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Recliners 'N More

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At Recliners ‘N More,we are on a mission to reduce the health risk our modern sedentary lifestyle poses to us. For many of us sitting for 8 hours a day at work is inevitable.But we can make amends in the extra sitting hours outside of work to do away the risk. ‘Leaning back a Little’ is a way to increase the comfort and reduce the disadvantages of prolonged sitting. Sitting at an angle of 135 degree helps reduce the stress on our neck, spine and hips. We bring forth Recliners as a focused product to elevate your experience of seating and provide you with an unparalleled comfort. With our range of best of the breed products the art of leaning back gets pleasurable like never before. As we grow, someday, we wish to offer you a recliner built just for you!

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