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What we know about the on-line shopping till date is just the half of its story. Since the inception of online shopping in India, websites of these various online marketplaces have seen a remarkable upsurge. There was a time when we used to go to the busy streets and crowded markets for every purchase, whether it was clothes, footwear, any home appliance or any other product which we use in our daily lives. But with the coming and the growth of online shopping sites, we can now do all these shopping things from the comfort of our home, sitting on our sofa having a sip of our coffee. The best thing about online shopping is that it is available 24x7. They have given us the convenient shopping experience and will continue to do so in the future too. Earlier, we were the gatherers and hunters for fulfilling our basic necessities, then slowly and gradually we shifted to markets and now we are dependent on the e Commerce models which is helping us to accomplish and satisfy all our needs & amenities. Because of the increase in smart-phones & Internet usage, e Commerce market is gradually accelerating at a very fast pace in the country. The changing mind set of the people towards the e-sector is also taking the economic status of the country to the new heights. The upcoming years are going to be the best for the e Commerce & online market places in the country. India is gradually becoming one of the largest economies of the world and the main supplement to its upswing is the growth of the e-commercial sectors and on-line shopping websites in the country. The consumer behaviour now has totally changed a lot since the birth of the online shopping websites. People are avoiding the long jams on the roads and the parking spaces in the malls. The rise of online shopping portals has made easier for everyone to shop anything and everything from anywhere around the country and the world. From lifestyle products to apparels to electronics, accessories, footwear, jewelleries, and much more, they offer us everything easily and efficiently ranging in quality, prices, sizes, materials, etc. Over the last decade online shopping sector have indicated the boom in the e Commerce sectors nationwide. The most boosting factor behind its growth and development is the rise in mobile-phone users and the internet penetration across the country.

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