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"Great Results"
5 / 5

Multani Mitti Face Wash: Product Purchased

I have been using its Multani mitti face wash from the last two months and the results are great. My skin is glowing and i feel refresh every day. With the help of The natural wash coupons, I save a lot on my final order.

Reviewed by: "Mansi Arora" 1 year ago
"So Happy With The Results"
4 / 5

Acne Face Kit: Product Purchased

From the last few months, I have a problem with acne scars, and no product is suited to my skin. When I surfing Instagram I saw the advertisement for the natural wash products. So I decided to buy its acne scars kit. At first, I was a little bit scared but when I start applying this kit on my face, the results are really surprising and it fades day by day. After a month the scars are totally gone and my skin looks flawless. So happy with its results and now it's my favorite brand also.

Reviewed by: "Shefali Sharma" 1 year ago
"Perfect For Daily Use"
5 / 5

BB Cream: Product Purchased

I was looking for a product that I can use in my daily routine and then I found the natural wash store. I checked its all products and decided to buy its BB Cream. At first, I was little bit scared that the product is good or not. But when I starting to use BB cream on my daily life, the results are great. My skin looks healthier and glowing and the thing that I like the most that it suited on my skin. And I am so happy that I invest my money on a good product.

Reviewed by: "Mahi" 1 year ago
"In Love With Its Fragrance"
5 / 5

Rose Water: Product Purchased

I don't like monsoon season because in this season my skin looks dull and I get pimples on my face. Every year the process is the same and I tried to use the best products but I don't get good results. One of my friend suggested me to use rose water from the natural wash brand. So I ordered this product during the natural wash sale and get 10% OFF. When I spray the rose water on my face I just love its fragrance. After one weak my skin looks glowing and all the pimples are totally gone. This is my favourite rose water now.

Reviewed by: "Manasvi" 1 year ago
"Brightens My Skin"
4 / 5

Potato Rice Soap: Product Purchased

Monsoon season is around the corner and during this season my skin becomes so dull. So I have order the potato rice soap from the natural wash store and when I start using this product, the results are really surprising. My skin looks so shiny and day by day it becomes brighter. With the help of the Natural Wash Coupons, I get 30% OFF. This is all because of Dealsshutter.

Reviewed by: "Tania " 1 year ago
"Results Are Great"
5 / 5

Anti Hair Fall Kit: Product Purchased

I am facing hair fall issues from the last few months. Now the volume of my hair is very less. I was worried about my hairs and then I tell this problem to my best friend. She suggested me to use The Natural Wash Hair Fall Kit. So I ordered this kit from its official site. The price is a little bit high so I use the promo code of the natural wash and get my hair fall kit at just Rs 1120/-. Within a few weeks, the results are great. Finally, the hair fall stops. It also gives me the volume of my hair. I must say its the best organic brand that works very fast and gives you surprising results.

Reviewed by: "Sheetal" 1 year ago
"Exfoliates Your Body"
4 / 5

Lemon Body Wash: Product Purchased

I have been using the lemon body wash from the last few months and the results are great. This body washes exfoliated the body properly and gives you healthy and glowing skin. Lemon helps to remove all the scars from your body and gives you brighter skin every day.

Reviewed by: "Diksha" 1 year ago