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Online Poker Game Tips And Tricks – How To Play Poker Free And Win Real Money Online?

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Do you have a plan to spend this weekend at home and have an enjoyable evening? Well, it’s time to try your luck on the popular rummy and poker games, if you have a passion for games. Pokerlion is one of the best online gaming platforms available today that gives you the online gaming experience with various online poker tournaments and real money poker games online. Play not just for fun but also for making some good money. Try your hands in daily tournaments and win a lot of money every day. When it comes to online gaming Pokerlion is the best option for you. Play Poker free online and win real money. Read the full blog and learn the online poker game tips and tricks that will help you to win huge.

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Poker is a skill-based game that gives you real money, and this is only possible when you play poker online only at Pokerlion which is totally free. The popularity of poker games increasing day by day and people love to play this game not only in casinos but also online. There are many poker game sites in India and they offer a lot of surprising benefits. Pokerlion is one of them where people earn a lot of money in just a few seconds. The more you win, the more your chance is to get huge money. Basically it’s a game that involves both winning and losing, the players can learn to accept both situations. Another benefit of this amazing game is you can improve your skills. This real money maker game not just for fun but also teaches some great lessons about life.

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Learn How To Play Poker For Free Online?

When you start playing poker online, you forget all your tensions and feel more confident. As we all know it’s the game of both skill and work. Games, where outcomes are partially in player’s control and partially out of the player’s control, are highly addictive. Poker is exactly what we want. Here I am sharing few techniques to win at poker.

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One thing to always keep in your mind is that you will not always win at the poker game.

At first, understand the variations of the game and which ones you are good at playing.

It is always better to fold your cards if you don’t get high cards.

Study the game first and then play. Understand the importance of the position, playing styles, when to fold, etc.

Don’t call high in starting if you have good cards in your hand. Call slowly so that the other people will think that you have bad cards. Always call high in the last.

When you started playing poker tournaments, just remember one thing that your goal is not to win every hand or even the most hands. Your goal must win the last hand.

Pay attention when you’re not in a hand. Keep track of how the other players are working for their hands. You’ll probably learn a lot more about them when you don’t have to make decisions about your hand.

How To Play Poker Cards Game?

One of the most popular games in the casino world is poker. People from all over the world love to play poker with a lot of happiness. There is a pot placed in the middle and players have to bet into it. The winner will get the pot and the key strategy to play poker free is almost the same. There are many tips and tricks to win poker. Basically, Poker is of two types. Both have the same rules and strategies.

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Draw Poker

In Draw, poker players have only 5 cards and come up with betting rounds. The players who remain can attempt to improve their hands by managing a lot of three cards for a fresh 3 from the deck. On the off chance that he has an Ace, at that point the player can manage all the four cards.

Stud Poker

In Stud Poker, every player has seven or five cards that rely upon the game. Players enter the particular hands and betting chips. The player who bets the maximum chips win, except if some other player is eager to think about the player’s bet. For this situation, the rest of the players will decide to show the cards. Every one of the chips is won by the best hand.

Rules Of Poker Game

Poker is a game of chance and it’s a very easy to game if you have a deep knowledge of its strategies and rules. The more you play the more chance to learn and improve your skills. Every poker game has its own rules so here I am sharing step by step rules of online poker game. Learn the rules and tricks of poker by playing Pokerlion and win real money every day. Try it now.

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When you have five cards of the same suit, but not all in sequence, this is called flush. For Example 10, 7, 6 and 2 clubs.

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Straight Flush

One of the highest possible hands in online poker. A straight flush consists of five cards of the same suit in sequence i.e. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 of hearts and the highest-ranking flush is A, K, Q, J and 10 of one suit. This is known as a straight flush or a royal flush.

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Four Of A Kind

Another highest hand of online poker and it ranks just below a straight flush. If you have the same number of four cards from any suite then this is called Four Of A Kind. On this hand, your fifth card does not matter.

Full House

This colorful hand is made up of a three of a kind and a pair. For example three 8s and two 4s or three aces and two 6s.

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A combination of five cards in sequential order but not the entire same suite such as 9 heart, 8, 7 clubs, 6 spades, 5 diamonds.

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Three Of A Kind

It does not matter what your 4th or 5th card rank is, if you have three cards of the same number then this is called three of a kind.

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Two Pairs

This hand contains a combination of two pairs in one hand. For Example Q, Q, 7, 7, 4.

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One Pair

This frequent combination contains any two cards of the same number. An example is 5, 5, K, 4, 3

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High Card

The name says everything. Suppose you have a high card in your hand i.e Ace and two being the lowest.

Online Poker Game Tips & Tricks

What Is The Best Way To Learn How To Play Poker Game?

There are many options available to learn poker game. Following are a few tips to learn poker game that is absolutely free.

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One of the best and least expensive ways is Books. There are numerous books available online as well as offline that gives you solid information about poker theory.

Online Poker Tutorial Websites & YouTube

Another method for finding out about the game goes along with one of the online poker tutorial sites, which all have varying levels of the month-to-month or yearly dues included. These sites use videos with either live accounts of online games in progress or custom graphical replays of games played described by a portion of the top online players in the game as they talk about their reasoning for playing hands and the manner in which they do. This sort of adapting, however not for everybody, will make the most growth in you as a player since you get an inside perspective on probably the best players in the game and what experiences their minds as they play.

Online Poker Forums & Blogs

Another most famous way to learn poker is to join a reputable forum site or blogs like Pokerlion. It’s absolutely free and there is always numerous poker strategy discussion and high-quality blogs and articles to read.

Play, Play & Play

The best way to learn poker is to play, play, and play. The more you practice, the more you earn and your skills will be improved. The best way to play poker online is just joined pokerlion and deposit the minimum they allow and play the lowest real money stakes they follow. You will probably lose your initial deposit, so be sure it is not an amount that will affect you financially.

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