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Ratlami Tadka
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Ratlami Tadka

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Ratlami Tadka ,established in 2009,is a synonymous of quality products.We assure you to deliver the exact taste of Ratlami Namkeen which you have heard of.So far we had been working as a unorganized player,now we are paving our way through proper usage of E-commerce and supply chain methods delivers Indian Namkeen ordered online to the india. Get your favorite Namkeens, Chutney, Farsan, Masalas to your doorstep, no matter where you are. We deliver in all indian city namkeen became one of the reputed brand names in the namkeen industry in Ratlam. Steady growth of business led to opening of branches in various cities and nearby states. The tastes were irresistible, products fresh and the packing hygienic. Customers responded enthusiastically. And in the following years, the company evolved continuously, dictated by customer demands and market trends. Today, Ratlami Tadka namkeen is a snack food conglomerate that manufactures more then 80 popular products. These products reach taste-lovers in every nook and corner of state today,Ratlami Tadka is quoted as one of town’s most inspiring scratch -to-riches stories. Not really surprising, as there was no way such good taste could lose.

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