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"Best prices"
5 / 5

jewellery: Product Purchased

Shopclues is the best online shopping website. You can purchase everything you needed from this store at best prices. I bought a piece of a necklace from there and I love it. And I bought it by using the coupon from this website and I save huge. I recommended it to all my friends.

Reviewed by: "Alisha" 5 years ago
"Awesome website"
5 / 5

Bedsheets: Product Purchased

Shopclues is an awesome website for shopping. The prices of their products are within the budget and the quality is also great. The material of the bedsheet is good. I like the product very much. And I bought it at a very reasonable price from Shopclues.

Reviewed by: "Manveer" 5 years ago
"Best offers"
5 / 5

watch: Product Purchased

Shopclues provide the best discount offers to their customers. I recently bought a watch from there and the quality of the product is awesome and the price too. Because Shopclues offers great deals to their customers so I used that deal when i was going to buy that watch I save huge.

Reviewed by: "Abhishek" 5 years ago
"Good experience"
5 / 5

cap: Product Purchased

I bought a cap from the Shopclues. And I wondered when I saw the cap the material wise cap was good. You can also use Shopclues Deals to save more as I used at that time. My experience of shopping from Shopclues was good. I recommend it to you guys also!

Reviewed by: "Rohit" 5 years ago
"Amazing e-commerce website"
5 / 5

Electronic product: Product Purchased

Shopclues is the best e-commerce website for all sort of products. I bought some electronic devices from that website and I got amazed by the quality and prices of the product. In future, if I want to purchase anything I will definitely go with this website.

Reviewed by: "Vishal" 5 years ago
"Best Ticket booking website"
5 / 5

Ticket: Product Purchased

I booked a ticket from Railyatri website and it provides more offers and cashback offers as compared to other. I save a lot by using this website for booking. Lifesaver! Avoid Last minute booking hassles and book your tickets with Railyatri. I definitely assure you that you will save a lot by using this website.

Reviewed by: "Manav" 5 years ago
"Fantastic Experience"
5 / 5

Train Tickets: Product Purchased

I booked four tickets from Amritsar to Mumbai. I booked the tickets at last minute and was shocked by the impeccable services given by them. I thought that the confirmation of the booking takes a lot of time but I was wrong. I got a message for the confirmation of tickets and was so happy at that time All thanks to Railyatri

Reviewed by: "Shivam" 5 years ago
"Great App"
5 / 5

Booking: Product Purchased

I heard from my friend regarding the Railyatri app. Then I installed that app after that, I used this app and my overall experience was amazing. Railyatri provides great offers and deals for their regular customers. I am amazed by the services are given by them. Great Application for ticket bookings

Reviewed by: "Mehak" 5 years ago
"Railyatri The best"
5 / 5

Ticket Bookings: Product Purchased

Railyatri is the best booking website. You can easily book your tickets from this website and avoid last minute hassles. Also, you can use Railyatri coupons and deals for extra savings. I think it is the best website for bookings.

Reviewed by: "Kamlesh" 5 years ago
"Great experience"
5 / 5

Ticket Bookings: Product Purchased

I booked tickets from this website when I was travelling to Goa. I just love this website because its very easy to book tickets from Railyatri. I just use the discount coupon from this website and I was so happy because I save a huge amount of money.

Reviewed by: "Aman" 5 years ago
"Awesome products"
5 / 5

Shirts: Product Purchased

I already shopped a lot from this website and I love their products very much. Recently i bought a shirt from Voonik the material was good and the price of the shirt is jaw-dropping because i used a coupon from this website and spare and I also got cashback offer.

Reviewed by: "Suraj" 5 years ago
"On time Delivery"
5 / 5

Summer wear: Product Purchased

I just bought summer wear from Voonik store and quality of the product have wow factor. And they delivered my product within 2 or 3 days. The delivery time is perfect because I have to go to an event at that time and was so happy. Thank you Voonik for such an amazing experience.

Reviewed by: "Jessica" 5 years ago
"Impeccable services"
5 / 5

Footwear: Product Purchased

I heard about Voonik from my friend and finally, I decided to shop at that store. I ordered flip-flops from Voonik store and I applied a coupon code from this website and save a huge. Voonik provides impeccable services to their customers. I kinda like this online website from onwards. I was impressed by the services especially.

Reviewed by: "Kiran" 5 years ago
"Amazing quality"
5 / 5

Innerwear: Product Purchased

I ordered innerwear from Voonik store quality wise the product is amazing. I found this deal on this website and applied coupon code and made an amazing deal. I will definitely shop from this website in future. The best thing about this store is quality.

Reviewed by: "Sahil" 5 years ago
"Best prices"
5 / 5

Jackets: Product Purchased

Voonik is the best website for shopping. I purchased a jacket from Voonik store by applying code from this website and it worked. Also at that time, Voonik offers great discount on clothes and by using that offers you can save huge. Quality and best prices are the top most priorities of this website. Happy shopping with Voonik!

Reviewed by: "Sehaj" 5 years ago
"One Store for multiple items"
5 / 5

Clothes: Product Purchased

Shopclues is always my first choice to shop either for clothing or the home items. They provide every day essential product and at affordable prices. Also, my friends shop at Shopclues as they always provide the best quality products.

Reviewed by: "Deepika Arora" 5 years ago
"Best offers with high quality"
5 / 5

Trendy clothes: Product Purchased

I am a fashion lover and like to shop for the latest trendy clothes. I ordered a watch at Shopclues and apply the coupon code provided by Dealsshutter. They give me 50% cashback. All thanks to dealshutter and Shopclues!

Reviewed by: "Meena Sain" 5 years ago
"Genuine Prices...!!!"
5 / 5

Kitchenware: Product Purchased

I purchased kitchenware accessories for my home and I was shocked with the prices and the availability of each and every product in one place. Deakshutter provided me the awareness of great and best deals on Shopclues.

Reviewed by: "Sneha Rawat" 4 years ago
"Great Deals...!!!"
5 / 5

Watches: Product Purchased

I am very fond of watches and I always prefer Shopclus for buying watches as it provides me the best prices on my every purchase. I get an additional discount on my shopping with Shopclues coupons from Dealsshutter.

Reviewed by: "Alina" 4 years ago
"Very Fine Quality..!!!"
5 / 5

Sports Shoes: Product Purchased

I am using Dealsshutter provided coupons from the last 2 years. I saw Shopclues coupon of 50% off on sports shoes and it actually worked. I was amazed to see that. thankyou Dealsshutter and Shopclues for such fine prices and superior quality.

Reviewed by: "Sagar Verma" 4 years ago
"Amazing Offers!!"
4 / 5

T-shirts & Belt: Product Purchased

I got amazed when I saw 90% off on shopclues so in order to check I clicked on shop now and got redirected to the page where i actually got belts at 90% off and sparx sports shoes at 50% off. When I received the product the quality of the best was average but I am happy with the shoes. Coupons really work. Recommended!!

Reviewed by: "Anuj Tripathi" 2 years ago
"very low prices"
5 / 5

kitchen accessories: Product Purchased

Shopclues has enlisted kitchen accessories at very low prices so I prefer shopping for my kitchen only from shopclues. From dealsshutter I come to know about the latest offers at my favorite store. Thanks!!

Reviewed by: "Anita Bedi" 2 years ago