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PEOPLE BEHIND SMILEDRIVE Pradeep Mohindroo - Advertising, marketing and e-commerce. Amritsar, Faridabad, Delhi, Surat, Pune, England and now Mumbai. Loves his Talisker, Laphroig, Noam Chomski, Chuck Palahniuk, Woody Allen and Sai Pranjpe. A perpetual idea-man and a fierce fighter in the squash court. Currently savouring the taste of entrepreneurship. Sayak Sahu - Corporate lawyer turned entrepreneur. Kolkata, Pune, England and now Mumbai. Epic love for non-veg food, Kafka, Wodehouse and single malts. Fiercely independent and the man with innumerable questions. HOW SMILEDRIVE STARTED There was no epiphany, no ‘aha’ moment and no single malt-fuelled decision. There was just one guiding emotion - the strong urge to set up a viable business of our own which would also reflect our outlook towards life. In a process which was to last three long months, we started with a modest basket of ideas. Some ideas were killed by cold logic at a fairly initial stage whereas some ideas turned out to be resolute survivors. Armed with these survivors, we worked our way ahead with calculations, projections, research and ground-level information collection. At the end of this exercise, one idea survived. An idea that married romance and rationale. was to be India’s first social commerce site, where part of the proceeds of every product sold was to help a social cause. Thus, in June 2012, was born - an online destination where one could pick up products rarely found in the nearby gift and stationery shops and contribute automatically to a social cause.

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