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( 4/5 , 9458 ) - Among hundreds of shopping- ‘k’arts which are mushrooming on the internet every day, SHYCART is an One of its kind venture, which carries only very unique and very necessary products for day to day healthy living for both men and women. As the name suggests, it will be a personal shopping platform for items people usually feel shy/ delicate to walk into a convenience store and ask for. We specialize, discover, source and sell products which are not commonly available in the general market, but which make lives of people much easier, safer, healthier and more fun! The USP of the site will be that there will be enough information about each product that the customer would want to know and facility to compare one product/brand with another to make satisfied decisions. Any additional information / clarification that might be needed by the customer would also be provided to them upon enquiry.

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