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There are over 3000 varieties of tea. And not every variety is easy to lay hands on. There are over 7.5 billion people in the world, and everyone is different, everyone is unique. Everyone has their own preferences. While some prefer to taste the fine Darjeeling tea, some like sipping the finest from Assam whereas some like the freshness of the tea from the Nilgiri Hills. We at Teafloor understand that everyone has their own cup of tea. Some drink tea as a habit developed over time, some drink tea for medicinal purposes, some drink tea for the taste and some drink tea as a partner-in-crime to the warm pakoras enjoying the rain. No matter what your reason, no matter what your taste, you will always find the finest and the freshest tea of your choice and your need at Teafloor. Teafloor is an online tea shop which is set out to improve the quality, freshness, and authenticity of the tea you purchase by offering you with choices that are rarely seen in the tea market. Our expert tea tasters procure tea directly from select estates in Darjeeling and other parts of India, which is immediately sealed using a superior vacuum packaging method. Thus we deliver the freshest Indian teas from various estates. You can choose your tea by garden, type, flavor and season of produce.

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Green Tea
Get Flat 10% OFF on Chamomile Green Tea at TeaFloor

Kick start your day with a cup of refreshing and lip-smacking tea from Teafloor. This tea is specially picked to give the best taste to you. Once given as a precious gift in China, let this unique tea be a gift from us to you. Made from the fresh tea leaves exclusively for our customers. A refreshing tea with a toasty and clean flavor which invigorates our minds with an essence of purity. Addition of chamomile helps to calm the mind and is perfect during the evenings when you want to retire and relax. This amazing tea is mild and soothing and is an elite blend of green tea grown in the highlands of China and Ceylon. “A perfect for a perfect mind.”

Health Benefits:
1. Helps in weight loss.
2. Hydrates the body.
3. Has anti-bacterial properties.


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Assam Chai
Get Flat 10% Off on Assam Exotic Chai at TeaFloor

Our Assam Masala Chai blend is made of premium Assam CTC black tea mixed with dry spices that include cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves and black peppercorns. This spiced chai blend has been expertly put together by our in-house tea masters for a flavorful cup that envelopes the decadent flavor of Assam tea in the warmth of exotic spices.

Health Benefits:
1. Fights plague.
2. Reduces risk of Blood pressure.
3. Helps in reduce anxiety.


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Flat 50% OFF
Get Flat 50% Off on Arya Ruby Darjeeling Black Tea

This is a rich, warm, easy-to-like tea from the prominent Arya tea estate. Reddish, boldly-twisted leaf with earth tone accents of cocoa. khaki and amber set off a smattering of velvety silver tips and a few green highlights. "Ruby" reveals a warm-toned amber liquor that exudes notes of toast, cinnamon, and a pleasant, light spiciness. Subtle, without being plain, quiet and unassuming, without being tedious, it's a nice mahogany cup for the quiet afternoon or early evening. Free standard shipping in India for purchase of ₹450 and above

Health Benefits:
1. Has anti-nauseatic properties and helps in digestion
2. Cures cold and Flu.
3. Reduces Lung diseases.


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Get Flat 10% OFF on Darjeeling Silver Leaf White Tea

This is much awaited white tea. It is made only from the bud and one leaf making it one of the best white tea in the purest form. The leaves are covered in bloom and have silver sheen covering through-out. Freshly made teas have a special aroma and so is it with this tea. The leaves have floral attributes and freshness. Free standard shipping in India for purchase of â‚¹450 and above

Health Benefits:

1. Antioxidant and anti-aging properties

2. Improves Oral Health


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Flat 15% OFF
Get Flat 15% Off On Darjeeling Thunder Delight Oolong Tea

Flat 15% Off On Darjeeling Thunder Delight Oolong Tea

Get the most aromatic, pleasant Darjeeling Thunder Delight Oolong Tea at flat 15% off from TeaFloor today. Offer valid for a limited time or till stock lasts. Grab it today with no coupon codes needed to avail the discount. Free standard shipping in India for purchase of â‚¹450 and above.


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About Teafloor Coupons

Latest Teafloor Coupons and Deals For November 2017

Teafloor always strive hard to bring more saving opportunities for its online users so here you can see special discount offers for the month of November 2017.

Offer Detail Discount Detail
Register yourself with Teafloor Get 10% discount on first order
Exper’s pick 50% Off
Chocolate Black Tea 15% Off
Lemon Mojito Green Tea 10% Off
Pomegranate Green Tea 15% Off

Teafloor All About Tea Only

Every morning first thing we admire the most is a fresh cup of tea and seems everyone has devotion towards it for a long time. Getting a cup of tea not just give us the energy to think better but sometimes also considered as good medicines. Surprisingly, today tea is most consumed drink in the world following the water. You may have been drinking same tea but there is around 3000 variety of tea across the world. Different tea is created for a different purpose. At Teafloor you have an opportunity to have experience of a different kind of tea. Moreover, TeaFloor was started with the aim of providing delivery of different tea variety at your doorstep.

Why TeaFloor

Be it Darjeeling or healthy green tea, you get everything. Are you tea lover, if so then be at Teafloor to see different varieties, which deliver goodness. All the brands are well tested before displaying them in service of customers. No matter what your taste is you would find every kind of tea leaves whatever you are looking for. Different types of tea are available for instance:- Darjeeling green tea, Organic black tea, Organic green tea. In addition, if you find it difficult to start, then you can filter by type, region, season etc. Each tea that is available to see has been carefully sourced and tested on merit basis.

Type of Tea at TeaFloor

In spite of hassle-free customer services, they also know every person likes the different flavor. So why to worry, if you have every kind of tea according to your taste. They have the collection of both organic and Non-organic. Buy from a wide variety of teaching for example:- Green, Black, Oolongs, and White. To find the best suitable variety you can also search by Type, Region, flavor, and garden. Some of the best tea types are Darjeeling green tea, Organic black tea, Organic green tea and more you will find once you visit at TeaFloor.


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