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How To Play Dream11 IPL Fantasy League? Tips To Earn More!!

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The wave of excitement has again risen among all after the announcement of the start of the Indian Premier League. This is a most loved friendly match series that catches the interest of the masses towards it. It can also be known with the name of the Biggest Annual Cricketing Festival In India. The craze of cricket will always be there that encourages our sportsmen to stand straight in the fight against Coronavirus. In order to provide the biggest cricket fans excitement of playing IPL game online and enjoying Dream11 IPL Fantasy League cricket matches from home, the IPL Fantasy league has been introduced.

IPL Fantasy League

IPL Fantasy League is a platform where cricketing pundits and cricket fans make their own IPL predictions and be part of the ongoing auction. Also, one can win huge cash prizes or vouchers on victory.

What Does IPL Fantasy Leagues Means?

IPL Fantasy Leagues is somewhat like playing fantasy games online. It is a virtual gaming platform where the participants or we can say die-hard cricket fans create their own teams with virtual currency. The IPL players are assigned some virtual value on the basis of which a participant must create a team by choosing players. Some restrictions

▶️ A restricted limit on the choice of foreign players in the team

➡️ An uncapped Indian Cricketer is compulsory to be a part of the team

▶️ A limited number of changes are allowed during the match

Dream11 IPL Fantasy League

Points will be added to your scoreboard according to the performance of the players present in the team including runs, wickets, catches, strike rate, forcing run-outs, etc.  In the end, the participants get a chance to win real cash prizes or vouchers on the basis of the scoreboard. Also, choose some best Dream11 Coupons to earn amazing cashback now!!!

Steps To Play Dream11 IPL Fantasy League 2020

1.) Register yourself to official fantasy league 2020. The signing in process is easy and free of cost.

2.) Choose a username and a team name to proceed further

3.) Each player has a value which will automatically get deducted from your balance on the choice of player. There are some restrictions while choosing your virtual team which is known as IPL Fantasy rules.

Choose your virtual IPL team

4.) After the tournament has started the changes you can make in your team is restricted. Before the start, it’s unlimited.

5.) You can also participate in daily and weekly challenges in order to win more and have more fun.

Dream11 IPL Fantasy League Rules

➡️ At least one wicket-keeper with a maximum of four

▶️ At least three batsmen with a maximum of six

➡️ At least one all-rounder with a maximum of four

▶️ At least three bowlers with a maximum of six

➡️ Maximum of four overseas players

▶️ No more than seven players from one IPL franchise

Choose your IPL captain wisely

One can choose or change the captain and vice-captain of the team unlimited times but the change must be before the start of the next match.

IPL Fantasy League Point System

On Batting- The Player Receives

1 pointper run
1 pointper boundary bonus
2 pointsper six scored
8 pointsfor a half-century
16 pointsfor a century
-2 pointsif dismissed for a duck

Per Batsmen- The Player Receives

-2 pointsif his Strike Rate is between 60 – 70
-4 pointsif his Strike Rate is between 50 – 50.99
-6 pointsif his Strike Rate is below 50

While Bowling- Players Receive

25 pointsper wicket, excluding run-outs
8 bonus pointsfor taking four wickets in a single match
16 bonus points for taking five wickets in a single match
8 pointsper maiden over

Per bowler- Players Receive

6 pointsif his economy rate is below 4 runs per over
4 pointsif his economy rate is between 4 – 4.99 runs per over
2 pointsif his economy rate is between 5 – 6 runs per over
-2 pointsif his economy rate is between 9 – 10 runs per over
-4 pointsif his economy rate is between 10.01 – 11 runs per over
-6 pointsif his economy rate is above 11 runs per over

While Fielding- Players Receive

8 pointsper catch
12 pointsper stump/direct run-out
8 pointsper throw leading to a run-out
4 pointsper catch leading to a run-out

The points of the captain nominated will be counted as 2x points and 1.5x points of vice-captain.

Where to play Dream11 IPL Fantasy League?

➡️ You can play IPL, fantasy league, from its official website created by IPL. Follow this link to get redirected towards the right page-


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➡️ Play from Dream11

▶️ My11Circle

➡️ BalleBaazi

Winning Tips and Tricks for IPL Fantasy league

Since IPL Fantasy League is connected with winning cash prizes, so little more knowledge of winning tips and tricks can you to earn huge cash prizes and win more. Some of the winning IPL fantasy league tips are:

Dream11 IPL Fantasy League

➡️ Be consistent while playing fantasy cricket and raise your leaderboard values

▶️ Study the ongoing form of the player, past performances, and choose your team members wisely. Ultimately, team members are the only source of earning money in fantasy cricket league.

➡️ Choose the captain and vice-captain of the team after taking some time for performance study.

▶️ Select top-form overseas players as they are restricted to choose only 4 players at a time.

➡️ More all-rounders more points as they are going to bat and ball both and able to drag more points towards your scoreboard.

▶️ As one uncapped player is must in a team so choose it wisely. This can only be done when you have seen domestic cricket.

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