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Zaza Box is a delivery service that focuses on low-calorie meals and uses sustainability as its packaging philosophy. The menu changes daily and offers a lean box (less than 350 calories), a traveler's box (less than 550 calories) and a yogi box (less than 650 calories). We ordered on a Wednesday and got the mushroom pot pie with pan-seared vegetables. The non-greasy wholewheat tart made a crisp enclosure for the soft spinach and gooey mushrooms. Pies are heavy food but this one didn't induce a post-lunch slump. It came in a neat box with roasted corn on the cob and jackfruit kebabs. The entire set is good enough to make a filling meal for one person. However, we couldn't resist ordering the "smoothie in a jar" - fresh mango and plum compote topped with ragi flakes. Smoothies at Zaza Box use no sugar and the jars they come in are reusable (great to store homemade jam in).

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