5 Brands Delivering Best Hair Care Products in India

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Caring is a way of living, whether it’s about caring for yourself or your loved ones.  Caring has always been important to maintain good health. People have started to understand this and that is why they are taking care of their skin and hair. Maintaining a good skincare and hair care routine is the need of the hour, but for that, you should have knowledge of the best hair care products and best skincare products in India. Now the question here is that every brand claims to be the best among all, then which one is THE BEST? Well, we have got the answers. All you have to do is read this blog till the end. We will solve all the queries you have in your mind.

Importance of Hair Care

Hair is the most important part of any look. Your beauty is incomplete without the perfect hair. This is the reason why people work so hard to maintain it. You might have heard people saying that they are using multiple products to maintain the look because they are very protective of it. It is a crucial part of maintaining hygiene, it affects your overall appearance. You need the best hair care products in India to maintain your look.  

Should We Use Same Products on All Hair Types?

It is a big NO! Every hair has a different story, so why use the same style for each story. A big variety is available for each kind of hair. One should never use products that are not fit for their hair type or hair problems. There are endless options available for the best hair care products in India to meet your needs. Problems like frizzy hair, dandruff, hair fall, oily hair, etc can be treated with the right products. We have got a variety of reliable brands that offer organic hair care products, natural hair care products, ayurvedic hair care products to meet your needs. I’ve shortlisted some brands using organic products and the best hair care products in India to discuss here. Let’s scroll down to know more about these brands.

Best Hair Care Products in India

1.      Vedix 

Vedix is one of my favorite hair care brands in India, and I’ve got reasons for it. This brand offers a wide range of variety and customization to their customers. It has a feature on its website where you can fill a form of your requirements and problems, Vedix will suggest to you the best shampoo or hair care products that will suit your hair quality. The best part of this brand is that they focus on ayurvedic products only.

Firstly, you will have to answer their pre-determined questions, so they can understand your hair type. It will be MCQs. Then the expert will write about the obvious hair problems you may have, after learning about the hair type. Then there will be a list of hair care products with their details. Along with suggested products, there will be details of the application so you get the best results out of it. Vedix hair product prices are reasonable. They are providing online hair care products. Once you order something, they will dispatch it within a day. They are offering their expertise not just in the case of hair but also for your skin.

vedix hair products price

Vedix Product for Hair Reviews

Vedix Shampoo Review- Vedix  Shampoo claims to remove dirt and protect your scalp. I won’t say that product is bad, but its performance is average. The products are easily available online. You should consider expert advice on the website.

Vedix Hair Serum Review- Vedix Serum has a wide range of prices. It is a recommendable product for hair growth. I really liked the results.  

Vedix Hair Oil– Vedix Hair Oil contains natural and organic ingredients. You have to understand the method of applying to get ultimate results. Vedix hair oil price is affordable if you are looking for something ayurvedic.

2.      The Body Shop

The Body Shop offers a wide range of skincare products and hair care products enriched with fruits and vitamins to nurture your skin and hair. Their website has a section of tips and advice from experts to maintain the health of your skin and hair. The Body Shop gives you a wide variety to choose from. They have skincare, haircare, fragrances sections on their website.

The Body Shop gift set is the most lovable section of the website. You can choose products to make a set and pick any readymade set of products to gift. The packaging will awestruck you. These hair care products are something really useful to buy.  The Body Shop Vitamin E products will nourish your hair to make it look stronger and silkier. It is very easy to purchase from the body shop online because this website offers cash on delivery also.

the body shop products

The Body Shop Hair Products Review

The Body Shop Hair Mist- Hair Mist is more than just a hair spray. It gives fragrance and stability to your hair. This product multitasks, by providing strength, fragrance, stability, and shine to your hair. Always keep in mind that you should never use hair mist on wet hair. This is a good product to give try.

The Body Shop Shampoo- Few of its shampoos are expensive but the organic ingredient of shampoo attracts the buyers. Its shampoo contains fruits and vitamins.

The Body Shop Conditioner- The body shop conditioners are good. Its job is to nourish the care and it completes the work properly. Hence, it is providing favorable results to the users. The conditioners are also made up of ginger or fruits like banana, strawberry, etc

3.      Wow Skin Science

Wow skin science is one of the most popular brands among youngsters. This brand has used a prominent means of advertisement, and that is social media platforms. Promotion on social media raises awareness for their products and boosts the brand name. People liked their products so much because of the good outcomes. Wow has been offering skin care, body care, hair care, nutritional supplements, and wellness products. The amazing part of this brand is that all the products are pocket-friendly.

They are selling hair care products online and in markets also. Wow products for hair give exemplary results. Wow onion hair oil is the most popular hair care product of this brand. This brand has been using apple cider vinegar, onion, rice water, coconut, aloe vera, vitamin c, blueberries, and few other products as their base/ main product. Onion juice is helpful in hair growth, but all the products are not made for everyone. So, consult a specialist before using it. Avoid using stale onion juice to prevent damages.

A brand like Wow uses a mixture of some highly useful products, to solve your problems like hair fall, dryness, frizzy hair, etc. Wow hair products contain hair oil, shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, hair comb set, a hair scalp brush, hair serum, and hair spray. In short, they have everything, your hair will ever need. Take a look at the review of few products of this brand.

wow products for hair

Wow Hair Product Review

Wow Shampoo- Wow has more than 30 varieties of shampoo, including all the important things our hair needs. They have launched different shampoos for different hair problems. You can choose what suits your hair.

Wow Hair Oil- Wow Onion hair oil is the most popular hair oil among all. I like the results of this product. It is worth a try for hair growth, it stimulates the hair growth that strengths your hair and helps them to grow faster.

Wow Hair Mask- Hair masks are a popular hair product right now. It works similar to hair spa creams. Hair masks are easy to apply at home. It is the best alternative to an expensive hair spa. Wow hair mask contains the same organic products like oil and shampoo etc.

4.      Mamaearth

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter have been a blessing to brands like mamaearth and wow. Mamaearth is again one of the most popular hair care brands in India, offering hundreds of products to maintain and improve the condition of your hair. There is one more reason why I like buying from mamaearth. They are doing justice to their brand name because every time we make a purchase, they will plant a tree to protect the mother earth. Mamaearth is very conscious of maintaining brand image, this is the reason why has gained fame in a short span of time.

This brand has the best sales and discount offers. This hair care brand does not sell high-priced products to fit your requirements. They have been using natural and organic hair care products for their customers. Mamaearth onion shampoo, Mamaearth onion conditioner, Mamaearth onion hair oil are the best-selling products of this brand.

Unlike other brands, they don’t claim to be the best but works on being the best. Mamaearth onion hair mask is a very popular product. These brands have raised the hype of using onion for hair care. Other than this, they have products made from rice water, amla, vitamin e, aloe vera, apple cider vinegar, and many more. Using natural hair care products is the sole motive of the brand.

mamaearth products for hair

Mamaearth Hair Product Reviews

Mamaearth Shampoo Review- The best-selling shampoo of mamaearth is Onion shampoo and tea tree shampoo for dandruff. Onion shampoo is delivering outstanding results to people. They have other options for other problems. You need to check their website to order yours.

Mamaearth Hair Oil Review- Oil is the most important part of healthy hair. It is important to choose good oil for accurate results. They have argan oil mixed with avocado for frizzy hair. I think people can give try this.

Mamaearth Hair Serum Review- Mamaearth has few hair serums consisting of onion and rice water. Hair serum gives a shine to your hair and rice water serum is doing the job perfectly.

5.      SkinKraft

SkinKraft is a haircare brand providing its product and services to your doorsteps. This brand believes in understanding your requirement before explaining their products. They have a team of experts who understand your hair type and suggest you some good products. The best thing I found on their website was that they have a separate column to educate the visitors about hair in detail. It helps the people in understanding their requirements on their own. They get to know more about the 3 different layers of our hair and which layer requires more care.

Products at Skinkraft are tested and checked before the launch. All the shampoos are made with accurate concentration to meet the demands of the people. Our lifestyle and environmental problems damage the hair from roots and Skinkraft has made the conditioner and other products keeping that in mind.

Get your customized hair care product from SkinKraft. You just need to take the quiz conducted by their team to know more about your hair.

natural hair care products online

SkinKraft Hair Product Review

Skinkraft Shampoo Review- Try out the Customized skinKraft shampoo specially made for your hair type. You can order your products from their website.

Skinkraft Hair Conditioner Review- Skinkraft has focuses on quality over quantity. They have launched few products but with utmost quality. There are separate products for both men and women. Hair conditioners are available for all hair types.

If these products do not stop the hair fall then you can consider getting a Hair Loss Treatment. Consulting a professional can be beneficial.

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