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Welcome to the world of Touchstone ! Touchstone is the pioneer and the oldest national brand in the field of Indian Ethnic Costume Jewellery, since 1996. We make the enormous treasure of Indian jewellery available to all by recreating traditional designs from across India at affordable prices. Our product range encompasses a wide range of jewellery, both Indian Ethnic and International in style. We tap the wealth of Antique Indian designs for our products and also introduce the work of promising new designers. Our team of masters Karigars (artisans) and designers create designs which are then translated into jewellery using modern techniques, thus ensuring superlative quality combined with low cost. To produce our designs we use a variety of methods. Some designs are produced by lost wax casting. Others are produced by traditional embossing and stamping techniques. Still others are handmade by skilled artisans across the country.

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