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Tech Advancements in The Slot Industry in the 20th Century

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The slot industry is one of the industries that has shown the most growth during the 20th century. Most of us don’t even know what slots looked like before online slots because we have grown so used to it. And the truth is, we hardly stop to think about how it all started. This article hopes to give slot players a brief history lesson on how slots came to be. You can only really appreciate slots at if you know how they have come about.

The Start of the Slot Machine

If you saw the very first slot ever created, you probably would not recognise it. It was played only in pubs and clubs, and there was no money to be won. Instead, you’d win a complimentary drink at the bar or a cigar. With most players only playing from the jackpot, it is hard to believe that slot players today would choose this slot if they had the option.

Charles Fey’s Liberty Bell

In 1907, Charles Fey fundamentally changed how slot machines worked forever. He wanted to get more people to play and decided to give them a reason to. To achieve this, he created the Liberty Bell slot machine, which allowed people to win cash prizes. These were also more accessible as they were located in places like shops and barbers. The Liberty Bell remained the most popular slot for 70 years before it was replaced.

Video Slots in Vegas

In the year 1976, the first-ever video slot was created specifically for the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas. People came from all over the country just to catch a glimpse of this grand machine featuring bright colours and a huge screen. Unfortunately, the machine was not cheat-proof. Pretty soon players found ways to cheat the machine into rewarding large payouts. A lot of changes needed to be made before the slot could meet the requirements and be released to the public for the second time. However, after all the necessary changes were made, video slots started popping up everywhere. Video slots are also the starting point for online slots as we know them today.

The Digital Transformation

The slot industry’s hunger for applying new technology was clear from the start of the 20th century. During this time slots were banned, and to keep existing slot developers had to get new software at White label casino Malaysia to adjust slots to pay out non-cash prizes like gum. In fact, this is how the classical fruit slot came about. Symbols were changed to innocent fruit pieces, and you had to line up three to win a piece of flavoured gum.

Additionally, the 20th century will always be known as the turning point in the slot industry. The introduction of the internet changed the gambling industry because now more and more online casinos are rising. In the year 1996, the first online casino was launched, which allowed players to play traditional table games online. In this same year, the first-ever online slot Reel Em was released by WMS Industries Inc. The rest is history!

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