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Croma E-Gift Card

Croma was the first multi-brand store for electronics launched in 2006. Now when it is more than a decade, people know what to find in this store. This brand offers an extensive range of electronic products to select from. One can find a variety of article starting from the professional cameras to the latest speakers and many more. As a matter of fact, every household has some electronic requirements. Everyone in the family whether it’s an adult or a kid, everyone has got a gadget. And whenever it comes to gifting, people find it complicated to pick a present for someone else. Therefore, instead of gifting your loved ones repeated things, this special occasion spread happiness with Croma gift cards and allow them to choose their gifts of their own. No matter what the occasion is, Croma Gift Vouchers are something that is loved by all.

Croma Rs. 100 E-Gift Card Croma Rs. 100 E-Gift Card
  • 100
  • INR 100
  • 0%
Croma Rs. 500 E-Gift Card Croma Rs. 500 E-Gift Card
  • 500
  • INR 500
  • 0%
Croma Rs. 1000 E-Gift Card Croma Rs. 1000 E-Gift Card
  • 1000
  • INR 1000
  • 0%
Croma Rs. 1500 E-Gift Card Croma Rs. 1500 E-Gift Card
  • 1500
  • INR 1500
  • 0%
Croma Rs. 2000 E-Gift Card Croma Rs. 2000 E-Gift Card
  • 2000
  • INR 2000
  • 0%

Terms & Conditions (T&C)

  • To activate the gift card, please send SMS text as “GCACT 16 digit card number 6 digit pin number” to 7200666000
    This Gift Card issued by Croma, Infiniti Retail Limited (IRL).
    This Gift Card needs to be presented to the cashier at the store before final billing of your purchase(s).
    This Gift Card shall be subject to applicable laws or any new law, rules and/or regulations as may be promulgated / imposed by the Government, RBI, or any other statutory/regulatory authority.
    Gift Card cannot be redeemed against cash or cannot be used for settlement of any past amounts due to any of the Croma stores.
    If the purchase exceeds available balance in the Gift Card, the difference must be paid by the Gift Card holder by another mode of payment i.e. cash or credit/debit card.
    Unused balance on the Card will not be refunded or credited during its validity or after its expiry.
    It shall be the responsibility of the Gift Card holder to use full amount loaded on the Gift Card before the date of expiry of the Card.
    IRL shall not be responsible for any loss, theft, damage or misuse of the Gift Card.
    The Gift Card holder shall have to ensure proper and authorized use of the Card.
    Any dispute relating to the Croma Gift Card shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Mumbai courts.
    IRL shall be entitled to amend these terms and conditions of the Gift Card from time to time.
    Any change in these terms and conditions can be viewed on our website and / or at any of the Croma stores.
    No returns and no refunds on gift cards, E- gift cards is allowed.
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