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Roll Mafia

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Where the rolls and the biryanis are criminally tasty. Where the traditions of the royal kitchens of Awadh are venerated and still kept alive. Where the cooking is slow, though the food is fast. Roll Mafia is a Mafia of Taste. Fresh and pure taste, with ingredients that are procured freshly daily and there is no freezing overnight. Nawabi, Lucknowi and Calcutta taste, authentic and traditional, but served with pizzazz that is all our own style. The Roll Mafia Saga – The Story of Don Sahay Legend has it that the kebabs at the Nawab’s palace were as exclusive and exquisite as the crowned royalty itself. Stories about it circulated the bazaars with people who were lucky to be invited to the palace singing paeans about the succulent kebabs. Local citizens who were left bereft of this delicacy started bribing the khansamas to smuggle out the kebabs. To avoid security concerns, the khansamas rolled the kebabs in parathas and smuggled it out to these aficionados of taste. In an attempt to disguise the crime of smuggling the kebabs, the roll was born. Thus did the original Kebab roll enter into the annals of culinary history. Inspired by the original, of which he had heard a lot of stories, Don Sahay, searched the streets of the country for the “original” taste the recipe. Relentless was his search until finally he was rewarded for his diligence when he discovered it in the streets of Kolkata. Working with the khansama, and innovating the recipe he experimented for over a month, until finally he decided to have a food tasting ceremony. He invited the leading lights of Patna to the Golf Club, and over Golf, Beer and small talk, he offered his version of the Rolls. 98% of the people who tasted these rolls, said that they were criminally tasty. The other two percent had their mouths stuffed and could not speak. So, naturally, Don Sahay called the brand – Roll Mafia. Triumphantly, he decided to create an empire of his rolls and take it to places where they were unknown. The first store was built near his home, under “family protection” and it started attracting people in hordes. People thronged the outlet attracted by the spicy aroma, fresh taste, succulent meats and the new veggie delights. Like a Mafiosi spreading his network, soon, the streets of Patna had several Roll Mafia Stores, and the brand started getting a reputation. Increasingly in Patna, they were being called the “Real Mafia’s of the Roll.” Now, Roll Mafia has invaded Pune, with its signature store, and seeks to spread its ‘criminal’ taste across the country soon.

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