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Ritu Wears Biglife
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Ritu Wears Biglife

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Ritu Wears Biglife – the biggest family store chain in North and Central India and a leading name in Delhi’s fashion industry. In the rapidly evolving retail scenario, Ritu Wears Biglife has successfully carved a niche for its brand of merchandise, which today has a loyal following. Currently, the group owns outlets in Delhi & NCR, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. Representative of the snazzy modern youth, contemporary vogue, and the rapidly changing times, Ritu Wears Biglife prides itself in being a fashion store for the entire family. Everything at Ritu Wears Biglife is exclusively merchandised and the products range from stylized clothes, footwear, cosmetics, fragrances, toys, watches, luggage and accessories for men, women and children, to well-coordinated table linens, artifacts, home accessories and furnishings. People make trends. Trends make fashion. Taste changes both. We believe in good old traditional values, yet a contemporary outlook, fun, laughter, tons of shopping and enjoyable times for the entire family. Think Customers. Think one on one interaction We share a unique bond of friendship and mutual concern with all our customers. We care for you, and are always striving to provide you with tons of shopping, unlimited fun, and an experience that makes you feel like a star. We believe customer relationship is of prime importance for any enterprise and we always put our customers before everything else.

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