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We live in a world with varied people and diverse cultures. Each day is special in its own beautiful way. Every special moment is made remarkable by adding gifts to it. These moments today then turn into golden memories keeping everything fresh and intact in mind. “Love where you live”, that's our motto in Skycandle, it's about connecting to our deepest knowledge about what makes us feel nurtured, comfortable, safe and generally happy in a particular space. If you have never really thought about this or are unsure of how to start, Skycandle is the perfect place for you. At Skycandle, our aim is to become the ultimate online shopping destination for home decor products in India. We wish to provide an easier, simpler and a faster shopping experience at Skycandle. To enhance your shopping experience Skycandle gives you discounts and deals-of -the-day on our entire product range. We showcase only the best quality product for our customer which include Candles, Sky Lanterns, Wall Decor, Hanging Decor, Aroma Products, Lights and Gift Packs. Our shopping experience is 100% safe and we provide services like free shipping and returns across the nation, 100% money back guarantee , and secure online payment options and Cash On Delivery (Available on all products).

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