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These 9 Ethnic Wear Collections are Totally in Fashion Right Now


Come festival time, and India, a country known for its wide range of cultures, traditions, and festivities, definitely does light up. We all dress up in our lavish best to look extravagant and beautiful for the holiday and festival season. Read on to find 9 ethnic wear collections that are totally in fashion right now and must have in your cupboard to flaunt and show off in front of your friends and family.

1. Pavadai-style Ghagra set:

Pavadai style Ghagra set

These are predominantly worn across South India, and grace most women through all festive occasions as well as festivals. It must be noticed that the top and skirt come in different colors usually, so as to provide a visible contrast. Jewelry that has to be modified according to South Indian attire can also be adorned. Women can also wear this with a  dupatta draped across the chest so as to provide a sari like a feel, while also remaining super comfortable.

2. Nehru Jackets:

Nehru Jackets

These have been a very wonderful alternative to the otherwise drab outfits that men wear during festivals and occasions since they lend a contemporary twist to a classic outfit. These can be worn for most occasions and grant a certain grace to events. They can be worn with elegant pins and the like to provide that extra effect and make your audience go wow.

3. Lehenga-choli set:

Lehenga choli set

This is a staple that most of us do possess. Weddings without lehengas are actually unimaginable, so think about the same for festival times. There are variations, prints, patterns and styles that women can experiment with, so as to gain a beautiful, elegant, classy and simple look, Gowns.

4. Gowns:


While most may consider this a Western borrowing, gowns are seen as elegant and most women do wear gowns in events such as weddings and so on, leading to look extremely exquisite and graceful, and also looking like elegant accompaniments. Anarkali that double up as gowns is also extremely popular this season since they lend a touch of versatility to the old.

5. Pathanis:


These outfits are also a classic that has been remodeled for the present-day sake and has been fitted in a very elegant manner that should suit men. These add elegance and class to any occasion and make sure that you stand out among others. It is also extremely important that these are worn with the right accessories, so as to ensure that the look is neither downplayed nor overplayed.

6. Salwar Kameez:

Salwar Kameez

Essentially seen as a woman’s outfit, salwar’s give any woman the chance to look breathtakingly beautiful with the least amount of effort. They come in various lengths, patterns, sizes, cuts, intricate work and so on, so as to make the outfit looks vast and different. Different accessories, hairstyles and so on can be tried out with this.

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7. Kurtas:


Kurtas make for very cute eye-candy outfits for men that help them stand out among the crowds and make for a very traditional ensemble that renders on absolutely stunning, while also looking classy. These come in a wide range of colors, textures, and fabrics that make you look particularly dashing.

8. Dhoti:

Dhoti Dress For Women

Borrowing from the South Indian staple again, it can be noticed that this is a versatile piece of clothing that can be experimented with in a number of ways. Easy to die formats that require very few alterations or adjustments are also being made available these days.

9. Saris:


No mention of a traditional and ethnic wear collection is complete without the sari. Seen as the original outfit of our country, the sari occupies a post of reverence that few of us can refute. Nowadays, many styles and fashions for the sari can be experimented with, and based on this, many accessories and other things needed to complete the outfit, right from hair accessories to how the hair is worn to even what bangles and earrings are worn with this is decided by the woman herself, so as to make the outfit a little more interesting, while also retaining its traditional sense. Also, why to pay more if you have Fashion coupons for your all ethnic wear.

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