shingaar.

Stylish Wedding Jewellery
Wedding Jewellery


Rings are girls favourite and if you are a bride you already have a finger reserved for the engagement but why limit to that when you have so many choices of antique rings that come with the wedding sets. Add some sparkle on your big day by wearing designer antique rings in gold with a large diamond or pearl in the centre that looks dashing. These heavy rings match with every jewellery that you wears with your bridal lehenga.

Wedding Jewellery
Wedding jewellery Ring

Anklet & Toe Rings

Every Indian bride or married women wear anklets and toe rings because it’s a part of our tradition. So if you want to look beautiful on the biggest day of your life, you have to wear those stunning anklets with toe rings that work magic to your beautiful feet. Toe rings signify that you are a married woman and in India, many traditions follow this. So if you want to look ravishing on your wedding day don’t forget to wear anklets with toe rings.

Wedding Bride Anklet
Wedding Jewellery

Hathfool/ handharness

Hathfool is a beautiful piece of jewellery that every diva wore on the back of the palm. We all remembered Madhuri Dixit in Devdas movie where she danced on the song “maar daala” with her beautifully adorned hands gliding rhythmically in the air and she looks gorgeous. Handharness comes with many styles and you can wear this on your Mehendi, sangeet or haldi rasam. If you want to wear on your wedding day, you have to pair with a matching ring or your jewellery.

Wedding Jewellery
Wedding Jewellery

Nose Ring

Nose ring is the most amazing jewellery that highlights your face. Even a simple nose ring gives you a fabulous look. If your jewellery or lehenga is too much heavy then you should pick ethnic lightweight nose ring. Gone are the days when you have to pierce your nose to wear a nose ring. Thanks to clip on rose rings that look proper traditional. So don’t hesitate to wear nose rings on your big day and make an ethic statement.

Wedding Jewellery
Wedding Jewellery


This is the most important part of the jewellery for every Indian bride. Every marriage is incomplete without a mangalsutra or sindoor. You can say it’s an identity of every married woman. There are many mangalsutra available in the market such as meenakari, diamond and gold. Pick the one that suits your budget. This wedding season be unique and be different.

Wedding Jewellery Designs
Wedding Jewellery

Hope you like the list of wedding jewellery designs that I have shared with you. So this wedding season choose the best wedding jewellery designs and look stunning on your precious day. Don’t forget to share these wedding jewellery designs with your BFF.

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