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Taneira Gift Cards

Whether you want sarees, Lehenga, Stole, Blouse, Yardage, Taneira is the place to go for all your needs. Be it for shopping or as a gift that can be given, Taneira products are perfect for every occasion. Taneira also has gift cards or vouchers for special occasions. Gifting is the perfect way to express your love in front of your loved ones. But if you don’t know what to buy for your special one, then why not you pick a gift card? When you give someone a gift card, you are giving them the freedom to buy whatever he/ she likes. A gift card or a gift voucher that lets the receiver buy anything as per their own needs and requirements. The gift cards are available in many options, so pick your amount value and gift to your loved one. You can also send a gift card through email. No matter what the occasion is you can buy gift cards anytime. So whenever you are confused about what to gift to your loved ones, always choose gift cards because these gift cards are amazing and give you so many benefits. This is the thoughtful gift that everyone loves. So let the receiver get to buy whatever they want.

Taneira Rs. 500 Gift Cards Taneira Rs. 500 Gift Cards
  • 500
  • INR 500
  • 0%
Taneira Rs. 1000 Gift Cards Taneira Rs. 1000 Gift Cards
  • 1000
  • INR 1000
  • 0%
Taneira Rs. 1500 Gift Cards Taneira Rs. 1500 Gift Cards
  • 1500
  • INR 1500
  • 0%
Taneira Rs. 2000 Gift Cards Taneira Rs. 2000 Gift Cards
  • 2000
  • INR 2000
  • 0%

Terms & Conditions (T&C)

  • This card is the property of Titan Company Limited, to whom it should be returned upon request.
    This is not a credit card. This card holds no value unless activated at Taneira stores/Taneira website.
    This card is redeemable on purchase of products at any Taneira store.
    This card can neither be redeemed for cash, nor can any unutilised balance be refunded; however, the balance can be carried forward for subsequent purchases made within validity period.
    This card is reloadable for any amount and the amount loaded on the card shall be valid for 180 days from the date of loading/reloading.
    This card has to be presented at the billing desk to use for billing of products or for reloading.
    If this card is damaged, lost or stolen, it will not be issued again nor will any cash be refunded.
    Charge slip issued at the time of loading, reloading or redemption of the card will show the remaining card balance and validity
    No returns and no refunds on gift cards, E- gift cards and gift vouchers shipped by woohoo.in. Please check the refund policy at http://www.woohoo.in/faq for further details.
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