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Sky shopping, popularly known as the Direct Response Television (DRTV) industry and Electronic Retailing are the two major segments of Modern Retailing. With distinct advantages such as world-class innovative products, affordable prices, 24x7 informed buying from the comfort of home, customer-friendly payment solutions like COD and quick home delivery, DRTV industry has exceeded an annual turnover of US$ 400 Billion worldwide. Lately, sky shopping products have been dominating e-commerce. According to the Asia-Pacific B2C e-commerce report, B2C e-commerce market-share is growing at a phenomenal rate of 23.3% per annum while the Indian Retail industry is estimated to grow beyond US$ 535 Billion by 2013. Sky Shopping, an integral part of Modern Retailing is eating into the traditional retailing pie globally. China, which resembles Indian market has witnessed dramatic rise in its DRTV market share growing at a phenomenal annual rate. India is poised to follow suit.

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