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Chumbak E-Gift Card

Chumbak is a design-oriented lifestyle brand. This brand function on the Indian based theme and manufactures and sells the souvenirs based on this theme. With its numerous stores across the nation, it has a wide variety of gifting options available. So, one can gift their special ones the Chumbak Gift Card so that they can pick their favorite merchandise from their wide range of apparels, merchandise, accessories, wallets, shoes, belts, bags and many more. Spread the happiness, this special occasion gift your loved ones a Chumbak Gift Card.

Chumbak Rs. 500 E-Gift Card Chumbak Rs. 500 E-Gift Card
  • 500
  • INR 500
  • 0%
Chumbak Rs. 1000 E-Gift Card Chumbak Rs. 1000 E-Gift Card
  • 1000
  • INR 1000
  • 0%
Chumbak Rs. 1500 E-Gift Card Chumbak Rs. 1500 E-Gift Card
  • 1500
  • INR 1500
  • 0%
Chumbak Rs. 2000 E-Gift Card Chumbak Rs. 2000 E-Gift Card
  • 2000
  • INR 2000
  • 0%

Terms & Conditions (T&C)

  • This card is a property of Chumbak Design Pvt. Ltd. If found, please return to the nearest Chumbak Store.
    This card is redeemable on all merchandise at Chumbak stores and chumbak.com.
    This card can neither be redeemed for cash/credit nor would any unutilized balance be refunded; however the balance can be carried forward for the subsequent purchases.
    The cash amount loaded on this card shall be valid for 365 days from day of activation.
    If this card is lost or stolen, it will not be issued again nor will any cash be refunded.
    Charge slip issued at the time of loading, redemption will state the remaining card balance and validity of the card.
    Card balance may also be obtained from Chumbak stores or chumbak.com.
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