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Licious Reviews & Ratings on Online Chicken Orders

"Best Experience"
5 / 5

Chicken: Food order

I recently ordered chicken from Licious App and it was on time. I like the quality of the chicken and packaging and now I am looking forward for more orders.

Reviewed by: "Preeti" 5 years ago
"Love The Quality"
5 / 5

Lamb and Sea Food: Product Purchased

This was my first order with Licious. I was very curious to order as I wasn't sure if fresh and good quality products would be delivered. And then finally I ordered for Lamb and sea food. It came in excellent packaging and delivered on time. Loved the freshness of the lamb and sea food.

Reviewed by: "Rahul" 5 years ago
"Nice Service"
5 / 5

Chicken And Lamb: Food order

When i first ordered chicken and lamb from Licious app, i wasn't sure about the stuff. But when i tasted it was dam delicious, now i am damn sure this is the best non veg food app. if you are like me who loved non veg food then this app is a must in your device.

Reviewed by: "Vishal" 5 years ago
"Fastest Delivery"
5 / 5

Fish: Food order

Very Fast delivery. Within 90 Minutes I got my order. The fish was very fresh and chicken was nicely cut. Thanks Licious for the awesome experience.

Reviewed by: "Shiana" 5 years ago
"Delicious Chicken With Licious"
5 / 5

Marinades: Food order

Very high quality products and marinades are amazing in taste. I have ordered more than 10 times in the last 2 months.

Reviewed by: "Mehak" 5 years ago
"Best prices"
5 / 5

Chicken wings: Food order

I ordered chicken wings from Licious and got it at a really cheap and affordable price. I recommend all to try Licious, you all will love it for sure.

Reviewed by: "Nishtha Gupta" 5 years ago
"Saved money with Discount Coupons"
5 / 5

Meat: Product Purchased

I am a fond of non-veg and often order it online. Last time I used Licious discount coupon from Dealsshutter. The discount coupon was working and let me save money on my order. It was really easy to apply the discount coupon. All should apply those discount coupons to save more money.

Reviewed by: "Garima" 5 years ago
"Fresh Quality"
5 / 5

Meat: Food order

For the first time, I ordered the raw meat online. Licious has just left me astonished with the quality of meat I was delivered. It was so fresh. On getting cooked it was the best meat, my buds got pampered with.

Reviewed by: "Amrit" 5 years ago
"On time delivery"
5 / 5

Seafood: Product Purchased

I just love to order at Licious store because they never disappointed me with the delivery. It is always on time and has been never at fault with the order I have placed.

Reviewed by: "Gauri" 5 years ago
"Great experience"
5 / 5

Meat: Product Purchased

Recently I ordered meat from Licious store for the first time and I got amazed by their services and the quality of the meat. And I used the coupon so also save my money on that. The overall experience of mine was amazing from that store.

Reviewed by: "Manpreet" 5 years ago
"Nice food"
5 / 5

Biryani: Food order

This site is really working good. Before some days I got 10% off on my Biryani order and It was very tasty. Keep doing and thanks.

Reviewed by: "Rajiv Kakkar" 5 years ago
"Great and Fresh Taste"
5 / 5

Raw Chicken: Food order

Licious has made it so easy to enjoy the goodness of chicken while being at home. I recently ordered raw minced chicken from Licious and I got the best deal on it. Thanks to Dealsshutter for helping me availing Licious coupons and offers to get my protein at great prices.

Reviewed by: "Kanav" 4 years ago
"Tasty and fresh Chicken"
5 / 5

Chicken Spread: Product Purchased

I happen to shop from Licious for the very first time on the recommendation of my friend and I was more than happy to get my chicken products delivered at my doorstep that too fast and conveniently. And a special thanks to Dealsshutter for helping me avail Licious coupons and offers to get the best deals on nonveg items.

Reviewed by: "Pranay" 4 years ago
"High end quality products"
5 / 5

Fresh Meat: Product Purchased

Freshly packed and carefully delivered meat is the USP of Licious. Its been a while now that I have been ordering raw chicken from them and I just love it. Also, the exciting Licious deals and offers make it worthwhile.

Reviewed by: "Nainika" 4 years ago
"Fresh Meal On 20% OFF"
5 / 5

Non Veg Food: Food order

I bought fresh fish about 1 KG and got 20% OFF on the order.

Reviewed by: "Saransh Verma" 4 years ago
"Juicy & Tender"
5 / 5

Chicken: Food order

Licious has become my first recommendation when it comes to chicken. it was very juicy and tender and got great prices with the coupons. Saved ₹200 on my current order.

Reviewed by: "Varun" 4 years ago
"Amazing Quality..!!!"
5 / 5

Sea Food: Food order

I always prefer Licious for buying seafood and its coupons helps me to save more on my shopping. Its product is always up to the mark and so their delivery process. Recommended from my side.

Reviewed by: "Shina Aggarwal" 4 years ago
"Ready To Cook"
5 / 5

Chicken Snacks: Food order

I ordered ready to cook snacks party mix from Licious. It was easy and so delicious way to serve your guests. Licious Coupons helped me to spare more on my shopping.

Reviewed by: "Saroj Kumar" 4 years ago
"So much to choose from.."
5 / 5

Non- Veg Food: Product Purchased

Licious has so much to offer to its customer and everything is of top-notch quality. Being a regular customer of Licious for buying non-veg food ir.e seafood, ready to make snacks, chicken, eggs or whatever it is I always prefer Licious for this. It is strongly recommended to all non-vegetarians from my side.

Reviewed by: "Farukh Sheikh" 4 years ago
5 / 5

Chicken: Food order

Licious is my favorite store for ordering raw chicken or seafood because it is the best in terms of quality, freshness, fast delivery and I always enjoy it.

Reviewed by: "Ragini Nanda" 4 years ago
"Fresh & Juicy"
5 / 5

Non- Veg Food: Food order

Licious delivers fresh chicken that is very juicy and tender in taste. The package was nicely packed and delivered really quickly.

Reviewed by: "Rakhi Aggarwal" 4 years ago
5 / 5

Fish: Food order

Its delivers fresh food that too at our doorstep. Its prices are very reasonable according to its quality. Recommended from my side.

Reviewed by: "Raghav" 4 years ago
"Clean And Hygienic..."
5 / 5

Non- Veg Food: Food order

Whenever it comes to raw non-veg food purchasing. I always rely on the Licious store as it provides me a very high quality, clean products at very affordable range with the use of coupons. Dealsshutter always provides me its latest coupons with additional cashback.

Reviewed by: "Renu Sharma" 4 years ago
"Money- Saver & Delicious"
5 / 5

Raw Non-Veg: Product Purchased

I love eating Non-Veg and for its shopping, I rely on Licious. Dealsshutter helps me a lot to save a bit extra on my shopping with Licious coupons. It also provides me extra cashback over it.

Reviewed by: "Rupesh Kanojia" 4 years ago
"Easy To Cook"
5 / 5

Ready To Cook Snacks: Food order

I ordered ready to cook snacks from Licious and it was so delicious. the marination was very tasty and very easy to cook as well. I enjoyed the extra discount as well with the use of the Licious coupon and additional cashback from the side of Dealssghutter. Happy & Satisfied with my shopping.

Reviewed by: "Gauri Sareen" 4 years ago
"Fresh & Tasty"
5 / 5

Prawns: Food order

Licious serves hygienic & tasty raw non-veg food items. I always prefer it to buy non-veg food for my home because I love its quality and cleanliness. It costs me very genuine with the help od Dealsshutter additional cashback & offers.

Reviewed by: "Subodh Roy" 4 years ago
"Purity 100%"
5 / 5

Chicken & Prawns: Food order

Tasty and Juicy Chicken delivered at my doorstep and it was really worth it. I enjoy additional cashback from Dealsshutter on my order as well. Thank you

Reviewed by: "Sagrika Chauhan" 4 years ago
4 / 5

Sea-Food: Food order

Licious is most reliable in terms of ordering sea-food online. It is very clean and hygienic yet very soft & tender. The prices are even more affordable with the coupons provided by Dealsshutter.

Reviewed by: "Sujata Bisht" 4 years ago
"Best Price!!"
4 / 5

Chickn Breast: Product Purchased

Honestly I only rely on licious for buying chicken online. As it delivers freshly packed, clean, and hygienic chicken to the doorstep with exclusive offers. One can expect an additional cashback over licious orders with the help of Dealsshutter coupons that provide amazing Deals And offers on all the stores.

Reviewed by: "Sahil Sharma" 3 years ago
"Best Quality!!"
4 / 5

Raw Meat: Food order

I was not sure for ordering raw chicken online but then I received the parcel of my raw chicken from licious I was amazed by its quality and cleanliness. As I used dealsshutter provided licious coupons I also got amazing deal and saving with extra cashback provided by dealsshutter.

Reviewed by: "Gunjan Gill" 3 years ago
"Best Deals!!"
4 / 5

Chicken: Food order

I was new to licious and through i get to grab 20% off being a new user. Ordering meat online through licious was really a hood experience as it was very fresh than going to a shop and buying. Thankyou!!

Reviewed by: "Gaurav" 3 years ago
"Always The Best!!"
4 / 5

Chicken: Food order

Online chicken buying? Then, i would prefer none other than licious and that too from Dealsshutter Licious Store for exclusive deals and add on cashbacks on my purchase. Thankyou!!

Reviewed by: "Rohini Mehta" 3 years ago
"Fresh and Clean!!"
4 / 5

Chicken Breast: Food order

Recently I ordered raw chicken from licious. It was great and very clean. Chicken was moist and tender moreover I got additional coupon from Dealsshutter It helped me a lot I would also recommend to all.

Reviewed by: "Lalita Shinoy" 3 years ago
4 / 5

Chicken Drumsticks: Product Purchased

Quality and taste both are under good command at Licious Store. It is completely safe to order ran chicken from Licious store due to its cleanliness and hygienic level of products. Dealsshutter provides it's best Licious coupons and additional cashback as well on purchase from the Licious store. Recommended buying Licious products from the Dealsshutter store in order to save your money and get heavy discounts.

Reviewed by: "Manish Kumar" 3 years ago
"High Quality Meat"
4 / 5

Seafood: Food order

This is the third time I am ordering seafood from licious. As always the seafood comes in good packaging and the quality is fine. Whenever I have a mood to eat chicken I prefer Licious because their offers are amazing and when you applied Licious coupon code on checkout, you will get exclusive discounts.

Reviewed by: "Suman" 3 years ago
"Fresh And High Quality Meat"
4 / 5

Raw Chicken: Food order

First time, I ordered raw meat from Licious and I was very impressed with the quality of chicken that they delivered. Meat looks very fresh and when you cooked the smell of the chicken makes you crazy.

Reviewed by: "Nikhil " 3 years ago
"Finger Licking Chicken At Affordable Price"
4 / 5

Marinades: Food order

At first, I was very worried about the quality especially in this lockdown but when I received the chicken, it was very fresh and mouth-watering. With the help of Licious coupons, I saved a lot on my order and this is all because of Dealsshutter.

Reviewed by: "Suraj" 3 years ago
"Great Experience"
4 / 5

Seafood: Food order

One of my friend told me to buy seafood from Licious because the reviews from Licious are good. So I decided to order seafood from licious. So happy with the order because the packaging was too good and the seafood is totally fresh. This was my first experience with Licious and I get FLAT 20% OFF on my first order because of Licious new user offer.

Reviewed by: "Nilesh" 3 years ago
"Delicious Flavours"
5 / 5

Ready To Cook Snacks: Product Purchased

Licious offers wide ready to cook snacks range which is very delicious and affordable in terms of prices. It costs me more budget-friendly with the use of Dealsshutter Licious offers. I always prefer to order quick and easy to make snacks from Licious.

Reviewed by: "Paras Jain" 3 years ago
"Amazing Discount & Cashback"
5 / 5

Fish and Chicken: Product Purchased

I always move on to Dealsshutter website whenever its about ordering from licious store. Dealsshutter not only just provides Licious coupons but also gives exclusive cashback on every purchase and it's actually working. Thanks a lot.

Reviewed by: "Rajesh Tripathi" 3 years ago
""Delicious Chicken With Licious""
5 / 5

Chicken: Food order

I am really fond of chicken, So I ordered chicken wings from Licious first time and it was very delicious. Moreover, I got it at an affordable price just because of using dealsshutter Licious coupons. Thus, I recommend all to must try Licious.

Reviewed by: "Ria Sharma" 3 years ago
"Too Good Quality"
5 / 5

Meat: Food order

On last Sunday, I ordered meat from Licious. The quality of the meat was too good as it was looking like homemade fresh meat. hence, Ordering meat online through Licious was really mind-blowing experience.

Reviewed by: "Reema Mehta" 3 years ago
"Discount & Cashback!!"
5 / 5

Chciken and Seafood: Product Purchased

I grabbed Licious new user offer with the help of a Licious coupon and got flat 20% off on my order. The raw seafood and chicken became soo affordable after applying coupon and when I got an additional of Rs.250 on it I was more than happy. I would recommend all to use Dealsshutter coupons on licious store.

Reviewed by: "Smriti Gautam" 3 years ago
"Terrible Experience With Licious "
4 / 5

Fish & Chicken: Food order

I recently ordered 1kg chicken and fish 2 kg after reading licious reviews. I was expecting fresh chicken and fish but the order is worst. The order costs me Rs 600 and in return, the chicken is a foul smell. It was tasteless and the delivery is late. The price is too high as compared to local markets. Totally waste of time and money too. Very disappointed.

Reviewed by: "Saumya" 3 years ago
4 / 5

Chicken Spreads: Product Purchased

Dealsshutter has enlisted great Licious offers that provided me flat 20% discount and additional cashback on my chicken order.

Reviewed by: "Preeti Gautam" 3 years ago