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When your life is ruled by these amazing pieces of art, you want each to be a thing of wonder. But when it comes to buying bags-you’ve got a major problem. Too much choice, too much commoditization. What’s more, the online experience is confusing. In a market that loves its mobile phones and electronics-e-commerce can be dry, lifeless, and unexciting when showcasing bags. One of us found a large number of choices when picking a backpack for a hiking trip. That spurred a thought to us. Bags are personal, and deeply connected objects. We cherish and use them for many years. They deserved more. Bag lovers deserved more. We wanted to create a community for bag lovers across India-to shop, talk, and live bags. At TheBagTalk, we’re committed to bringing the trendiest fashions at revolutionary prices. And to make the entire experience as stylish, fashionable, and intuitive as your bags! We’ve created a bank of amazing content for bag lovers across age groups and interests. A clean and enjoyable shopping experience that puts the fewest clicks between you and your bag. And a team of analysts that try to predict the perfect bag for your mood. Every time you feel like getting a bag, we at TheBagTalk are making sure it becomes more magical than the last.

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