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Vedanta Wake up
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Vedanta Wake up

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Who We Are Vedanta, the highest state of consciousness and self-realization, is something we believe can be best achieved while traveling. Conceptualised in 2011, Vedanta Wake up! is a chain of budget hotels in India. Our properties are platforms where we offer guests an environment to meet fellow travellers, make new friends and go back richer than ever before, armed with varied experiences, unique encounters, and deeper understandings of various kinds. Here are a few key features: Shared rooms: These rooms typically have dorm beds and accommodate 4 - 8 guests Common Areas: Our common areas such as lounges with comfortable couches, gardens, terraces, etc. form the heart of the social experience, where travelers can meet each other to watch a movie, eat together or share a drink, exchange books, participate in games and plan onward travels together. Activities: We organize activities almost everyday to enable guests to interact, at no extra cost. These include dinners at restaurants, bar crawls, music & movie nights, board game nights, walking & cycling tours of the city, cooking classes, yoga sessions, etc.

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